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A Complete New Story!

I wrote this story as background for a picture done by RJRbwb. PLEASE click the link and look at the pic 🙂 I have masturbated my little pussy off to this pic and the concepts in it!

So I wrote a story for it. Several reasons I wrote it actually. The first) was that, of course, I love the pic. the 2nd) was  because I wanted to show Rudy 3rd) what I really like in vore. Twice I printed this story out, took off all my clothes below the waist, sat down on a chair and hiked myself butt forward so I could reach everything easily, then read the story to Rudy. And teased my pussy during the entire thing. Did the circular motion on my clit (Oh nice!), shoved fingers into myself (mmm), played with my lips (what a tease), etc etc etc. At the end of each reading, I then said to Rudy, “I like this idea the best,” Then I found it, read it aloud to him again, then jilled to orgasm for me. And him 🙂 I left the chair very wet. Didn’t set a towel down, it was wood. A little cold at first on my buns, but it warmed up.

So here we are, the story. I wrote it first, then I went through it and snaked it up. It was okay but not very snakey the first time. Now, no one survives 😉

Here we go!


Proserpina Hispulla checked her electronic assistant again- always busy, always busy. Another complaint of abuse at the Serpens Proeliis. Sigh. The fifth such complaint in the fifth year. At least it was always a different complaint every time. And this year, the complaint was abuse of the serpents. Oh my.

Serpina gathered her necessaries into her briefcase, checked her tunic in the mirror, her hair, her makeup- all in place and becoming of a highly professional up and coming government official.

The Serpens Proeliis was only a few blocks from her own work building so Serpina decided to walk. No need to spend the money on a Nubia, although she realised they needed the numus to live as well. Best she spent the Denarii on the necessaries than the simples.

The front of the building was a simple whitewash, the letters in red above the double doors. There was a busy traffic of entering women at the doorway. Upon entering, she spoke into a button operated electric talker. The woman operating the switchboard took her information, bade her take a seat on one on the benches and promised to call a supervisor immediately. Around her, women entering to fight in the arena’s walked past and around her.

Serpina took a seat on a clean bench, briefcase on her knees. She knew the women operating the switchboards at the Serpens Proeliis were also slave labor.

In only a few minutes, a tall woman in very short red skirt greeted Serpina. The single wrapped red skirt was thin material and didn’t reach even halfway down down her muscled, bronze thighs. Serpina knew that she, as all workers at the Proeliis, wore no undergarments beneath the skirt. She was nude from the waist up, as all female workers at the Proeliis were, a badge of honor. This indicated, on Proeliis terms, survival in honorable combat where the punishment for failure was death. She was an exceptionally busty woman, extremely topheavy, each heavy breast easily four times larger than her head and flowing locks of flame red hair, a good fifty to sixty pounds of soft breast each. This showed the pureblood Amazonas in her- the Amazonas were an extremely busty people, although the woman coming to greet her had a very flat chest by Amazonas standards.

“Operarius Proserpina Hispulla,” she greeted Serpina, who felt inwardly very intimidated by this woman’s gigantic tits. Her own tits were only slightly larger than twice the size of her own head and hair and were only as firm as basketballs. She had always felt bad about their small size and knew that her own flat chest was holding her back in her work promotions. “I am very sorry that your visit is felt to be necessary. I understand this is a visit about the health of our animals?”

“Operarius Ingens Ubera”, replied Serpina. She had prepared herself for the meeting, already knew the name of the person she was about to meet. “Of sorts. Abuse of animals, to be exact. If I could see the serpents, hear what you have to say?”

“Certainly,” replied O. Ubera. “Please, follow me.” She turned and walked away, Serpina following. As O. Ubera walked, each of her breasts was easily visible to either side of her as she walked- her back was two feet wide from shoulder to shoulder, her breasts easily three and a half feet at their widest, swaying and wobbling as O. Ubera walked. She certainly made it easy to follow her, thought Serpina jealously.

The first serpent that O Ubera stopped at for Serpina’s examination was a thirty three foot long anaconda. This mighty beast was stretched out in it’s enclosure, obviously miserable. It was stuffed full to it’s tail, belching softly. It’s innards groaned, sloshing as the beast struggled to digest the contents of it’s overfull stomach.

“My goodness,” said Serpina. “This poor beast. How many fights has this beast been in today?”

Ubera checked her own electronic device. “Seven battles against seven Amazonas this morning, O. Hispulla, and another five scheduled for the rest of the day.”

“And how many has it won?” Although looking at the poor beast, noisily digesting the seven women stuffed into its belly in it’s misery, Serpina could tell the answer already.

“Seven victories, O. Hispulla, swallowing whole and alive each defeated Amazona as is customary.” O. Ubera reached a hand into the waistband of her skirt, rubbed her groin hard several times.

“And what exactly does any woman have to do to be declared Amazonas, O. Ubera?” Serpina already knew the answer and didn’t expect O. Ubera to give her one- as was customary, any Roman woman could declare herself honorary Amazona after the subjugation of the Amazonas people over a thousand years prior. Serpina herself had declared herself Amazona upon her fourteenth birthday, the day every Roman girl was considered a physically and sexually mature woman. Only the truly flat chested Roman woman could not be called Amazonas, carrying less than thirty pounds of breast on her ribcage a mark of Amazonas shame.

O. Ubera did not answer, instead taking her to the next beast in line.  She entered the next holding enclosure and stood over the head of the twenty eight foot long reticulated python within, one slippered foot on either side of the beasts head. Her stance brought the heel of each slippered foot two feet away from the other. This serpent too was hissing softly, it’s belly groaning and gurgling as it tried valiantly to digest the women stuffing it’s innards.

The enclosure for each of the serpents within the Proeliis was an open wall into each enclosure, there being no doors to shut on any of them. The hall of serpent enclosures was one hundred feet long, the hall entrance of formal entry near the center. It was this entrance O. Hispulla and O. Ubera entered. There were fifteen serpent enclosures on each side of the hall, each enclosure an open side and each was some twenty feet deep and five feet wide, ten feet in  height. Electric lights kept the enclosures from seeming like dungeon cells. Between each enclosure was a showerhead, with a wide, deep shelf above it. Before a battle, each woman changed in the hall, storing her belongings on the shelves above the showerheads. As well, at any time any of the women fighters, female visitors, or female staff could enter the hall of serpents, strip, and avail themselves of the showers. The hall of serpents was filled to capacity, the waiting halls outside filled to capacity with waiting women. Between the nude showering women the serpents slithered, either to a battle where it would swallow whole and alive so it could digest a bested woman combatant or, belly full of a bested and still living swallowed woman to digest, back to it’s enclosure.

To reach the enclosure O. Hispulla and O. Ubera now stood in, they had walked between two sets of naked and showering women between every snake enclosure- the Proeliis was a very popular building, both for showering and for the sacred and formal honorary combat between woman and serpent. The two government women had also stepped over and past many serpents travelling unsupervised in the hallway, almost as many lone serpents as there were showering nude women. A large number of the serpents  had slithered up to and coiled showering women. No one, not O. Ubera nor any of the other showering women had cared when the wet serpents had begun swallowing the struggling and shouting women alive so O. Hispulla, after a few backward glances (during which the serpents had swallowed the women down to their naked and shaved crotches, other women stepping over the snakes and their half-swallowed, struggling prey) ignored the feeding snakes and their living meals of women.

The reticulated python at O. Ubera’s feet was normally six inches wide from side to side. It was now, all down it’s length from head to tail, stuffed with swallowed women in various stages of digestion.

“This poor animal!” gasped Serpina.

“It has been in six battles this morning,” said O. Ubera as she checked her electronic assistant.

“Don’t tell me,” said Serpina. “It won every battle?”

“Please, O. Hispulla,” said O. Ubera, shaking her head, her vast tits jouncing and bouncing at the movement. “I can come close to guessing what you are thinking, but please remember. Every beast, upon winning at honorable combat, must be given the right conquest- the opportunity to swallow whole and digest alive any woman, should it choose, that it has beaten. To rob the creature of this opportunity to swallow whole and digest alive any woman it has beaten in combat is to treat it less than honorably. And as for any woman who has been beaten at honorable combat, to offer herself up to be swallowed whole and digested alive  is to give her the chance to win back her honor. Any woman bested in combat by a serpent and not swallowed whole and digested alive is to live the rest of her life knowing nothing but shame.”

O. Ubera gestured down at the woman stuffed snake at their feet, her other hand stroking her vulva beneath her skirts, it’s belly swollen with the living women it had swallowed whole and was now slowly digesting alive. The swallowed women near it’s head were still moving inside the stretched stomach, while the swallowed women closer to the tail were in a much more advanced state of digestion.

O. Hispulla bent down closer to the hissing head of the reticulated python. When her head was approximately six inches from it’s own head, the snake suddenly belched, easing pressure within it’s greatly swollen stomach. The smell that  filled Serpina’s nose was expected (the stench of digesting meat, the fear sweat of terrified swallowed whole woman in a tight and digesting stomach) and a complete surprise (the heady aroma of aroused vagina, of orgasm in a tight enclosed space). The beast looked Serpina in the eye, appraising her even as it digested the many bested women in it’s stomach. She knew the beast was internally debating coiling her, swallowing her whole, and digesting her alive and the thought made her wet. It belched again, loosing another gust of gas from the hundreds of pounds of living woman meat digesting in it’s innards and looked away.

Surprising herself, Serpina felt a continued tingling in her own sex. Either the thought of the swallowed women in the belly of the beast, or the thought of joining the swallowed women being digested alive in the belly of the suffering animal was arousing her. For a brief moment she wondered if O. Ubera also felt this arousal when looking at her serpents when they had swallowed whole and were digesting alive their bested combatants, then she remembered how O. Ubera was constantly rubbing her clitoris while watching the snakes with their bellies full of swallowed woman.

“If I may see another beast?” she said, checking the time on her electronic wrist clock. Over a half hour had passed, to her continued surprise. O. Ubera turned and walked away from the woman-stuffed beast at their feet and back into the hall of serpents. They continued past another few sets of nude, wet women and the serpents eating them and into another enclosure. This serpent was another anaconda and, to Serpina’s surprise, lean and hungry.

“This is Einos,” said O. Ubera as she stood straddled over the serpent’s head, one slippered foot resting against it’s snout. It’s coal black eyes were locked on her unclothed tight muscled pelvis, clean shaven sex, and the huge underside of her tits. “He is a forty foot anaconda and unbattled as yet today. He has never lost a battle, having swallowed whole and digested alive well over six hundred women. He is a very popular combatant and I am unsure as to why he is today as yet unbattled.”

“Ah,” she said, checking her digital assistant. “He was merely given the morning to rest his belly after winning sixteen battles yesterday, swallowing whole and digesting alive every woman he bested. Normally, any serpent with a belly that full of swallowed women would be digesting the women inside him for weeks. Einos is a prime example, however, of one of a newly discovered species of anaconda- unlike other serpents, these snakes subsist primarily and only on a diet of women.” Einos, as she spoke, was coiling around her feet, although she ignored him entirely as she spoke, caressing her aroused genitals. His large serpent head slid beneath her skirt and Serpina could see him nuzzling O. Ubera’s groin, sniffing loudly as he did so. “No matter how many women these serpents swallow whole in a day, digesting alive each woman they do so, they need to feed again the next day, filling their bellies with living women to digest alive. Surely you can see why so many women choose this serpent for honorable combat,” she said. As she spoke, Einos lifted his head from under her skirt and coiled around Ubera’s chest, circling each of her huge tits seperately and forked tongue flicking at each of her hard, erect nipples. He coiled again around her, his head coming up from behind Ubera, his head coming to rest on her shoulder, his head next to hers. “To win in combat would be an extremely honorable thing.”

Serpina looked at O. Ubera, coiled in serpent. Of her tall, muscled frame, only her hands, head, and tight, erect red nipples were uncoiled in loops of hungry anaconda.

“Well,” said Serpina, satisfied in her examination of the care and feeding of the serpents at the Serpens Proeliis.  “I think I can give you, and perhaps your second in command,” she said, Einos’s serpent mouth gaping open next to O. Ubera’s head. “My recommendation. I don’t see any actual abuse of the animals here- I believe any complaint was merely as to the number of women each of the serpents is forced to consume whole and digest alive on a daily basis. The number of serpents here merely needs to be doubled,” she said, thinking back to the hall behind her, the hall of serpents. Already it crawled thick with hungry, woman swallowing animals but it could easily hold twice the number of woman eating beasts. Perhaps triple the beasts. Already the showers were used on a waiting only basis; triple or quadruple the number of woman meat hungry stomachs roaming the hall and they would be turning away easily scores of women eager to use the showers, let alone battle in the arenas. “I would personally think at least twenty or more of the kind of serpent Einos here is,” she said as she typing into her electronic device. She knew she was speaking to ears that would easily agree with her, should they be able to hear. Einos’s lips were easing their way down O. Ubera’s chest, the woman gently sliding into it’s throat. At the speed the serpent was swallowing whole O. Ubera, she would be inside the beasts’ stomach in just fifteen to twenty minutes. As she watched Ubera’s hands working at her crotch, masturbating as the snake swallowed her alive, Serpina knew that the fighter also had felt, and had been unable to further resist, the sexual longing all women felt when watching serpent’s swallow other women whole and alive.

“And send,” said Serpina as she electronically filed her report. Her morning’s work finished, Serpina walked back into the hall of serpents, stepping over a reticulated python as it finished swallowing whole a woman who had been showering just outside Einos’ enclosure, the woman’s feet vanishing into the mouth of the beast, disappearing as the snake swallowed her body down it’s tight throat toward the enclosing sac of it’s belly, there to join the other women it had swallowed whole and alive already. Down the hall in either direction Serpina could see hungry snakes swallowing whole, so they could digest alive, every showering woman there. She began to strip down, wanting a quick shower before she went back to work. If I make it back to work, she thought, lower belly tingling and her sex wet and warm as she watched another hungry serpent coil a woman who had just stripped to shower a few feet away. She began to masturbate as she watched the snake begin swallowing the woman head first, ignoring the coils of serpent suddenly sliding around her own legs.

I hope you all liked it!

############################RUDY GAVE ME FEEDBACK################################

He said, “I can only think of how much pain that one gal’s back is with boobs that big. That part sounds like a guy wrote it.”

And I said, “But, but, I like big boobs like that. Not on me, not on real people…”

He said, “No, a girl wouldn’t write anyone with boobs that big, she’d be thinking of her back and what it would feel like all the time.”

And I patted my pussy and said “I’m a girl, you’ve had your dick in this before, guys don’t have this.”

And he said, “Doesn’t matter. Sounds like a guy wrote it.”

So I leave it up to you all. I will change the story if I need to. Does that part sound like a guy wrote it? I like big boobs, even boobs that big (Not on me, you know that!), but I don’t want to ‘write like a guy’. I’m working hard on my own voice all the time, and I don’t need it sounding like someone elses.


Luv y’all!

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  1. I’m wondering which section you liked the best.

    Comment by Greggory | November 20, 2012 | Reply

  2. YAY Story!!!
    Your Italian fan is happy! 😉

    Comment by Marco | November 21, 2012 | Reply

  3. I wouldn’t say “like a guy,” necessarily, but more “without a moment’s thought given to realism.” Considering that you write about thirty-foot snakes that eat can 10+ women a day (but sometimes still take weeks to digest them all), I’d say that’s par for the course.

    Comment by thecountalucard666 | November 21, 2012 | Reply

  4. Now that is not totally true, and I think I have to be more clear in my writing if this is the impression that people get. My snakes, if they swallow ten women, don’t spend a month digesting the ten women in it’s belly AND swallow ten more women into their already swollen stomachs. Any snake that swallowed that many women on a daily basis AND took a month to digest ten of the swallowed women in it’s tortured, woman stuffed belly would be only fifteen feet long from head to tail AND about fifty feet in circumferance twenty five feet wide from side to side), give or take a lot of feet because math and volume and area has never been my strong point.

    What happens to the snakes is this (and I must be much clearer in my writing, I see): A snake swallows ten women whole so it can digest them alive. It then goes off on its own to digest the ten living women in it’s swollen belly. It does NOT swallow ten more women into it’s stomach to digest alive until it has already digested the original ten women it had already swallowed into it’s belly.

    It hurts me that you think so little of me and my writing that I would write “without a moment’s thought given to realism”. I try Very Hard to make my stories as realistic as possible, given the blatant fantasy of the subject material.

    Ah well. Not that anyone reads comments or replies to comments- I should probably make this an actual post instead of a comment reply.

    Take care!

    Comment by anne2snakie | November 21, 2012 | Reply

    • I agree with you, that’s not what you’re writing.
      I disagree with you, people do read comments and reply. 😛

      I think the confusion came from you having multiple species of Woman-Swallowing Snakes, some of which digest quickly, some slowly, but all gorge themselves. 🙂

      Comment by Greggory | November 21, 2012 | Reply

    • I realize that; I was mostly joking in that regard. I suppose a few smilies would’ve clarified that. 😛

      Comment by thecountalucard666 | November 24, 2012 | Reply

      • I feel better about your comments then. You had hurt my feelings pretty bad so yes, a couple of smilies would have made everything OK 🙂 Damned lack of body language in textual communication. One day we will all have cams when we talk. Might make people stop talking so much, but there ya go 🙂

        Comment by anne2snakie | November 25, 2012

  5. It’s wonderful to see a fully formed story, and a fairly clever one at that. The digital era rome is a very interesting choice of setting. In response to your specific query/feedback: I know that you are particularly fond of oversized breasts, but it does seem that over time, your description of them has continued to balloon (pun intended). It used to be that you highlighted a woman’s breasts being larger than her head. In some of your more recent stories, you’ve been focusing on now sizes that are not simply a multiple of her head’s size, but fairly large factors in size greater. I don’t know where the threshold on that really is, but there is a point where it seems to go from “wow those tits are huge” to seemingly cartoonish or fantastic. I feel that the effect you are going for (large breasted women) is served better by constraining them to a certain range.

    This of course causes complication for another theme that you clearly enjoy, which is the comparison of some women to others over the size of their assets and how that plays into the preferences of snakes. I think that you could still be well served by having those contrasts be less extreme. You could just as easily say that one woman’s breasts are noticeably larger, or fuller without having so say one woman’s breasts are the size of her head or while the other woman’s is 4 times the size of her head and hang like medicine balls from her chest.

    Sometimes that sense of restraint can lend a lot of descriptive power to a story, and also, personally, enhances the sense of competition between female characters in your story because they are competing over more than simply pure mass, but the details of their bodies in the pursuit (or avoidance) of being snake-food.

    Keep up the great work! Your stories continue to be marvelous reads.

    Comment by Voltmeter | November 22, 2012 | Reply

    • You are absolutely correct and I think I can, and will, correct myself. I will still have women with overly large breasts (Ooh, large breasts just make me tingle right HERE), but the cartoonishly large breasts is ridiculous to the point of distraction. It is likely I will still refer to breasts by head size largely, but your other descriptive ideas are spot on. Thank you for the ‘intervention’- it is and was just what I needed. I have been thinking of a third re-write for this story and I just might do it, especially with all the great ideas I have been given.

      Thank you, and thank you all!

      Comment by anne2snakie | November 22, 2012 | Reply

  6. A complete story! It’s good to see you writing again and in your traditional style! It always leaves me with a bit of mirth in the way you create the settings for the story. You’ve always had a marvelous imagination and that’s allowed you to create some darn unique and fun stories along the way, even when “outlandish”. I think that “whimsy” is a notable part of the appeal in what you write that goes aaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllll the way back to your early stories like Woman Swallowing Python (still a favorite). When you were writing some of your “darker” stories I must admit they weren’t as enjoyable to me. But this is classic Anne and a nice addition to the ones you’ve written in the past.

    Comment by Falsdoon | November 24, 2012 | Reply

  7. I have to agree that the outright ridiculousness of the size of breasts in your stories have long been immersion-breakers for me. I love big breasts, I love women who love big breasts, I love women envying other women’s bigger breasts, and I like the idea of snakes having preference for bigger breasted women. All that said, you can do all of that without making it clear that the breasts involved are of a size totally beyond reality.

    As Voltmeter suggested, the specificity of “head size” is a problem. Frankly, any woman written to have breasts larger than her head is a non-starter for me. That’s just completely out there. If you want to imagine them that size, that’s fine, but don’t make it so specific. To be honest, the mental “feel” of the idea of huge breasts is greater if you DON’T try to make it clear just exactly what size they are. The imagination does a far better job than being given “hard measurements” as it were.

    I hope you’ll take these recommendations to heart. One of the hottest parts about your stories is your own pleasure in and lust toward the female body. I’d love it if you went in for more sensual, less geometric descriptions of those delights. As much as you clearly like it, “tits with a woman attached to them” is hard on the suspension-of-disbelief.

    Comment by Anonymous | November 28, 2012 | Reply

    • Oh and don’t specify “poundage” either. That’s just as overly specific as head-sizes.

      Comment by Anonymous | November 28, 2012 | Reply

    • dude, shes not writing it for your tastes, thats what SHES into. you dont like it, copy-pasta and select delete.

      Comment by psycho | December 9, 2012 | Reply

  8. Tremendous things here. I’m very happy to peer your article. Thank you so much and I’m looking ahead to contact
    you. Will you please drop me a mail?

    Comment by Diana | December 14, 2012 | Reply

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