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This was not a movie of standout performances. The acting was bland the characters- mygosh, where are they finding the actors these days? I could hardly tell any of the female characters apart. Every vulva was shaved bald, each set of labia the same, each gaping birth canal uniformly deep. Only in this fashion was the lead female character in any way different from her companions. At one point the lead was suspended in a splits position, vaginal opening gaping wide and deep and under her a fully grown man sitting in a crouched position. She was lowered onto and over him until her torso was hard against the ground and he was inside her. She stood, showed him to be gone, then sat again and rehooked herself. Her legs were pulled wide again and she was lifted. The man, drenched in vaginal fluids, then stands and walks away. While this is nothing new (this routinely occurs to every man several times per hour, and sometimes they never let us out, just digest us with their cunts!) it was more than her companions did.

Except for one performance that was all in the background. This one chick (and this is one of the very few times I wish they would show more than the woman’s cunt in film- hair is a good identifier, and what with every female actor’s cunt shaved bald, well then) with a beauty mark near her anus is shown swallowing nearly ten women in a row with her cunt in that one scene alone. During the entire film they show that cunt swallowing over three hundred other cunts without letting any of them back out. I think she digested all those cunts with her uterus. Sign me up, I want MY cock in THAT cunt!

Even when the serpent was swallowing each of the female stars whole it was hard to tell those cunts apart. Only when the lead actress’s cunt was stuffed with 18 or more long inches of 6 inch wide cock could you tell that her clitoris was larger than any of the other female actor’s. Luckily the female lead’s cunt spent the entire film stuffed with cock, the smallest being nine inches long and three inches side side to side. The largest was just over three feet long and almost a foot thick. She spent half the film being fucked by that three foot cock- down her throat ‘til his balls were on her chin, up her ass until his balls almost went in, and so far up her cunt he DID fuck her with his balls too! When he finally pulled out and came on her cunt lips (actually filling her gaping birth canal with jizz in seven great pint-size spurts) it was a thing of beauty.

During the first 10 minutes of this 45 minute film, almost 1000 women are swallowed and digested alive by other women’s cunts; almost ten thousand women are swallowed whole and digested alive by serpent’s. After this very slow start things pick up and by the end of the film well over ten thousand women are swallowed and digested by cunts, well over ten million women swallowed whole and digested alive by serpents.

All in all, this was a typical children’s film with nothing to especially recommend it. Only good to show young girls that acting is a viable career choice for women.

1 of 5 Stars


January 21, 2015 - Posted by | Another Late Post, Computero, Friday's Post, Fucking Funny, Gigantic Tits, Huge Cocks, Hungry Cunts Swallowing Women, I Like The Word 'Cunt', I Masturbated, I Want To Be Swallowed Whole & Alive, Makes Me Horny, Masturbation, Monday's Update, My Cunt, My Fiction, Sex, Sexually excited, Snakes Eating Women, Tongue In Cheek, Wednesday's update


  1. Okay, I admit it got off to a slow start for me and had me going “Wha?!” for where it was going but that doesn’t matter as it set up the ending which was a grand hoot. 2 thumbs up on your movie review! 🙂

    Comment by Falsdoon | January 22, 2015 | Reply

  2. Your stories always get my juices flowing. Ok,bad pun,but it’s true. I always feel the need to masturbate furiously after reading your stories. Not all,but most illicit this response. You are one of thise people i’d love to meet someday. It’s rare to find someone with this fetish that can articulate it as well as you do. I draw a lot and most of my drawing are based on your stories. Also a lot of them from my own devious mind. Unfortunately for fear of being discovered,i destroy most of them after a short period of time.

    Comment by Steve | January 27, 2015 | Reply

    • I understand about the fear. Until I got married I lived with fear of being discovered that I was “weird”. You never stop worry over elementary school stuff, no matter how old you get. I am SUPER glad to “hear” that you feel the need to masturbate after reading my stories! YAY! That’s why I write them- I want people getting horny, I want them to either masturbate or make love to a partner and have something about the story, or an idea, anything about vore in mind as you do so. Just the thought of people achieving orgasm over one of my stories makes my day in a very positive and happy way! So, awesome 🙂

      One day I might come out of my shell enough to actually meet f2f with some internet friends. I edge closer to it. I’m close- close- to actually calling some very good internet friends I have met through our love of vore (Hi Chuck!Beef 😉 ) and actually talking. I don’t really like being a hermit now that I have no one to hermit with.

      Comment by anne2snakie | January 27, 2015 | Reply

      • Anne was frustrated and annoyed as the snake swallowed her down. It wasn’t because she was being eaten against her will – in fact, the snake hadn’t even moved once to accept her beyond opening his jaws to admit her entrance – it was because she’d arrived four hours late to the vore meetup.

        Anne had painstakingly organized the entire event – there would be a reading of vore fiction, lots of opportunity for meeting with other vore fans, and she’d even gotten Al to agree to bring his massive serpent along. It was this serpent to which she was now offering her hot, wet body.

        To Anne’s dismay, she’d overslept, having exhausted herself the night before masturbating at the prospects of the vore meetup. When she woke up and realized what time it was, she threw on a robe and pair of slippers and drove straight to the meetup. Dutifully sucking off every man at the meetup (without a single name being asked or given), Anne made her way to the snake Al had brought just for the occasion, only to see that it was positively swollen with squirming female flesh, resembling less a serpent and more a scaly, multi-ton wad of bulgy dough, though dough was not prone to lustful moans or orgasmic wriggling.

        “He’s pretty stuffed now,” Al said as she sucked him off, one of his hands keeping her head pinned at the base of his cock. Anne’s cheeks flushed as she realized he was pissing down her throat. “We turned him loose while they were all going at it,” he explained, “ate a hundred or so while they were distracted with fucking. After that, they started feeding themselves to him. The 300th or so is where he really started slowing down. You’ll be lucky to get in there.”

        But Anne was determined. After sucking every man off one last time, she’d made an offering of her body to the snake’s jaws, and the snake had allowed her to pass between them.

        Inside was hot and humid, and Anne had to elbow aside mountainous tits and wriggle past naked vulvas to get deep enough inside that Al’s snake could close his jaws, sealing her in the darkness.

        Immediately Anne began to enjoy herself; she had never been eaten before, except in her fantasies, and this was even better than her fantasies, because there was an ocean of naked female flesh in there with her. If she ate out sixty pussies a day she’d take weeks to finish them all, but she knew that she’d be long digested before then – hell, some of the women he’d initially devoured had already been reduced to a soupy liquid that all the others were awash in. Anne sucked and teased at a breast that must have weighed as much as she did, not knowing or caring to whom it belonged. It was then that she felt a pair of lips at her own cunt, eating her out, and in two minutes she had the best orgasm of her life, except it wasn’t – the best orgasm of her life took place after another three minutes, except the TRUE best orgasm of her life was five minutes after that. Ten minutes later she’d had the real best orgasm of her life, and in another twenty, she decided she’d definitely had the best orgasm of her life. Each was delivered by a different woman, insensately crawling about amidst their own wriggling bodies, tasting and touching and squeezing in a desperate race to enjoy as many women as they could before they all digested.

        Half-digested, exhausted and utterly spent, Anne began to simply rest somewhere in the middle of the mass of increasingly-liquefied woman, when she could make something out, faintly, over the din. Over the moans and groans of orgasmic bliss, over the gurgles and splashes of digestive action, Anne could hear Al’s voice.

        It took her another second to make out what he was saying, and another still to realize that he was reading a selection of entries from her snake vore blog – specifically, her most erotic, cunt-moistening, cock-hardening stories.

        She had the best, last orgasm of her life.

        Comment by TheCountAlucard666 | January 31, 2015

      • Your extra story is classic Snakey! Primo girl, primo!

        Comment by Falsdoon | February 1, 2015

      • Sounds like a good time

        Comment by Greggory | February 23, 2015

  3. Orgasm and sex and chemistry are amazing things. When you have sex with someone you flood your system with a TON of hormones. Many of those hormones are there to bond you emotionally to the person you have just had sex with. After my husband and I made love and he lay atop me and looked into my eyes and we were both panting and sweating- he might as well have been a God I loved him and worshipped him so. He was the most beautiful, handsome man even covered in sweat, his face dripping with my vaginal fluids and his hair every which way. I miss him so much I wish there were an afterlife. I’d die now to just get it over with and be with him again.

    Comment by anne2snakie | January 27, 2015 | Reply

    • Happy Valentits Day, Anne!

      Comment by TheCountAlucard666 | February 14, 2015 | Reply


    not vore per se, but still… it made me think about vore

    Comment by Martin | January 28, 2015 | Reply

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