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from my old blog, over a year old, now together and in one piece 🙂 I will also be posting it at Eka’s Portal and the Disturbed Things forum as well as my own site (if anyone can think of other venues, please contact me at )!


She let out a little scream of surprise when the snake started swallowing her whole and alive!

“Hey, you rude son of a bitch, you let me go!” she shouted at the snake which had just used it’s nose to take her shoes off, then nudge her feet together, then to gently take her toes into it’s mouth.

“I’m sorry, lady, he’s just hungry,” said the man besides her, his beer glass half full, and a fleck of suds on his upper lip. “I forgot to buy a woman for him to eat, and you know, come on. He’s a snake.”

She looked downward at the snake which had swallowed her bare feet and was starting to work up her ankles. It felt both warm, but also kind of chilly. Just right. And the wet, tight throat of the snake on her feet felt good too. Well, what the hell, huh? She was getting older- she was almost 22- and wasn’t married, now spending her time drinking cheap beer in seedy bars, looking for casual sex from all the wrong kinds of men.

“Well, be a gentleman, hah?” she asked the man. “Lie me down on the floor.” She quickly slurped down her remaining beer in seven great swallows and slammed the mug down. The man beside her laughed, drained his glass as well, and set it gently down. When he stood he was slightly wobbly, and she remembered that he had been drinking more than she. Hopefully he wouldn’t drop her.

By this time the snake had swallowed her legs to mid calf, sliding it’s scaly lips up her body. Her feet were held tightly but comfortably in the throat of the beast that was swallowing her alive, and her legs felt wonderful inside the mouth and throat. Now she wished she had been swallowed whole and alive by a snake a long time ago. It was kind of nice. Too bad about the death and digestion part, but that wouldn’t happen for a while.

She belched loudly as the man grabbed her around the upper chest, under the armpits, and hefted her upwards. Both she and the man laughed at her little faux pax, but she laughed a lot longer afer the man was done. Oh my, she thought. I think I might actually be panicking a little.

He lay her as gently as his state would allow, clonking her head only a little. The snake had by this time swallowed her up to her knees and she struggled to hold onto her spinning mind. By closing her eyes and concentrating on the sensation of her lower legs deep in the throat of the snake that was swallowing her whole and entire she was able to calm herself down.

“Just pull my skirt off over my head,” she said to the man as he swayed above her. “I won’t be needing it where I’m going.”

As the man fumbled clumsily in her crotch, grabbing the hem of the skirt, she was already pulling off the tubetop that restrained her full, firm breasts. In just seconds, she was now totally nude, excluding the part of her, from the mid-thigh down, that was inside the throat of the hungry snake swallowing her alive. It was really feeling super nice for her legs- tight and hot and moist. She couldn’t wait to feel it as the snake swallowed her cunt!

As the snake continued swallowing her whole and alive, she closed her eyes and began to gently masturbate, teasing herself and building a warm feeling in her lower abdomen. She had shaved her pubic hair into a small heart 2 inches above her silky vaginal lips and was very sensitive to all pleasant touch. In a moment she felt something warm and moist close around a nipple even as the nose of the snake inched closer to her pussy. She opened one eye and looked, and it was the anonymous man whose snake was swallowing her whole, entire, and alive, sucking on her breast. She smiled, closed her eyes, enjoying the sensation as the man began to knead her large, soft breasts as he suckled.

As the lips of the snake inched upward, she felt the nose of the snake bump her hand. The corners of it’s mouth were still below her shaved crotch, and it wasn’t long before her crotch was inside the mouth of the beast.

Her orgasm was building and her hands worked harder and faster on her wet and glistening cunt. Fingers were sliding in and out of her, her other fingers sliding and rubbing and touching, and the man was kneading both of her breasts hard, the way she liked it, and sucking each nipple in turn. The snake swallowed again and as it’s rough upper lip scraped across her engorged clitoris, she screamed in orgasm, wave after wave, eyes closed and back arching.

The orgasm was exhausting, and she blanked out for a time; not passing out, rather, just unaware of her surroundings and the passing of time as she recovered. When she finally opened her eyes again and remembered that she was being eaten alive by a snake, it had swallowed her quite deep. The snake’s nose was between her breasts, pushing them to either side, with the corners of it’s mouth now at the base of her ribs.

“Oh,” she said. “My.”

“Not much time left,” said the man who’d been pawing her breasts as the snake was eating her. “So we need to hurry.”

She spent a moment wondering what he meant before he grabbed her head at the ears and pulled her head back. This pulled her mouth open, both from force and by surprise, and the man thrust his engorged cock into her mouth and began fucking her mouth and throat vigorously. Luckily for the both of them, she didn’t have much of a gag reflex as his cock was quite long and thick. Still, she thought this behaviour was quite rude- he could have asked, she would have said yes. As it was, his balls kept slapping into her eyes as he fucked her face.

The man finally came down her throat, pushing his hips hard against her mouth to get as deep as possible, his hairy balls resting on her eyelids, trembling. Gush after gush of hot cum squirted down her throat. By this time the nose of the snake was touching her chin, the man’s thrusting cock actually inside the snake’s mouth as well.

She knew there wasn’t much time left.

And then the final moments had come- with her head at the back of the snake’s mouth, she was watching as the jaws slowly closed, the snake throat holding her entire body tightly and her feet tight against the snake’s stomach sphincter, the sliver of light from the outside world getting smaller and smaller. Then with an audible snap the jaws shut and she was in darkness- swallowed whole and entire, and soon to be slowly digested alive. She found this to be a tremendously exciting idea and wished she could masturbate again. Maybe when she was being held in the hot, wet enclosure of the stomach sac.

Hard contractions of the snake’s throat, as it continued swallowing her alive, slid her into the stomach of the beast- the stomach sphincter sliding up and over her entire body- hard enough to hurt as she was wedged into the stomach. And then it was all done but the shouting (and screaming, and struggling to survive as the acidic juices reduced her to a thick stream of slimy nutrients).

At the moment, however, it was kind of nice- the stomach was slightly smaller than her body, even with her coiled into a tight fetal position, and it was comfortably tight against her naked skin. It was hot inside the snake’s body- she was sweating but it was a nice sweat, like being in a sauna. Which was a good thought, since the stomach lining was very moist against her. She knew that at any moment the stomach acids would begin to flow and start melting her into easily transported nutrients, but right now she was happy. There wasn’t much air in the belly with her and already the air was getting a little stale but that was to be expected- snake’s were not air permeable after all.

In her curled position, arms between her legs, breasts smooshed against her thighs and chin, she could still reach the clean shaved cleft between her legs and she began to “polish the silver”; the warm feeling that had not left her began to build again. She started to pant, and felt herself lubing up again- although that was pointless- inside a snake’s tummy there was no penis to enter her moist cunt, thrusting hard and deep, harder and faster, balls slapping against her ass cheeks and legs up, thighs on her chest as that cock fucked her, just fucked her hard, and oh! Oh! Sweet motherfucking jesus keep fucking me- just OH MY GOD.

Panting the thin stale air, she felt the moist stomach lining becoming less pleasantly wet, starting to sting. That orgasm had been stronger than the last one and it had nearly made her pass out. But now the acids were really flowing and her skin was burning- hurting bad. Her eyes were shut tight to protect her eyeballs as long as possible… but when acids ran into her upturned ear and began to digest her eardrum, the pain was nearly intolerable. She kept panting, breathing the stale, stinging wet air but drops of acidic juices were flowing into her open mouth and she began screaming now, screaming with the last of her air from the horrible, horrible pain… one eyelid open and her eyesocket burning as if a blowtorch were pressed against her face.

Bodily orifices were trying to resist the pain and freely flowing digestive juices but it was no hope- her air was running out and her lungs were filling with burning liquid. And finally, mercifully, she was gone- her systems too starved for oxygen and trying to resist the shock of the burning agony. In five minutes there was no real life in her at all… Now she was just female human meat being digested by a hungry snake.

* * *

The man who owned the snake that had eaten the young woman alive was sitting on his bar stool, drinking yet another beer. Good thing he wasn’t driving tonight- walking home would be difficult enough. No one else in the bar had been particularly interested as the snake had swallowed the blonde bitch whole and entire and was now digesting her. They saw it all the time- every happy hour at least three or four women were swallowed and digested.

She had stopped struggling now- obviously she was dead now. No longer a person, just a corpse in a snake stomach. Soon to be nothing but waste products and bones, ejected somewhere out of the way.

He finished his beer and stood shakily, swaying. At last, somewhat sure of his footing he signaled to the snake. Starting toward the door he didn’t even look as the snake followed him, belly full, and slithering slowly. There was a hot pad back at the apartment where the snake could coil up, and finishing digesting it’s meal of woman.



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  1. You might try the DGF … it’s a Cann site, specifically Dolcett-related, but occasional Vore pieces have appeared, even snake vore (I think that was from Ay-Wun, a couple of years ago), but there have been worm or bug vore, plant vore, alien vore (try “Midnight Snack” by Clemstra … one of the finest pieces of vore writing I’ve run across), and probably others. In fact, I’m pretty sure I remember another snake vore story that had all the girls squirming, but I can’t remember the name or author. So, anyway, try ’em out … I think you’re registered there, aren’t you?

    Comment by der Wandersmann | September 22, 2007 | Reply

  2. Great website. Are you trying to reach my warm demeanor Wanna joke?) Why do elephants trumpet? They don’t know how to play the violin.

    Comment by domiveide | October 26, 2008 | Reply

  3. nice one anne 🙂

    Comment by Slayer | February 24, 2011 | Reply

  4. I’ve never really been a fan of this story. It feels airy, and full of holes. Don’t get me wrong, the writing style you have is good, but the plot for this story is a bit less than believable and the events within the story aren’t much better.

    Comment by RainyDanger | February 27, 2014 | Reply

    • Is this an actual post? Are you an actual person? The questions and statements you make are very disconnected to the actual story I have posted. You feel very… bot-like. Weird.

      Comment by anne2snakie | February 27, 2014 | Reply

      • Sorry, must be my ISTP showing. I am real, to clarify. Long-time vore fan, but this story has always managed to get my figurative panties in a twist. It’s unsettling, in a fashion.

        Comment by RainyDanger | February 27, 2014

  5. Golly, this is still one of my favorite stories!

    Comment by heromc | December 28, 2014 | Reply

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