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New Weird Story :)

This was not a movie of standout performances. The acting was bland the characters- mygosh, where are they finding the actors these days? I could hardly tell any of the female characters apart. Every vulva was shaved bald, each set of labia the same, each gaping birth canal uniformly deep. Only in this fashion was the lead female character in any way different from her companions. At one point the lead was suspended in a splits position, vaginal opening gaping wide and deep and under her a fully grown man sitting in a crouched position. She was lowered onto and over him until her torso was hard against the ground and he was inside her. She stood, showed him to be gone, then sat again and rehooked herself. Her legs were pulled wide again and she was lifted. The man, drenched in vaginal fluids, then stands and walks away. While this is nothing new (this routinely occurs to every man several times per hour, and sometimes they never let us out, just digest us with their cunts!) it was more than her companions did.

Except for one performance that was all in the background. This one chick (and this is one of the very few times I wish they would show more than the woman’s cunt in film- hair is a good identifier, and what with every female actor’s cunt shaved bald, well then) with a beauty mark near her anus is shown swallowing nearly ten women in a row with her cunt in that one scene alone. During the entire film they show that cunt swallowing over three hundred other cunts without letting any of them back out. I think she digested all those cunts with her uterus. Sign me up, I want MY cock in THAT cunt!

Even when the serpent was swallowing each of the female stars whole it was hard to tell those cunts apart. Only when the lead actress’s cunt was stuffed with 18 or more long inches of 6 inch wide cock could you tell that her clitoris was larger than any of the other female actor’s. Luckily the female lead’s cunt spent the entire film stuffed with cock, the smallest being nine inches long and three inches side side to side. The largest was just over three feet long and almost a foot thick. She spent half the film being fucked by that three foot cock- down her throat ‘til his balls were on her chin, up her ass until his balls almost went in, and so far up her cunt he DID fuck her with his balls too! When he finally pulled out and came on her cunt lips (actually filling her gaping birth canal with jizz in seven great pint-size spurts) it was a thing of beauty.

During the first 10 minutes of this 45 minute film, almost 1000 women are swallowed and digested alive by other women’s cunts; almost ten thousand women are swallowed whole and digested alive by serpent’s. After this very slow start things pick up and by the end of the film well over ten thousand women are swallowed and digested by cunts, well over ten million women swallowed whole and digested alive by serpents.

All in all, this was a typical children’s film with nothing to especially recommend it. Only good to show young girls that acting is a viable career choice for women.

1 of 5 Stars


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This Is The Sort Of Thing I Mean :)


My fucking computer is driving me crazy. While typing, the focus will suddenly shift and I’ll find the cursor has moved to another box, to the middle of the line, the front of the sentence, whatever, and things make NO sense because the cursor make a sentence go like this:   “because thke  sentence go like this:e cursor ma”.

Thinking about it, it’s almost like someone has a wireless keyboard somewhere and my network card is picking up the occasional signal and sending my cursor crazy. Anyway!

This pic is PERFECT in many ways! #1, it’s only a little longer than the woman in it’s stomach. Oh, I LOVE that- a snake so eager to have that woman in his belly he’ll swallow someone impossibly large and STRETCH his stomach to  fit her in! Then of course she also gets digested alive, so that’s PERFECT. #2, she’s such an impossibly tight fit inside his stomach that it’s like the snake is painted onto her skin. Skin tight snake stomach! And she gets digested alive, so that’s SEXY. #3, Of course snakes ONLY swallow whole and digest alive sexy bitches and with that bod you can tell she’s a sexy bitch 🙂 And it’s digesting that sexy bitch live, so YEAH! #4, That snake couldn’t have swallowed her if she fought back- which means… She let it? It did fight her? There’s a mystery here, a story! And no way to discover what it is, because the person that can tell you is being digested alive and that’s a GOOD thing!!


God, my pussy is so fucking wet right now 🙂

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Anther Story I Have Been Working On.

Written for someone I have mentioned before, related to me by blood 🙂 She thinks this beginning is HYSTERICAL. When I was alone, I masturbated like a frenzied howler monkey. Now I have to write more- she likes it enough she wants me to continue 🙂


I hadn’t  realized my pet rock python, Pelter, had gotten out of it’s cage until I went into the living room. I’d gone into the kitchen to grab a sandwich and a drink while my friend, Sandy, stayed watching the movie. When I came back, I discovered that my rock python and Sandy had met each other. Well, the rock python had, while I was in the other room, lightly constricted her, swallowed her whole and was now digesting her alive. I stayed in the doorway, sandwich in one hand and soda in the other, staring at the fat python stretched out on my sofa.  I could tell it was Sandy he’d eaten and not something else while Sandy was, say, in the bathroom, because the bulge inside the stomach of the python looked like Sandy. Well, like a girl, anyway- head on one side, shoulders and chest  bulging him out further, her smaller breasts two small lumps on the body of the snake. You could see her arms and her waist dipping in, the swell of her hips, then the tapering of her legs down to her feet. I wasn’t immediately worried, more completely startled and shocked. I’d only been gone a few minutes and I hadn’t heard a thing from the living room to indicate struggle. There had to have been at least a small struggle- for the snake to have swallowed my friend so quickly he would have had to work fast, almost literally choking her down his throat to his stomach where she was now. As I said I was more startled than worried- if he hadn’t constricted her tightly she’d be fine inside his stomach for quite a while: a meal as big as she was took about 5 weeks to digest completely, and the snake’s always accidentally swallowed enough air to keep her alive until she was quite dead from digestion.

Pelter was only 12 feet long, and Sandy took up almost half his length inside his stomach, his body moving as Sandy struggled inside him. At last I set my stuff down and shoved the Sandy filled snake over to one side of the sofa and settled back down. Enough time to finish the movie before I even had to worry about Sandy.

I woke up the next day on the sofa and it felt like I had Sandy in my arms. And while that was at least slightly true, it wasn’t the complete story- I was clutching Sandy and the snake- holding onto Sandy’s moving body inside the snake’s stomach, and holding the snake around Sandy. Oh yeah- the snake had swallowed Sandy, was digesting her alive now. Bloody hell. Oh well. I needed to take care of that. The relationship between Sandy and I was moving from friend and friend to boyfriend and girlfriend, and I certainly did not want my soon to be girlfriend completely digested alive by my pet. Well, at least not yet anyway.

First, however, I needed a shower and some breakfast. By the time I was clean and dry and had filled my own belly, the Sandy filled snake had moved from the living room back into his own cage. It looked so cute- Sandy curled up in the stomach of the snake, the snake curled up in his cage and sleeping with his head on the bulge of the girl on his stomach. I didn’t want to wake him so I left to go to work. Normally, I didn’t work Saturdays but today… well, I’d let way too much build up at work. Sandy would be safe inside of Pelter’s stomach- the acid’s she was being bathed in wouldn’t even had had time to make her skin red. I shut the door, locked it, headed to work.

In the end, I had to stay the night in town by the time I was done it was too late to drive. So I got a room in town and got a great night’s sleep. Sandy was probably sleeping inside of Pelter’s stomach, I thought.

Well, to make a long story short, it was over seven weeks before I got back to my apartment to check on Pelter and Sandy. When I got to the cage, I was glad to see that Pelter was still alive, still moving slowly around his cage, dragging his Sandy filled stomach with him. When I looked at him, he looked the same as the last time- 12 feet long, black and grey scales, my girlfriend being digested alive in his stomach. Was the bulge of my friend smaller? Had she been digested to death? I sure hoped not. I reached down into the cage and rubbed my hand along his side, tracing the shape of my girl inside his stomach. Was she still ok, or had she been inside the serpent’s belly too long? It had been over seven weeks she’d been inside his stomach, bathed constantly in digestive fluids, and he digested most things her size completely away in five weeks or less. While at work, during a three day weekend in which I spent the entire three days sleeping on the beach and getting a tan, and we reached the five week mark I was sure that Pelter had finished digesting Sandy completely. I sure hoped not! I rubbed harder and felt Sandy move inside his stomach. She was alive! That meant I had time to get some sleep, get her out of there in the morning. Another few weeks of being digested alive couldn’t hurt her too much- if she was still alive now, she could take more digesting before she was gone!

The next day, I hate to say, I forgot all about Sandy and spent the day  just treating myself. Saw a movie, played some games, had a blast. Ended up so drunk I couldn’t drive and lost my car! By the time I sobered up and found my car another two weeks had passed and I rushed back to the apartment. I felt awful! I hoped desperately I wasn’t too late! I dashed through my living room, into the spare room, reached into the cage and rubbed the shape of the swallowed person inside the belly of the hungry snake. Feeling my hand, I felt Sandy move inside Pelter and felt relief. I still had time to visit my parents next month for a few weeks before having to worry about Sandy. She’d be ok. If Pelter hadn’t completely digested her alive by now, she’d be fine for another few months. Well, days or weeks anyway but it wouldn’t come to that! I wanted Sandy out here, instead of inside Pelter’s stomach where she’d been hiding these past two months.


Oh you BET I am writing more! I need MORE ORGASMS 🙂


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Almost Done! Diamond & Denfall, Part Almost Done :)

All done but the shouting! But I thought I’d get this out there for all my friends 🙂 Enjoy, I hope!





Jet Diamond closed his eyes and hissed quietly in irritation. Every time he got close to the ‘zone’ there was another interruption and BANG back to real life. It was hard to concentrate as it was, he was so hungry. Terrified to eat anyone, Diamond was slowly wasting away, his skin getting looser on his body.

The knock on the door came again, louder, and Jet hissed louder, shaking his head. This action flipped his glasses on their hinge and the lenses fall over his eyes. “Come in,” he yelled. Dammit, he didn’t have any appointments today. Or this week. Or at all, anywhere, any more. His reputation ruined, his career in shambles; each day his only pleasure in life was another day past in which he didn’t go to jail.

It was impossible to live this way.

The cheap particle board door swung slowly open and the bright light in the hall dazzled Jet’s eyes enough he couldn’t see who his visitor or visitors were. “Come in,” he repeated. As a reptilian being, serpent in particular, Jet’s eyes were only adequate at best. His real organ of detection was his sensitive tongue. He kept it flickering in the direction of the doorway as his guests, plural, entered. His tongue detected the smell and taste of a man, Hightower, and another person. No, not a person- a woman. Food. The taste was delicious and familiar. And she drew closer and Jet could see from the absolutely immense flash globes on her chest it was- Dr. Denfall. Here to torment him further? But why was Hightower with her then?

“Dr. Hightower, Dr. Denfall,” he said as they stood before his desk. “Please, take a seat the two of you.” He ducked his snout toward 2 plush chairs behind them. He had been told by many human beings that they were very comfortable. He’d only eaten half of those people afterward; the food ones. The women.

Dr. Denfall kept her stance in front of the desk while Dr. Hightower awkwardly pulled on his pant legs and waistband before sitting, tugging and tucking his shirt afterward. Dr. Denfall kept her arms at her side, one hand holding a manila folder, the only clothing on her body being her glasses. Her nipples were hard, scrunched tight in obvious sexual excitement. Her vulva was flushed red, eager for penetration; Dr. Denfall was one of the very few women of the world who, when sexually excited, became so wet her vaginal fluids would run in rivulets down her inner legs- and right now she had the beginnings of a puddle going.

“Dr. Diamond, I have something I have to say and I am ashamed, embarrassed, and so very sorry I have to do this. I am so very sorry for my poor behavior. I let my grief over the loss of my friend confuse me; I forgot that as women we are food first, people second. I believe this is part of the reason so many other species of the world have turned to eating women, turned to swallowing them whole and digesting them alive. It’s because even as we remember that we are food, so is the rest of the world remembering. It’s not a plague or some terrible change, simply food being eaten because it is food.

“Please,” said Dr. Denfall as she set the folder on Diamonds desk, opening it and setting the papers on the desk to Diamond could read them all easily. “These are all letters, witnessed by Dr. Hightower and notarized. I have written the police, my lawyers, all the local institutions I have used and apologized to each of them for wasting their time. I retract all claims and charges. These,” she said as she set out new letters for him to look at, “are letters to every journal or magazine that I have ever written, and those I have not, retracting every statement I have ever made and apologizing for my actions. This is the very least I can do to show my regret over my actions.

“I am also telling you this. Dr. Diamond, please, I mean this sincerely. Swallow me whole, digest me alive. I am not only food for you, I am food that is so very sorry for every horrible thing she has ever done. I am food, Dr. Diamond. I am a woman. I am food. Women were put on this earth to be eaten by snakes. And snakes were put on this earth to eat women. Please, Dr. Diamond. Eat me.”

Dr. Denfall took off her glasses and lay on the floor on her back. Arms beside her, gigantic firm breasts rolling to either side of her rib cage and still those huge tits met at her middle. They towered over her face. Denfall knew when she lay on her back like this that, from above, she looked like the legs of a woman below, and just two gigantic tits on top.

Jet Diamond looked down at the nude woman on his floor, her eyes closed and her hands at work in her crotch. He looked at Hightower who simply waved a hand down at the nude woman, saying “Bon’ appetit’,” as he did so. Oh, where to start, where to start. Jet loved swallowing women whole either way, head first or feet first. He’d swallowed a few women ass first, their bodies bent at the middle and ankles around their necks. One woman he’d swallowed hands and feet first in this position, stopping when just her ass and wet gaping cunt were barely unswallowed. He’d allowed a friend and fellow human scientist to fuck the woman’s cunt in his mouth for a few days, finally swallowing her down when she was so full of semen she overflowed, hitting the two gallon mark.

In the end he decided to start at her feet. That allowed her to come to him wet cunt first and that meant his tongue had a nice place to visit for a while. Tasty, tight, and warm.

He slipped her feet into his mouth and he smiled as she gasped a little. He swallowed slowly, savoring the feet of her warm, silky soft legs slid slowly into his mouth and down his throat. His lips stretched tighter as he swallowed her deeper into him. Her legs were getting thicker as he brought her hips closer. Her feet inched slowly deeper into him, slow swallow by slow swallow. Her knees entered his mouth, tip of his snout over both, and yet the sides of his mouth were still down at mid calf. Both of her hands were still busy, one hand working her clit and the other hand piercing her tight wet hole with the fingers and thumb of her other hand. She stiffened again as another orgasm rolled through her. Her legs were still bent at hip and knee though she would have to straighten out very soon as he swallowed her deeper.

When her hips slid into his mouth and her delicious smelling and wonderfully tasting cunt and ass grew closer, Jet’s tongue pushed her fingers aside and he took over. His tongue was magic, his technique flawless. His forked tongue teased and tortured her erect, throbbing clitoris driving into multiple orgasm after multiple orgasm with little chance to breathe between them. He entered her birth canal with his tongue, grinding her G spot and pushing at her vaginal walls. She came again from the vaginal penetration and manipulation, then again as his tongue merely flicked her clit and drove her into instant clitoral orgasm. At last, limp and insensate in his mouth, she could only lay and pant.

He swallowed her inch by inch until his snout was between her gigantic tits, nose at the base of her throat and his lower jaw on her neck. Her arms pushed upward like a diver, and her tits rolled over and covered her face. She knew that she looked like the snake was swallowing two gigantic pillow tits and not a woman but that was ok. As long as she was swallowed whole and digested alive like the food she knew she was it was all going to be A-OK.



Next time- DONE!



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I Have Been So Fucking Horny Lately

it’s ridiculous. Yesterday I literally could not keep my hands off myself- I must have spent at least two hours, spread throughout the day, where I did nothing but lay on my bed and play with my cunt, orgasm after orgasm. Seven times I had to run to the bedroom and give my clit hell for a time 😉 I dunno why my cunt just WOKE UP yesterday and started demanding all the attention I hadn’t been giving it the last 6 months. But wow. Massive bloodflow to my genitalia- my vulva was flushed all day.  I think I sorta know why guys seem to lose concentration when aroused and hard- all the blood down there, none for the brain. Well, when I would start a-tingling downstairs I lost the ability to think of anything but hungry serpents, woman-stuffed bellies, and being tucked into a tight stomach myself. Afterward I could begin thinking again, still breathing hard.

Not quite that horny today, but my pussy is still purring down there, quietly, just letting me know it’s awake 🙂


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She Was Such A Catch

it became a perfect storm of consumption. She had stumbled half off the side of the boat, and her clothing had been torn from her body as it caught on a blunt hook on a side cabin. Naked and trying not to fall, and the alligator below lunged from the water, jaws wide and throat gaping. The serpent from the tree had flung itself womanward, it’s own jaws wide, throat a deep black tunnel leading deep into it’s body. A long vine had detached itself and was wending it’s own way toward the gasping woman.

She could see all the wide open mouths aimed at her, the slavering jaws and the eager throats, the bellies waiting to digest her alive. She’d had to live with it her whole life. The moment she’d hit puberty, every animal in the world decided it had to have her in it’s stomach. She’d spent the last five years being extracted from inside of dogs; pulled out of horses; dragged from inside of serpents. She’d literally spent more time inside of stomachs than out the last six months- luckily her friends had always been there for her. But now- well, no matter how quickly her friends moved, this promised to be the worst yet.

As she tumbled from the boat, she could see what was going to happen, and it did happen, exactly as she had imagined it. As she fell head first down the throat of the gator, she could feel herself being hugged by it’s throat all down her tight young body, all but her feet. But, by the jerk she felt, and could tell that was when the snake had fallen over the gator, swallowing it head first. The next jerk was the snake being swallowed up by the vine. The thought the next jerk was the vine snapping off and the whole mass, like a giant bean pod, being swallowed by the giant swamp grizzly that had come thundering up behind the vine, behind the snake, behind the gator. The last jerk was probably the giant catfish she’d seen earlier that morning swallowing the swamp grizzly.

“I don’t think I’m getting out of this one,” she thought. I’m in the gator belly, inside the snake belly, inside the vine belly, inside the grizzly belly, inside the catfish belly.  Well, she thought as she snuggled herself comfortable in the stomach that surrounded her, at least it feels like home.

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I Have Been Talking With My Daughter

about people being swallowed and digested. I have her convinced there is a country in the Indonesian Islands where the snakes that live there can ONLY eat women to survive.  And that, while a lot of women go there for vacationing, she is NEVER to go there.

We also “wrote” a story while going on a walk a few weeks back, wherein a goldfish was swallowing everyone that got close, except the owner, and he could never figure it out. The fish was in it’s bowl and his friend was there; he went into the other room for something, comes back and his friend is gone, and the fish is out of the bowl- with it’s belly huge, a person sized bulge there. So he figures his friend left, and puts the fish in the bathtub. Another friend comes by to ask about the first, he explains what is happening. Shows him the fat goldfish in the bathtub. Goes out, comes back, other friend is gone. Fish is out of tub, belly twice as big as it was before. He figures his friend left while he was out, tris to figure out where he can put the fish since it is outgrowing everywhere he can put it.

By the time we were finished we were both laughing loudly, with everyone in the world being swallowed whole and digested alive by squirrels, dogs, cats, hamsters, etc and the main character with his goldfish with a belly big enough to fill an Olympic swimming pool and hundreds of people missing and he NEVER figures it out.

She thought it was hysterical. I was wet enough I actually got my jeans soaked through in a few spots 🙂

So I wrote that story up and she read it, thought it was funny. So I told her that I also like other kinds of stories where, yes, people get swallowed naked even though I like it when anyone gets swallowed, naked or with clothes on. So I told her I would write her a story of the other kind that I like, see what she thinks of that. This, then, is that story.


Telluria was a female dwarf, a young woman with a good sense of humor, a nice fashion sense, and an absolutely huge pair of boobs. Each one of her breasts was much larger than her head and Telly hadn’t seen her feet in years. On Wednesday evening she had just gotten back to her room; a carved out hole set in the dwarven caverns deep under the mountains. It was a nice carved out hole with a thick stone door, and the furniture inside was stunning. But Telly wasn’t paying attention to her furniture, she was getting ready for her date with Nadjet, a hunky dwarf who carried a mean axe on his back. He had the muscles that melted her insides when she looked at him and she’d been out of her mind since Nadjet had asked her to a night out of fun in the restaurant, entertainment, and xxx-rated entertainment areas of the caverns. Telly had never been to the last part of the caverns, and didn’t plan on ever visiting the xxx-rated portions. She sincerely hoped Nadjet wouldn’t want to go there; that would be terribly disappointing if he did and she’d hate to have to tell him no.

She took off her robes, then her leather armor, then the underarmor to protect her skin from the leather, and finally the actual underwear. That was a lot of stuff to carry on her body but all the dwarves did it; except for the bra of course, guy dwarves didn’t need the bra. Amazingly, absolutely huge though her boobs were, she didn’t need a bra either. Her breasts were firm enough that they stayed up, high on her chest, positively gigantic. She looked at her body in the mirror, still happy about the body she had.

Telly was tall for a dwarf, with deep brunette hair and soft highlights. Her eyes were green although no one ever noticed- everyone was always looking at her boobs and not her face. It was both annoying and flattering. She understood it, as even she tended to look at just her boobs in the mirror. Not that she could see them both at the same time. The standing mirror was wide but not wide enough. When she stood facing it, her boobs were big enough that they were cut off on both sides where the mirror ended. And if she turned sideways, she could see herself and some of her boobs, or look at just her boobs and not have her in the reflection.

With a sigh she turned away from the mirror and only had time to gasp once as she was coiled in the loops of an obsidian rock snake! She hadn’t noticed it while looking at herself in the mirror- her boobs were so big she hadn’t been able to see the snake behind her as it stalked her!

The rock snakes were mostly a nuisance in the dwarven caverns. The green and red snakes just ate rocks, boring rocks, carving small tunnels through the mountains. The darker blue and grey rock snakes ate gems and that was bad- more than one dwarf had woken up to find a gem-eating rock snake had found their wealth, eaten it, and left the dwarf a poor, poor person. Obsidian rock snakes, however, were not a nuisance at all. They didn’t eat rocks or gems. They ate dwarves. They sneaked into dwarf homes and slithered up on sleeping or otherwise busy dwarves, and swallowed them whole and alive. They then slithered away to digest their swallowed dwarf, still alive in their stomachs, in peace. What made it even worse, in Telly’s opinion, was that they only swallowed female dwarves whole to digest alive later- they ignored male dwarves entirely! Unfair. She’d had many of her female dwarven friends swallowed whole and digested alive through the years. She had never guessed that she would be one of the female dwarves to be swallowed whole and digested alive.

“This sucks,” wheezed Telly as the snake rolled her on the floor, fully bound in tight loops of snake. She wished the bloody thing would just start swallowing her whole and alive already- it’s not like she could fight back. It was a shorter snake, only fifteen or so feet long but still those loops around her were tight enough to hurt and definitely tight enough to make sure she couldn’t escape.

The snake brought it’s head up to her face and she couldn’t even breathe as she stared it in the eyes. It was a beautiful animal but only eight inches wide, side to side. That was only the size of her thigh! How was she supposed to fit in there? Then the snake gaped it’s jaws open, wide, it’s mouth close to her face. It’s scaley lips could have easily fit around her head and it’s throat was a deep tunnel leading into the beast. After a few seconds of terror the snake closed it’s mouth and coiled itself down around her to the lower half of her body. She couldn’t see the mouth of the beast but she could feel it at her feet. And when the snake’s mouth closed on her feet she wanted to scream because she knew it wouldn’t be long before the snake finished swallowing her whole, tucking her body tight into it’s stomach, then slithering away to digest her alive.

She began to think that her only hope was if Nadjet showed up to pick her up early- if he showed up to get her before the snake had finished swallowing her whole and alive, he could easily rescue her and save her life! As the snake swallowed her legs up to her knees, she began hoping that Nadjet was the kind to show up early. But even as her body slid deeper down the throat of the snake, it’s lips inching up her thighs to her waist, she began to despair. If he didn’t show up soon it wouldn’t matter; he wouldn’t be able to see it was her being swallowed. Even if she hadn’t been swallowed completely, her boobs would have been pushed up and over her face so he wouldn’t be able to tell who was being swallowed.

Dwarf society being what it was, if anyone came across an obsidian rock snake that was swallowing a female dwarf whole so it could slither away and digest her alive, they didn’t have to save her if they didn’t recognize her. Telluria herself had come across a lot of female dwarves being swallowed whole and alive, probably a hundred or more female dwarves sliding through snake lips to be tucked into snake stomachs and digested alive in the past year or two alone. She hadn’t recognized more than fifty or more of them and so had let the snakes swallow the female dwarves. Of the fifty female dwarves she had recognized as the snake was swallowing her whole so it could digest her alive, she hadn’t liked most of them anyway. Of the forty female dwarves of the fifty being swallowed that she did like, she was sad that they would be digested alive but they weren’t her so she let the snake finish swallowing them, then slither away to digest the dwarf in their stomach alive in peace.

It would have been easy to save them too. Obsidian rock snakes had an orange spot between their eyes- you only had to press it once, firmly, and the snake would cough up the female dwarf he was swallowing whole and alive and slither away to find someone else to swallow whole and digest alive. And now here she was, the snake’s lips around her middle, up to her belly button, unwrapping her from it’s loops as it swallowed her. Her unswallowed part was tightly held, her arms caught and held away from her body, her boobs caught and also being held away from her body. She couldn’t yell for help as a loop of snake wrapped around her head and covered her mouth.

As the snake inched up her body, it’s nose between her huge boobs and pushing them up it swallowed her, it pushed her arms up and away- as it swallowed her, it was not swallowing her with her arms against her body. No, she was going to be swallowed so her arms trailed after her, as if held above her body. The obsidian snake had discovered that it was easier to swallow dwarves that way- they weren’t as wide as they went down it’s throat. And this was one was going to be trouble with those boobs- they were absolutely gigantic, immense. Comparing those boobs to her head was like comparing a watermelon to a ping pong ball.

When Telly’s head slid through the mouth of the snake then down into the throat of the snake was swallowing her, her boobs were still mostly outside of the snake’s mouth. Even as the snake swallowed her arms to her elbows, then to her wrists, his coal black eyes were staring at huge amounts of boobs that hadn’t yet been swallowed. So, swallowing away so it could digest Telluria alive, it worked on.

When Nadjet walked into Telly’s room after knocking and knocking, he was shocked to discover that she hadn’t been ignoring him- she was being swallowed whole, going to be digested alive by an obsidian rock snake! And he could tell it was Telluria being swallowed- even though he was watching the fingers of the outstretched arms of the dwarf being swallowed, the boobs of the dwarf being swallowed were still bigger than any other dwarf’s he had ever seen. And he could tell, looking at the body of the snake, that she was deep in the body of the snake. Maybe her feet were already in the snake’s stomach. And yet, most of her boobs still had to be swallowed by the snake. Yes, those boobs were being squashed and stretched by the snake’s mouth and throat as it swallowed Telluria, and yet they were still huge and pretty enough to only be Telluria’s.

He thought about pressing the orange spot between the eyes of the snake, but even though Telly’s body was probably in the stomach of the snake to her waist, she still had enough unswallowed boob outside the snake’s mouth it might be another half hour before it finished swallowing those boobs. Time enough to go and get something to eat before he had to make a decision.

Leaving the obsidian snake in Telly’s room, swallowing and swallowing her huge boobs, Nadjet went to get a burger.

It only took the snake fifteen minutes to finish swallowing all of Telly’s boobs, and it had slithered away to digest her alive by the time Nadjet came back.

She liked it, thought it was funny. Thought Nadjet was a jerk- going to get a burger while Telly was being swallowed.



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I Wish

I had more time and had a better outlook on things. So far I have been spending 20 out of 24 hours of each day taking care of my dying husband.

Before we got married, he told me that he might need a valve replacement at some point in the future but it would be nothing to worry about.

Just after the birth of Josh, our youngest, his heart went and the rest of his systems quickly fell apart as well. He had 2 heart valves replaced and we learned his heart is just  a mass of scar tissue.

That was 2004. In 2006 they told him he would be lucky to live 5 years but Willem has always been a fighter. Enough shit has gone down between 2004 and 2014 that it would have killed twenty five other men. In a row.

But like he has told me in his weak moments that shame him so much, it’s just too hard to fight any more.

And so my Willem, the only man I have ever truly loved, is going away to leave me alone for the rest of my life.

Until that time however, I have to make sure he is comfortable, takes his meds when comfortable, give him an IV injection complete with computerized pump, give him pain meds to keep him comfortable, check and clean his catheter, set him on the commode when he feels the urge to “go”, feed him, keep his hospital bed sheets clean and comfortable, and then at the end of the day, try to going to our big empty bed and sleep for an hour or two before I get up and start it all again.

Amazingly, I have been working on vore stories in my head lately during all this 🙂  My pussy is pretty much dead right now, pleasure wise, but my clitoris has been asking for some attention lately and I can’t let the poor dear suffer 😉  I’ll have something for y’all pretty soon, dunno if it’s anything that y’all are expecting however.

Well, other than some poor chick sliding through a gaping serpent maw, then down a slick serpent throat until she is tucked tight in a hot, wet, serpent stomach to be digested alive…

Oooh, I feel a tingle! 😉


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For Those Of You Who Do Not Believe

that a large breasted woman, if swallowed feet first by a hungry serpent, would end up swallowed nipples last after her head went down, I present to you untampered evidence:

Nipples first, then arms

Nipples first, then arms

You cannot tell me that, if the pressure of the lips circling her as she was swallowed down that tight wet serpent throat WOULDN’T press those huge tits of hers upward and squish her her nipples probably as high as her elbows 🙂 are just deluding yourself.

Her head will vanish beneath them titties

Her head will vanish beneath them titties

And Milena Velba is not unusual, only popular 🙂 MANY women have tits as big as hers, nonsurgically enhanced (hers are natural, which is cool). Now I WISH my own titties was maybe not as big as hers 🙂 but bigger than they are now 😦 Life is life. At least I am alive.

Any so way, point of the post being that it is not impossible that a woman with large or larger than average breasts would, upon being swallowed feet first by a hungry serpent, have her rock hard nipples vanish last into the throat of the animal swallowing her whole and alive as she masturbated and shook with orgasm after orgasm. If only we had enough women and serpents to test our hypothesis. I would gladly volunteer to see how it looked to have a woman with smaller breasts swallowed whole and alive by a hungry serpent 😉  Gods, in a heartbeat!!

Anne (who wishes she were just a woman shaped lump in the belly of a hungry serpent)


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Both The Modern Roman Empire AND ____? Is She MAD??

Annipe checked the board of monitors again, the third time that minute. She was bored, bored, bored. Normally when on shift she could amuse herself by watching the monitors and masturbating all night like she usually did. She usually sat back in her chair, set her feet up on her desk and then spent the next 12 hours buzzing her cunt with her vibrator as she watched the monitors. No one expected her to do any real work- they just expected her to come like there was no tomorrow as she watched naked women shower for 8 hours, then masturbate for the next 4 hours on memory. And it was easy to masturbate watching those naked women showering- they were all good looking women with tight bodies, huge firm tits, tight asses, clean cunts… and they frequently not only masturbated themselves while showering, they also masturbated each other, and frequently engaged in sex with each other. Mouth to cunt, cunt to cunt, using hands and toys and everything else- eyes closed in orgasm and hips bucking as they came.

All this was the usual activities in a communal shower facility. What made this one different from any other facility was that in most of the monitors, serpents were swallowing the naked women as they masturbated, sending the women down their throats and into their stomachs to be digested alive later that night. Annipe could watch the woman shaped bulges sliding down serpent throats for days- it was such a tight fit that a woman in a serpent throat didn’t just make a bulge- no, you could see her tits, both of them, and her hard nipples, sliding down through the body of the serpent. You could see the shapes of their arms, their waists… if their hands were up instead of down in their crotch and masturbating as they were swallowed, you could make out the dip of their groins, even the shape of their cunts through the tight flesh of the serpent. Then their legs, an their feet. And when she finally reached the stomach of the serpent- well, if she was the first one swallowed whole by the serpent, she stayed like that. As if she were a woman made of snakeskin. Annipe had been showering when a serpent slithered by with just one woman inside it. She’d kept up with it and when it stopped to rest down further in the Hall of Serpents she lay on the floor with it and embraced the woman inside the serpent stomach. And since a woman inside a serpent stomach was alive, until she was digested alive, and in constant orgasm because of the stomach acids, the swallowed woman had reacted to Annipe. Annipe had grabbed and rubbed the swallowed tits and the woman inside had loved it.  Annipe had even sucked on her nipples through the body of the serpent and she swore the woman inside the serpent belly had loved it. She had rubbed the woman’s cunt through the serpent, had grabbed her ass through the serpent body… had treated her as if she were an unswallowed woman being made love to by Annipe on the floor of the Hall. And while the swallowed woman had loved it, Annipe had liked it better, rubbing her cunt on the woman inside the serpent and coming, and coming and coming. She’d fucked the serpent all night until the woman inside was digested, became all soft and went away as the serpent belly sloshed and groaned.

On one screen, she was watching a small number of Nubian women being systematically swallowed by two rock pythons. When the Nubian’s had first entered they’d been nervous and Annipe had followed them with a camera. There were six of them and they stayed together, probably wondering why they had even come to a serpent based shower. And their bodies were so different from a Roman woman’s body- so different, so unique. First of all they had deep black skin. And their tits were just so small! Annipe thought she had small tits,and for a Roman woman, she did. Each of her tits was only half again as large as a basketball and weighed less than thirty pounds each. Flat as a board for a woman of Rome. But these Nubian’s- the woman with the biggest tits was flat as a board. Each of her tits was only twice as  large  as her head, and they sagged! Annipe’s tits didn’t even have a half inch of sag to them but the Nubian women’s tits sagged at least an inch- much lower they’d be don to her knees! The Nubian woman with the tiniest tits was almost scare she looked so different, each small breast tinier than her head. At least her tits didn’t sag.

At least the Nubian’s shaved between their legs like civilized women. Annipe had been afraid they’d have actual hair between their legs. She hadn’t had a single hair between her legs since her first public hair came in when she was eleven years old. She’d shaved the thing off and showed it to her parents- she was a woman now! And while her life didn‘t change a lot at first- as a child she’d gone naked as a jaybird all the time, and since becoming a woman she practiced casual nudity at all times. Before puberty, her undeveloped breasts had been small, only twice as large as her head, but after her first hair came in her tits had grown to adult size and filled with dense mammary gland tissue. Annipe could and did lactate at almost any time and had once milked herself until bored, coming up with over a gallon from each breast. Moo.

But once the Nubian’s had watched a serpent eat this one chick with huge tits, well, they understood. The serpent had swallowed the woman with the tits feet first because there was no way it would have been able to swallow the woman and her tits at the same time. It swallowed her to just under her tits, her body filling it’s throat and her hands in her cunt inside it. As it swallowed her body, that pushed her tits up- and they were big. Each massive tit was as big as another woman if she curled into a ball, knees to her chin and heels to her ass, arms around her legs…. AND her tits as well, each to the other side of her. Annipe knew some Roman women had tits so big they couldn’t walk or even stand under their own power, but these were the biggest she had ever seen and still have the woman walking. They’d been firm, too, the bottom of each huge breast no lower than her navel. But as her tits were pushed up they covered her upper body until it seemed the serpent was just swallowing tits. The serpent had just found two huge tits and decided to eat them, as any serpent would and should. After a while the woman was deep inside the throat of the serpent and the beast was still swallowing tits. Still two huge tits coming out of it’s mouth, two hard nipples getting closer to it’s mouth. Only when the woman had been inside the stomach of the serpent for ten or fifteen minutes did the serpent finish swallowing her tits. The woman was tight in the belly of the serpent, and thirty feet up the serpent was just now swallowing two hard nipples at the end of her tits. Amazing.

Of course, by this time the six nervous Nubian’s woman were all sitting on the tiles floor of the Hall. Not only were they masturbating as they watched the serpent eating tits, but they were masturbating each other. And two of them were head- to-groin, bringing each other to multiple orgasm again and again. Once the serpent finished eating tits though, they’d gone looking for other serpents. They’d found the two rock pythons and let nature take it’s course. In this case, it mean’t that one of the Nubian women had brought the head of one serpent between her thighs and pushed it’s snout into the tight hole of her cunt, riding it‘s snout with her clit. Once she came, the serpent had continued savoring the taste and the scent of the Nubian’s cunt, in fact it had even attempted, for an hour and a  half , to crawl inside the woman through her small fuck-hole. Annipe wished it had succeeded- that would have been fun to watch, the woman‘s belly growing as the serpent crawled into her through her cunt. But it couldn’t, and it didn’t, then it had coiled her and began swallowing her whole and alive head first. With her small, head size tits it was easy for the serpent to swallow her that direction.

Once the first Nubian was swallowed, the other’s were unstoppable. They grabbed one of the others and she began masturbating as they fed her to a serpent. It didn’t even half to move, it just opened it’s jaws and they just shoved her head first don it’s throat. Once they had shoved her down it’s throat to her waist they took turns, the four of them, getting on their knees and licking and sucking her into multiple orgasm. Then one of the Nubian’s spent an hour and a half trying to crawl into her friend through her cunt. Annipe had REALLY wanted to see that- watching the woman’s belly grow as her friend had crawled into her through her cunt would have been the best thing in the world. But in the end the other three Nubian’s had to pull her out- she’d only been able to crawl up her friend’s cunt to her knees. When her head had slid through her friend’s cunt and inside her Annipe had had to masturbate to it it was so cool, with the tight ring of the Nubian’s cunt around her friend’s neck. But when she had pulled and pushed until her shoulders and her tits had slid through the woman’s cunt and into her abdomen, Annipe had come again and again. When she had managed to pull herself to her waist up her friend’s cunt until her own cunt was just below the cunt that was swallowing her, Annipe had tried crawling into one of the other Nubian’s through HER cunt. It hadn’t worked any more than the other woman had been able to crawl into her friend though. And although Annipe had managed to crawl all but the toes of her left foot up one of the Nubian’s cunts, the Nubian’s cunt muscle tight around the end of her foot and Annipe inside the Nubian’s uterus, bulging out her belly until she had to crawl back out, it disappointed her that she couldn‘t actually crawl into another woman through her cunt. When she came out, as wet with the cunt fluids as if she had taken a shower in cunt, she saw the other woman to her knees up the other woman’s cunt and it drove her mad with lust again. She turned around and tried crawling up the Nubian‘s cunt again. And even though this time she actually made it, crawling into the uterus of another woman through her cunt and staying there for two hours before coming back out, she was somewhat disappointed to discover that while she had been up another woman‘s cunt, that woman hadn‘t been swallowed by a serpent.

At 2 AM, the serpent’s finally finished swallowing all the women that were in the showers. There had been a lot of women coming to the Imbres today. And since slightly more than 2000 women came to shower at the Imbres every day and each serpent swallowed six or seven women each, it was usually around 2 sometimes 2:30 AM before the serpents finished swallowing all the women. Once, twenty three years ago the serpents had once swallowed all but one woman during the course of the day. Now they worked a little harder and even if it took them half the night, they always managed to eat them all. And by 3 AM, the Hall was filled with noise. 750 serpent bellies sloshing, intestines groaning, abdomen’s gurgling, digesting alive all those women they’d been swallowing whole and alive all day. It took hours before the noise died down!

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