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Women Swallowed Alive By Snakes

Tina Stood On The Deck Of The Boat.

It was a big fish- five and a half feet long, three feet from base of it’s belly to the top of it’s body, the dorsal fin adding another few inches.  It was longer than she was tall. In fact, the whole fish was bigger than she was. Tina stood  only five foot two in heels and weighed in at one hundred thirty five when soaking wet and butt-naked. She wasn’t fat- she was slim, almost thin, but busty enough it took her weight from 85 to 135. She had long ago understood she would never see her feet again without a mirror- each twenty five pound breast was over twice the size of her head.

Those fucking tits are HUGE

Tina in her bikini top.

The fish was slowly gasping in the early morning air. Her husband, Chad, had caught the fish when the sun had just broken the horizon at the ungodly hour of four in the morning. Right now he was taking a nap in the cabin; the boat, while not a luxury yacht, did have most of the necessities of home in it’s twenty five foot length. Including their wonderful Queen Size bed with memory foam mattress. Sigh. Tina thought back wistfully on the bed. Maybe she should go take a nap with Chad, maybe wake him up after a half hour or so, then smother him with sex.

Tina rather liked sex a whole lot. If Chad’s hard penis wasn’t somewhere in her body several hours a day she felt lonely. She liked vaginal sex the best (that’s where her clitoris was, after all, right there where the action was), but also felt great pleasure in hours of hard oral sex, with Chad forcefully fucking her face and throat. When Chad spent time making love to her breasts it was also good- when her breasts were coated in multiple applications of semen she felt at peace with the world. Anal sex left her wild, like an animal, Chad’s prong deep in her colon. She even liked giving him a simple handjob- a handful of semen made for a quick lickable snack. Luckily for her, Chad also enjoyed burying his face in her crotch as well, tonguing her clean shaven vulva with great skill, leaving her gasping and unable to move as she rode wave after wave of wonderful orgasm.

She bent down, her breasts pulling her off balance but she was very used to that by now, automatically adjusting her stance to compensate for their fifty pound weight. The side of the fish was slick and cold, kind of slimy feeling and yet leaving no residue on her hands when she brought them off it’s side. Poor fish. It had been fighting hard when Chad woke her up, yelling, earlier that morning. Now it just lay there, trying to breathe air, the wound in it’s lip and jaw still oozing fish blood. The great set of hooks had caught in the poor beast’s jaw when it took the bait- it couldn’t have escaped without tearing it’s entire lower jaw off. No chance of that, the fishes will to live wouldn’t allow it to simple attempt to pull it’s jaw off to swim away.

She lay down next to the poor cold fish, holding one arm against it’s side. What would a fish think? Did fish think? Even though it was slowly suffocating in the air, it had snapped at the bait offered. Poor hungry fish. She rubbed one hand against the fishes lip. It too was slick, cold. But not scaly, not hard or unpleasant. No teeth inside the fish mouth either, she thought. Tina lay on the deck in the morning sunshine, the sun warm, the deck wet. The longer she lay against the fish on the deck, the more she felt bad for the poor thing. Suffocating. Hungry. Lonely and dying on the boat.

I wonder, she thought. It’s dying anyway, and it’s feeling so bad here on the deck. And it’s so big. I wonder what it would feel like. She ran her hand down the side of the fish again. “And if Chad comes out while I’m with the fish, he can either help or just watch,” she said to herself and the fish. Odds were the fish didn’t understand, however.

Tina stood up and reached behind her back, grabbing the ties behind her. With a tug, her bikini pulled off and her breasts were suddenly gloriously free. The sun felt good on her breasts, felt good on their semen soaked skin. She hooked her thumbs in her microkini bottom and stepped out of it, the cloth hardly enough to cover a postage stamp. And now she was naked, as she enjoyed being so much.

“Okay Mr. Fish,” she said to the slowly gasping fish on the boat. “I want you to feel a little better before you die. I know you are hungry or you wouldn’t have tried eating the colored hook. So here’s what we’re going to do.” She knelt before the fish, vulva gaping between her legs. “I’m going to slide down your throat and into your tummy. You’ll have the pleasure of having a full tummy as you die. That’s better than dying so uncomfortably. After you’re dead, I’ll climb back out, don’t worry.” The fish lay on the deck, mouth opening and shutting slowly as it suffocated. It’s eyes stared without moving, slowly drying in the sunshine.

She looked at the fish face, wondering which way would be best to slide into the fish. Head first would give her the benefit of grabbing things with her arms so she could pull herself into the fish stomach if she had to. But if she went in feet first, she could easily grab things to slide back out when it was time. Well, what the heck. She made her way to the fish’s mouth, knelt down before it on her knees. She grabbed the fish’s jaws, one hand on the upper, one hand on the lower, and pulled. The fish’s mouth opened easily, like it was actually trying to help her. When the fish’s mouth was open as wide as it would go, open easily a foot and a half from top of upper lip to bottom of lower lip she bent down and pushed her arms into the fish mouth to the elbow.

“This might be tough,” she muttered. “My boobs are in the way.” She leaned forward until her breasts were in the fish mouth along with her arms to the elbow. “Well, you’re eating my boobs,” she laughed. “Now we just have to get the rest of me in there.” When she leaned her body back, her breasts rocked forward, up her chest, until the fish lip was at her forehead. “Oh, a little further,” she said. Her breasts were sliding backward, almost out of the fish mouth. She quickly pushed her head downward and shoved forward with her hips and with a wet SQUELCH her head slid past the upper jaw and now her upper body was in the fish mouth. Her entire upper body, down to her elbows, was in the mouth of the fish.

“Gotta get into the throat,” she muttered to herself. The inside of the fish was still cold and wet, the fish heart beating quickly deeper inside. The mouth of the fish was pressing on her body as it tried to breathe air instead of water, it’s gills trying to process oxygen in a totally foreign environment. She pushed her arms deeper into the fish and there was the tunnel at the back of the fish mouth. If she could just grab and pull, she could push with her feet and slide in. One arms forward deeper, the other following. Nothing to actually grab onto with her fingers, but she could still brace and push, like… this! She felt the slimy mouth and throat of the fish envelope her further as she slid deeper into the fish.

She could feel the sunshine shining on her bare buttocks as she pulled herself down the throat of the fish, feeding herself to the fish, entering the stomach of the fish. Her lean strong legs pushed at the slick deck of the boat. Her pert buttocks would part, her cute puckered anus flashing, her birth canal pushing open as she struggled to enter the fish.  If Chad could find her like this, he’d probably bury his mighty prong into either of her inviting holes and the thought made her happy and wet, lubing her up for penetration. But she didn’t feel his body on hers as she pulled herself deeper, her tight ass following the rest of her body into the fish.

Her hands had pushed through a tight sphincter up past her head, a twist coming up she’d have to work past. But there it was, the fish stomach. She could curl up in there for a while, maybe take a nap, as the poor fish died. At least it wouldn’t be hungry anymore. It’s die with a full tummy, and then she could slide her way back out. It made her feel like a humanitarian, really. She pulled and pushed, her arms sliding into the stomach of the fish.

It must have been a very hungry fish, she thought as she slid deeper into the body of the dying fish. She could feel her knees enter the fish mouth as she pulled herself in deeper. Soon she’d be entirely inside the fish, though not in it’s stomach yet. She could feel nothing inside the stomach of the fish. No bodies of other fish, no indigestible bits, nothing at all. Poor empty, hungry fish. Her head was against the fish stomach sphincter and she pushed until her arms and head were inside the fish’s stomach. Her body down to her knees were in the fish’s throat, her calves and feet in the fish’s mouth. Just keep pulling, she’d get in there…

She passed the tipping point and suddenly the swallowing motion of the fish pulled her into the fish. The stomach sphincter slid quickly down her waist and she curled her arms and upper body to make it more comfortable inside the stomach of the fish. She braced her feet on the lip of the fish and pushed. Her ass slid into the stomach of the fish, her legs in the throat. Almost all the way in… She curled her body up tight and tugged on her legs as she pulled, And then, just like that, the stomach sphincter slid down her legs and past her feet and POP. She was now curled up entirely within the stomach of the dying fish on the desk of the boat.

It was dark and wet and cold inside the stomach of the fish. The could feel and hear the quick heartbeat of the fish as it struggled to live, trying to breathe what was, to it, a total vacuum. She felt so sorry for the poor fish. At least now, with her inside the stomach of the fish, it wouldn’t feel so painfully hungry. True, she wasn’t going to actually be digested, turned into a thick nutrient paste, her body distributed around the body of the fish to keep it alive at her expense… But the fish would feel, at least, the pleasure of a full bulging tummy.

She pushed a hand up through the stomach sphincter to test continued air supply. It wouldn’t do to suffocate inside the stomach of the fish as it suffocated on the deck of the boat! That would be both silly and sad. And when her hand pushed through she was rewarded with a great puff of air. The fish wasn’t trying to send air into it’s stomach, but as it puffed and gulped, air made it down deep into the fish innards. Poor fish.

Curled into a fetal position inside the stomach of the fish, she was actually getting warmer. It was no longer so cold inside the stomach of the fish. It didn’t feel so bad to be swallowed whole by a fish! she thought and giggled. She sighed happily as the stomach sac contracted around her, tightly but not painfully so. She could still move, take her arms into any position she wanted, but it was obvious that the stomach was getting ready to digest her alive. Too bad the fish would have died long before it could even start to digest her. Poor fish.

She pushed her hand into the sphincter and filled the crevices and cracks around her with air. She was kind of tired. Maybe just a little nap inside the stomach of the fish, let it feel happy with a tummy full of naked woman, with a meal of nude female, with it’s stomach stuffed with living woman flesh. She’d crawl out after the poor fish had suffocated. She fell asleep, her hand caught in the sphincter and ensuring a constant stream of good fresh air.


Chat yawned as he wandered onto the deck of his boat. The fish was still gasping for air though much weaker now. “Oh shit,” said Chad. “I forgot about the fish.” It didn’t matter how big the fish was- this was catch and release season. Even if he’d never seen such a big fat fish before in his life, he still had to let it go after he caught it.

“Tina,” he yelled, looking for his wife. The wind continued gusting around him, momentarily catching a scrap of red something on his shoe. He kicked it off and it blew away on the wind. “Fucking pollution is everywhere,” he muttered. “Bottles and plastic filling the water, plastic and fabric filling the air. Tina, you in the head?”

Oh hell. Nothing but silence. Had she fallen overboard? He never heard a yell and he was a light sleeper. “Tina!” he yelled, louder. He quickly searched the boat from the top to the bottom and nothing.

The fish was barely gasping now. “God damn it, can’t have two deaths on my head,” he said. He was coming to grips with the fact that Tina must have fallen overboard. And in seas like this, you were either rescued quickly, or you died quickly. He knelt and braced on the fish, then pushed the fat fish forward. He didn’t remember the fish being this fat when he caught it, or so heavy, but right now he wasn’t thinking clearly. It might have been painted green with flashing lights and he wouldn’t remember it clearly at the moment. He watched the fish sink slowly for a second. But then the fish gasped water a few more times, then, rejuvenated, quickly and powerfully swam away.

“My wife may have drowned while I slept,” he muttered, tears running down his cheeks. “But at least you can live.” He watched the waters of the sea for a while then walked heavily to the cabin. He had some radio calls to make. Even as his own heart was breaking, he still had to tell her parents that Tina had fallen overboard and drowned.

Caught on a hook on the side of the ship, far from any visible points inside the craft, a red bikini top fluttered. The wind pulled at it for another hour or so before it was pulled off. It drifted away on a gust before being plucked from the air by a wave. Then, under water, it floated away.

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  1. well Chad….You fucked up….;{

    Comment by ssfsdelta911 | May 12, 2012 | Reply

  2. that was pretty good, your last two stories have been different from the norm I thought it was funny

    Comment by Matt | May 13, 2012 | Reply

  3. Awesome work! 😀

    Comment by thecountalucard666 | May 13, 2012 | Reply

  4. Aside from guessing the ending, I liked it. In some ways it reminds me of the old days and the stories you wrote back then.

    Comment by Falsdoon | May 19, 2012 | Reply

    • Well, it’s usually easy enough to guess the endings to my vore stories… hot chick with huge boobs ends up digested alive in animal tummy 🙂 The way God intended 🙂

      Comment by anne2snakie | May 20, 2012 | Reply

      • Actually I was talking about where the fish gets released with a full belly. Aside from the obvious endings we also know the butler did it. 🙂

        Comment by Falsdoon | May 20, 2012

  5. Hey, Anne. Glad to know you’re still out there making such amazing stories. Long time fan, was concerned when you disappeared from your snake-lovers site for so long.

    Comment by Greggory | May 21, 2012 | Reply

    • I am just glad that the fellow/fellowette who runs the server that hosts my site believed in me enough to keep my site running through those lean years. Now I’ve been working on it big time, things are looking up!

      Comment by anne2snakie | May 21, 2012 | Reply

      • Very glad to hear it. I hope as things continue to improve, you get back into your usual playful style. Love reading your work.

        Comment by Greggory | May 21, 2012

      • I just hope you enjoy reading all of my stuff- the dark stories, the semi-serious stories, and the playful stories. I go through phases. Right now I’m trying to bring myself Out of the darker phase- I dun’t like where my head is head in these stories. And while they are still good stories and some people like them, it’s just kinda nasty in my head when I’m there.

        Comment by anne2snakie | May 21, 2012

      • I like when your in the dark Phase…I really hope you do that one I requested 😀 I look forward to that day. Also Im on MSN during the nights, to get an idea what my time zone is like Im Canada Central. Ontario

        Comment by ssfsdelta911 | May 21, 2012

      • Hey, I’m happy to help you work your way out of your dark phase, give you a place to indulge in your playful spirit.

        Comment by Greggory | May 21, 2012

  6. Very much enjoyed the story. Glad to hear things are looking up.

    Comment by Scharfichter | May 23, 2012 | Reply

  7. a long time fan here aswell, great stories. keep it up!

    Comment by fletcher | May 27, 2012 | Reply

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