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Chatted With ssfsdelta911 Last Night

We hit it off rather well this time. Fact is, had we been at a party, or met at a friends place, we would have ended up fucking in a bathroom or coat closet- my legs in the air, scratching his back while he nailed me hard.

Point being, this could have been any of you fucking me in a coat closet chatting with me with any chat program. I like fucking strangers chatting with people, I get lonely especially with Rudy in the hospital like he is.

I miss Rudy. First of all, he’s my best friend and my lover, and he’s in the hospital and he’s been there for forever it seems like, since the 17th. And just before he went into the hospital he had turned into a randy bastard big time- he’s got a magic tongue, he has, and he rather likes spending time with his face between my legs.  Many many orgasms, let me tell you. And even though he’s got his cardiac problems, he’d been banging me pretty hard with his cock as well.  I mention these rather private things 🙂 only because he fucked me hard more in the last week before he had to go into the hospital than he had the previous year and a half.


May 27, 2012 Posted by | Sexually excited, Today My Husband Fucked Me | 7 Comments

Today I Spread My Legs

and my husband fucked me hard.

God DAMN it’s been too long!

(me is gloriously, wonderously happy right now)

February 1, 2010 Posted by | Today My Husband Fucked Me | 4 Comments


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