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Women Swallowed Alive By Snakes


Mmm, tits.

Alyssa yawned as the snake finished swallowing her lower legs. Her bikini top was loose, her larger-than-her-head tits flopping warmly and softly as she rubbed a hand slowly between her legs. The snake inched it’s way up her thighs, her legs sliding down it’s wet slick throat toward it’s waiting stomach- it’s lower gut filled with the broken down remains of Tammy, it’s stomach already half-full of the mostly-digested Wanda. Aly slid her fingers into her tight, sweet hole, her hard clit rubbing against her palm as she filled her cunt with her fingers, then palm, then entire hand past her wrist.

The one thing that would have made this afternoon perfect, she thought idly as the snake swallowed her thighs, her hand-in-her-cunt, her cunt, and her waist- trapping her hand in her cunt to the accompaniment of SERIAL multiple orgasms. When she could think again, her bikini top was just plain missing; her huge tits flopping loosely, then resting next to either side of her chest, each basketball size titty with tight, hard nipples.

She felt her feet sliding through the stomach sphincter as the snake’s snout slid between her gigantic flesh pillows- and she came again as her toes slid into Wanda’s ribcage, where her organs used to be (before being digested out from inside the now-bare ribs). She couldn’t WAIT to be in the snake belly with her friends, what was left of them (she noticed Tammy’s skeletal bones scattered about the lawn behind the hungry reptile that was swallowing her- it must have shat out her remains already- and THAT made her cum again too!).

As Aly’s tits covered her face, suffocating her as she slid into the snake’s mouth, she came again, passing out from lack of air as the snake jaws slid shut…

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Slowly She Turned

and gasped when she came face to face with the gigantic head of the snake, leering at her from the bushes. It took only seconds to see the snake then, suddenly obvious- forty feet long and thick, body thick with all the women it had been swallowing whole and now digesting alive.

“Um,” she said, sweat beading on her forehead as the jaws of the reptile began to open. “I’m here to talk with you about Jesus?” Apparently the beast was an atheist for the jaws continued to gape, the throat wide enough for her to fall into and down without even touching the sides. The stink of digesting meat poured from the mouth of the snake, it’s belly filled with half-digested women.

“Oh shit,” she gasped as the head struck downward, mouth falling over her head and shoulders.


Lucky bitch 🙂

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Hi Everyone. I Am Not Dead,

I Promise! Though It Seems Like It, Doesn’t It?

I have been processing a lot after the death of my husband. It’s been a hard year and some months. For a long time I didn’t think I was going to make it- I was just fading away and didn’t care. Lost my will to live.

I’m actually feeling better these past months, to the point that I actually remembered I used to blog here 🙂 So guess what my friends? All my wonderful online friends, whichever of you may ever read this 🙂 , I am alive and I am back!

Heyyo 🙂

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I Am Not Dead! Really :)

I am so sorry everyone.  I am not dead, I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth, been consumed by a serpent (dammit! Where’s a hungry serpent when you really WANT one??), or otherwise vanished without a trace.

Damn man, I really wish I had a hungry serpent, like in my Rome stories 🙂 You’d only see a full, satisfied serpent SECONDS after introducing us 😉 though you’d probably hear me inside the snake stomach for a few hours 😉

I have been up and down and up and down. Mostly down. My husband has now been dead over a year. There is little that his death can throw at me now, so maybe I can start SLEEPING again. Argh. Anxiety when the sun goes down and the world wants people awake when the sun is up, so…   ZZZZZZ…   🙂

Been writing some. Not a ton. In fact, this past year has been a slow spiral into- depression, listlessness, uncaring, and dropping out of the human race. I reached the point where I was sitting in my living room in a chair up to 18 hours a day, just sitting and sometimes reading and nothing else. Weeks, months.

I’ve been involved with an acquaintance- not romantically, or even as a friend but it’s dragged me out of my shell and back, kinda, into being a human being. He does youtube stuff and he’s gotten a few of us together to give him a hand. I help out with some of the script work.

He’s a totally scripted kind of person- the guy of guy where EVERYTHING that happens on-screen is written, planned, prepared- even to when he sips water. I’m- you’ve read my stories, read my ramblings 🙂 Organized is something I am NOT and have never BEEN 🙂  But my free-flowing has been meshing- okay so far, with his scripting so it’s okay.

(It’s nothing special- he sits at his table and talks, yammer yammer yammer but I can watch that kind of youtube video all day 🙂 )


It’s a slow process, but I think I am becoming a human being again.

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New Weird Story :)

This was not a movie of standout performances. The acting was bland the characters- mygosh, where are they finding the actors these days? I could hardly tell any of the female characters apart. Every vulva was shaved bald, each set of labia the same, each gaping birth canal uniformly deep. Only in this fashion was the lead female character in any way different from her companions. At one point the lead was suspended in a splits position, vaginal opening gaping wide and deep and under her a fully grown man sitting in a crouched position. She was lowered onto and over him until her torso was hard against the ground and he was inside her. She stood, showed him to be gone, then sat again and rehooked herself. Her legs were pulled wide again and she was lifted. The man, drenched in vaginal fluids, then stands and walks away. While this is nothing new (this routinely occurs to every man several times per hour, and sometimes they never let us out, just digest us with their cunts!) it was more than her companions did.

Except for one performance that was all in the background. This one chick (and this is one of the very few times I wish they would show more than the woman’s cunt in film- hair is a good identifier, and what with every female actor’s cunt shaved bald, well then) with a beauty mark near her anus is shown swallowing nearly ten women in a row with her cunt in that one scene alone. During the entire film they show that cunt swallowing over three hundred other cunts without letting any of them back out. I think she digested all those cunts with her uterus. Sign me up, I want MY cock in THAT cunt!

Even when the serpent was swallowing each of the female stars whole it was hard to tell those cunts apart. Only when the lead actress’s cunt was stuffed with 18 or more long inches of 6 inch wide cock could you tell that her clitoris was larger than any of the other female actor’s. Luckily the female lead’s cunt spent the entire film stuffed with cock, the smallest being nine inches long and three inches side side to side. The largest was just over three feet long and almost a foot thick. She spent half the film being fucked by that three foot cock- down her throat ‘til his balls were on her chin, up her ass until his balls almost went in, and so far up her cunt he DID fuck her with his balls too! When he finally pulled out and came on her cunt lips (actually filling her gaping birth canal with jizz in seven great pint-size spurts) it was a thing of beauty.

During the first 10 minutes of this 45 minute film, almost 1000 women are swallowed and digested alive by other women’s cunts; almost ten thousand women are swallowed whole and digested alive by serpent’s. After this very slow start things pick up and by the end of the film well over ten thousand women are swallowed and digested by cunts, well over ten million women swallowed whole and digested alive by serpents.

All in all, this was a typical children’s film with nothing to especially recommend it. Only good to show young girls that acting is a viable career choice for women.

1 of 5 Stars


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This Is The Sort Of Thing I Mean :)


My fucking computer is driving me crazy. While typing, the focus will suddenly shift and I’ll find the cursor has moved to another box, to the middle of the line, the front of the sentence, whatever, and things make NO sense because the cursor make a sentence go like this:   “because thke  sentence go like this:e cursor ma”.

Thinking about it, it’s almost like someone has a wireless keyboard somewhere and my network card is picking up the occasional signal and sending my cursor crazy. Anyway!

This pic is PERFECT in many ways! #1, it’s only a little longer than the woman in it’s stomach. Oh, I LOVE that- a snake so eager to have that woman in his belly he’ll swallow someone impossibly large and STRETCH his stomach to  fit her in! Then of course she also gets digested alive, so that’s PERFECT. #2, she’s such an impossibly tight fit inside his stomach that it’s like the snake is painted onto her skin. Skin tight snake stomach! And she gets digested alive, so that’s SEXY. #3, Of course snakes ONLY swallow whole and digest alive sexy bitches and with that bod you can tell she’s a sexy bitch 🙂 And it’s digesting that sexy bitch live, so YEAH! #4, That snake couldn’t have swallowed her if she fought back- which means… She let it? It did fight her? There’s a mystery here, a story! And no way to discover what it is, because the person that can tell you is being digested alive and that’s a GOOD thing!!


God, my pussy is so fucking wet right now 🙂

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Anther Story I Have Been Working On.

Written for someone I have mentioned before, related to me by blood 🙂 She thinks this beginning is HYSTERICAL. When I was alone, I masturbated like a frenzied howler monkey. Now I have to write more- she likes it enough she wants me to continue 🙂


I hadn’t  realized my pet rock python, Pelter, had gotten out of it’s cage until I went into the living room. I’d gone into the kitchen to grab a sandwich and a drink while my friend, Sandy, stayed watching the movie. When I came back, I discovered that my rock python and Sandy had met each other. Well, the rock python had, while I was in the other room, lightly constricted her, swallowed her whole and was now digesting her alive. I stayed in the doorway, sandwich in one hand and soda in the other, staring at the fat python stretched out on my sofa.  I could tell it was Sandy he’d eaten and not something else while Sandy was, say, in the bathroom, because the bulge inside the stomach of the python looked like Sandy. Well, like a girl, anyway- head on one side, shoulders and chest  bulging him out further, her smaller breasts two small lumps on the body of the snake. You could see her arms and her waist dipping in, the swell of her hips, then the tapering of her legs down to her feet. I wasn’t immediately worried, more completely startled and shocked. I’d only been gone a few minutes and I hadn’t heard a thing from the living room to indicate struggle. There had to have been at least a small struggle- for the snake to have swallowed my friend so quickly he would have had to work fast, almost literally choking her down his throat to his stomach where she was now. As I said I was more startled than worried- if he hadn’t constricted her tightly she’d be fine inside his stomach for quite a while: a meal as big as she was took about 5 weeks to digest completely, and the snake’s always accidentally swallowed enough air to keep her alive until she was quite dead from digestion.

Pelter was only 12 feet long, and Sandy took up almost half his length inside his stomach, his body moving as Sandy struggled inside him. At last I set my stuff down and shoved the Sandy filled snake over to one side of the sofa and settled back down. Enough time to finish the movie before I even had to worry about Sandy.

I woke up the next day on the sofa and it felt like I had Sandy in my arms. And while that was at least slightly true, it wasn’t the complete story- I was clutching Sandy and the snake- holding onto Sandy’s moving body inside the snake’s stomach, and holding the snake around Sandy. Oh yeah- the snake had swallowed Sandy, was digesting her alive now. Bloody hell. Oh well. I needed to take care of that. The relationship between Sandy and I was moving from friend and friend to boyfriend and girlfriend, and I certainly did not want my soon to be girlfriend completely digested alive by my pet. Well, at least not yet anyway.

First, however, I needed a shower and some breakfast. By the time I was clean and dry and had filled my own belly, the Sandy filled snake had moved from the living room back into his own cage. It looked so cute- Sandy curled up in the stomach of the snake, the snake curled up in his cage and sleeping with his head on the bulge of the girl on his stomach. I didn’t want to wake him so I left to go to work. Normally, I didn’t work Saturdays but today… well, I’d let way too much build up at work. Sandy would be safe inside of Pelter’s stomach- the acid’s she was being bathed in wouldn’t even had had time to make her skin red. I shut the door, locked it, headed to work.

In the end, I had to stay the night in town by the time I was done it was too late to drive. So I got a room in town and got a great night’s sleep. Sandy was probably sleeping inside of Pelter’s stomach, I thought.

Well, to make a long story short, it was over seven weeks before I got back to my apartment to check on Pelter and Sandy. When I got to the cage, I was glad to see that Pelter was still alive, still moving slowly around his cage, dragging his Sandy filled stomach with him. When I looked at him, he looked the same as the last time- 12 feet long, black and grey scales, my girlfriend being digested alive in his stomach. Was the bulge of my friend smaller? Had she been digested to death? I sure hoped not. I reached down into the cage and rubbed my hand along his side, tracing the shape of my girl inside his stomach. Was she still ok, or had she been inside the serpent’s belly too long? It had been over seven weeks she’d been inside his stomach, bathed constantly in digestive fluids, and he digested most things her size completely away in five weeks or less. While at work, during a three day weekend in which I spent the entire three days sleeping on the beach and getting a tan, and we reached the five week mark I was sure that Pelter had finished digesting Sandy completely. I sure hoped not! I rubbed harder and felt Sandy move inside his stomach. She was alive! That meant I had time to get some sleep, get her out of there in the morning. Another few weeks of being digested alive couldn’t hurt her too much- if she was still alive now, she could take more digesting before she was gone!

The next day, I hate to say, I forgot all about Sandy and spent the day  just treating myself. Saw a movie, played some games, had a blast. Ended up so drunk I couldn’t drive and lost my car! By the time I sobered up and found my car another two weeks had passed and I rushed back to the apartment. I felt awful! I hoped desperately I wasn’t too late! I dashed through my living room, into the spare room, reached into the cage and rubbed the shape of the swallowed person inside the belly of the hungry snake. Feeling my hand, I felt Sandy move inside Pelter and felt relief. I still had time to visit my parents next month for a few weeks before having to worry about Sandy. She’d be ok. If Pelter hadn’t completely digested her alive by now, she’d be fine for another few months. Well, days or weeks anyway but it wouldn’t come to that! I wanted Sandy out here, instead of inside Pelter’s stomach where she’d been hiding these past two months.


Oh you BET I am writing more! I need MORE ORGASMS 🙂


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This Is Something That Got Forwarded To Me

and I think it’s funny as all get out! It’s from a Facebook post and they didn’t forward who wrote it 😦 But I am jealous- I wish I had written this 🙂


from a JOURNAL:

7 Oct Found this old amulet while exploring the caves out back of pa’s back 40. Deep inside through a crack in the end where the miners had stopped 125 years ago. Far underground an old castle made of tarnished metal and polished gems gone milky I found hundreds of corpses with looks of terror on their dead faces. This old guy on a throne was wearing this amulet so I took it. I had to leave because it was getting shaky and things started falling while I was running- the entire mountain fell down inside destroying everything. Everything but the amulet.

8 Oct Decided to try on the amulet while doing chores. Found I was super strong, at least as strong as 5 big men; found I had super reflexes, able to juggle while wearing a blindfold; found I could see in the dark; found I could hear so well I can hear molecules rub together. Very distracting while trying to feed the animals, drive the tractor, fix the old water pump that keeps conking out, and digging the irrigation trenches on the back 40. It all goes away when I take the amulet off. It’s… kind of sad; my normal senses are so… pale, so dull. Might wear it while I sleep.

9 Oct I don’t know if I have been dreaming or if this has been real. I wore the amulet all last night and all day today and went back to bed tonight with it on. I can see individual air molecules! Anyway, was sleeping when something woke me and I found myself standing on a golden dais in the middle of blackest space, facing a tall thin man wearing old medieval type clothing. His hair was white, long, thin; face wrinkled, hands gnarled, bent. Still very powerful, very big man. He told me a long story- I forget most of it- was pretty boring. Short story is because I found the amulet I am the Chosen One! Wielding the amulet I will be literally able to mold the world around me as if I were God himself- omnipotent, supremely powerful, and all around me less than the dust left when dust dies. Control over every aspect of every human being’s lives; life, death, sheer existence itself will be at my beck. I am become God!

10 Oct today I f*cked a goat”

This is funny as Hell!


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The Male Penis Revisited.

I am very horny. I want you, yes, you, to take that cock you have there and out it in me. No, not in my mouth. Well, I mean, of course it’ll go in my mouth just not right now. Lower. There’s a lower hole. EEK! Not THAT hole either! That hole has never taken a cock! Well, not on the first date and you better tell me you love me first. No, put that cock right HERE.

No, really, I’m not joking. I know, a cunt can look weird if you’ve never seen one before. Trust me, cock looked really weird the very first time I sucked one. But after you’ve had- well, I can’t count numbers. I estimate each cock I’ve had in me has been 8″ to 9″ inches, and over the years I figure I’ve had about three hundred miles of cock in me. Not counting the repeat cocks. Anyway. What was I saying? Oh yeah!

Now just put the head right… Oooh, you’ve got it. Slides right in, doesn’t it? Yeah, feels incredible to me too! There are no words- you have to hope the woman you’re talking to has been fucked before, so she’ll understand when you say, “It’s like- 6″ of cock in you on  a cold morning and you don’t want to get up.”

Now, make sure you’re riding me up high- we need to be able to rock when you thrust, keep the base of your wonderful, wonderful cock grinding against my clitoris. If you lean up, no, stay in, just lean up, there you see? That’s my clit. It’s like a female cock, though we tend to say your penis is like a male clitoris.  Just make sure there’s a lot of clitoral contact while you fuck me with that rocking motion.

Oh jesus, oh fuck, just- just fuck me, fuck me harder. Harder- I want to feel your cock in my throat! God, oh god- yes, just- oh fuck, fuck me- fuck- FUCK- oh fuck me jesus, fuck me jesus, just fuck me Fuck Me oh JESUS FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK FUUUUUUUUUck-

…meeeeee oh god yes, oh god yes thank you oh thank you no don’t pull out leave it in me just lay on me for a while I like the feel of your skin and you smell really nice no, you do really yes even when covered in sex sweat you silly goose mmm kiss me please that’s nice mmmmm no just leave it in it’s okay if it’s soft it’ll stay for a while, just hold me and breathe…

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I Just Noticed

that when I am writing I stress certain body parts (really??), and I stress certain characters desires for certain body parts (all my women love other women’s bodies, all men love all women’s bodies, etc). Yet, when I write about sexual assault, sexual attack or abuse, the following usually occurs: The woman is stripped and (if there are men present) they express their desire for tits, cunt, ass… and yet, whenever a cock slides in, they are always, ALWAYS, fucking her throat. Haven’t even smelled pussy for over ten years (in jail you know 🙂 ) and the first thing he does is bury his cock balls deep- down her throat. Only after her stomach is filled with about a gallon of semen do they leave her. And even though she was actually digging it, and her aroused pussy was wet and fragrant and open- everyone just waited patiently in line, ignored the eager cunt, then buried their cocks down her throat. She is sexually frustrated, physically abused… and can’t wait for tomorrow when her throat is full of cock again.

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