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“There Better Be Room In There Because I’m Coming In!”

One Hungry Cunt 

Jenna pushed harder, feeling the lips of Marcy’s soft fragrant pussy slide up her arms. She knew that Marcy’s pussy wasn’t truly a soft flesh tunnel with no end- it would only feel that way. Marcy’s womb was not big enough to safely hold a truck- the rest of her body wouldn’t be able to stretch enough to hold it.  But as she felt Marcy’s pussy take her arms in up to the elbow, all these thoughts were simply moot. That Marcy would take a fully grown woman, larger than she was, up her cunt and hold her there in her uterus, was simply amazing.

“I know what you’re thinking,” whispered Marcy as Jenna watched Marcy’s pussy gape wide as she shoved harder, her arms almost up to the shoulder inside Marcy’s birth canal. Her beautiful pink cunt gaped open almost a foot and a half wide now, moist and warm. The smell of her arousal was intoxicating, and Jenna’s own cunt was wet. “How can I take a full grown woman into my cunt? How?” She smiled as Jenna continued pushing, her head inside the wet pink tunnel leading deep into her body.

Jenna’s arms were deep inside Marcy, her hands held together and tightly clasped by the inner tunnel of Marcy’s cunt. Her head was between her upper arms, and Marcy’s soft inner and outer pussy lips clasped her upper body tightly just below the shoulders. She could feel the little button of Marcy’s clit rubbing down her back as she slid into Marcy’s pussy. She almost didn’t need to  push- she could feel Marcy’s cunt pulling at her, sucking in her body, swallowing her. She smiled inside Marcy’s cunt at the comforting thought of being swallowed by Marcy’s hungry cunt.

Marcy was busy massaging her stretched vaginal opening, easing Jenna’s passage into her. She spent a lot of time on her clit because the whole thing felt so good, so good. It wasn’t like being fucked, not at all. Pulling Jenna into her body vaginally was a new kind of sexual pleasure. She gasped as Jenna’s breasts eased into the moist tunnel of her birth canal. Jenna’s arms, technically, should have been stretched up past her head, and yet nothing of the sort was happening. Jenna was not easing past her bowel, was not invading her chest. Her body was not crushing her lungs, destroying her heart, pushing up her throat and out of her mouth in a bloody spray. Nothing of the sort. Instead, she was simply being eased gently up and through Marcy’s vagina, soon to be cradled in the soft sac of her uterus.

Watching Jenna slide into her vulva was an awe inspiring thing. Marcy’s legs were lifted as if she were sitting in a chair, legs spread at a 45 degree angle, her sex hole stretched wide enough to encircle the belly of Jenna. Jenna’s own cunt was approaching , and the thought of her cunt swallowing Jenna’s cunt brought another wave of pleasure through her- orgasm was close. She continued pleasing her clit, running her fingers around the flesh of her sex mouth. Rhythmic muscle ripples kept Jenna sliding through her vulva, up her vagina, and closer to her cervix.

Marcy knew that she would take Jenna’s own almost six foot frame up her wet cunt before Jenna’s hands slid through her cervix and began the trip into her womb. And yet, Marcy would be able to stand and look at herself in the mirror and her body would be basically unchanged- her pussy lips would be red, swollen, abused, yes. Her belly might bulge a trifle, but not a lot. No one would know, by looking, that Marcy had swallowed a full grown woman with her cunt.

As Marcy’s pussy lips stretched even wider, taking Jenna’s pelvis and hips into her, she began to tease and please Jenna’s cunt. It was only fair, after all. If she was going to take Jenna’s cunt into her cunt, she might as well make it a happy cunt. And by the way  Jenna’s hips and legs began to tremble and shake as Marcy played her lips, clit, and wet hole like a prized instrument, Jenna’s cunt was a very happy cunt indeed.

As her red, swollen inner and outer lips began sliding down Jenna’s thighs, taking the taller woman deep into her  vagina, Marcy began to feel somewhat sad. Sure, swallowing a woman with her pussy was a thing wonderful in itself, but once it was done it was… over. She would never feel Jenna slide through her cervix and into her uterus. She would never feel Jenna curl into a comfortable fetal position within the warm, wet sac of her uterus. Most of the good feelings were almost over- there was no real feeling a few inches past the opening of the vagina… well, in her case right now, thought Marcy, a few FEET past the opening of her vagina. Certainly, the feeling of stretched vaginal fullness would linger for a time and that was a wonderful feeling in itself.

She watched her outer lips slide down Jenna’s feet, until just Jenna’s toes wiggled, then with a gentle SLURP and a POP, Jenna was gone. Her five foot 10 inch frame sucked bodily up Marcy’s hungry cunt. She played with her abused sexual parts for another moment, rewarded with her fifteenth orgasm since she’d began swallowing Jenna with her cunt. Then she lay back on the sofa, very tired. Let Jenna slide up my vagina, she thought sleepily. Let her pass through my cervix, and let my uterus take her in. I am happy, I am sleepy.


May 6, 2012 - Posted by | Hungry Cunts Swallowing Women


  1. Impressive. 😉

    Comment by thecountalucard666 | May 7, 2012 | Reply

  2. well that is quiet the erotic unbirthing story. Thats for sure 🙂

    Comment by ssfsdelta911 | May 7, 2012 | Reply

  3. i thought you might like to see fisting anne

    Comment by john | May 11, 2012 | Reply

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