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Almost Done! Diamond & Denfall, Part Almost Done :)

All done but the shouting! But I thought I’d get this out there for all my friends 🙂 Enjoy, I hope!





Jet Diamond closed his eyes and hissed quietly in irritation. Every time he got close to the ‘zone’ there was another interruption and BANG back to real life. It was hard to concentrate as it was, he was so hungry. Terrified to eat anyone, Diamond was slowly wasting away, his skin getting looser on his body.

The knock on the door came again, louder, and Jet hissed louder, shaking his head. This action flipped his glasses on their hinge and the lenses fall over his eyes. “Come in,” he yelled. Dammit, he didn’t have any appointments today. Or this week. Or at all, anywhere, any more. His reputation ruined, his career in shambles; each day his only pleasure in life was another day past in which he didn’t go to jail.

It was impossible to live this way.

The cheap particle board door swung slowly open and the bright light in the hall dazzled Jet’s eyes enough he couldn’t see who his visitor or visitors were. “Come in,” he repeated. As a reptilian being, serpent in particular, Jet’s eyes were only adequate at best. His real organ of detection was his sensitive tongue. He kept it flickering in the direction of the doorway as his guests, plural, entered. His tongue detected the smell and taste of a man, Hightower, and another person. No, not a person- a woman. Food. The taste was delicious and familiar. And she drew closer and Jet could see from the absolutely immense flash globes on her chest it was- Dr. Denfall. Here to torment him further? But why was Hightower with her then?

“Dr. Hightower, Dr. Denfall,” he said as they stood before his desk. “Please, take a seat the two of you.” He ducked his snout toward 2 plush chairs behind them. He had been told by many human beings that they were very comfortable. He’d only eaten half of those people afterward; the food ones. The women.

Dr. Denfall kept her stance in front of the desk while Dr. Hightower awkwardly pulled on his pant legs and waistband before sitting, tugging and tucking his shirt afterward. Dr. Denfall kept her arms at her side, one hand holding a manila folder, the only clothing on her body being her glasses. Her nipples were hard, scrunched tight in obvious sexual excitement. Her vulva was flushed red, eager for penetration; Dr. Denfall was one of the very few women of the world who, when sexually excited, became so wet her vaginal fluids would run in rivulets down her inner legs- and right now she had the beginnings of a puddle going.

“Dr. Diamond, I have something I have to say and I am ashamed, embarrassed, and so very sorry I have to do this. I am so very sorry for my poor behavior. I let my grief over the loss of my friend confuse me; I forgot that as women we are food first, people second. I believe this is part of the reason so many other species of the world have turned to eating women, turned to swallowing them whole and digesting them alive. It’s because even as we remember that we are food, so is the rest of the world remembering. It’s not a plague or some terrible change, simply food being eaten because it is food.

“Please,” said Dr. Denfall as she set the folder on Diamonds desk, opening it and setting the papers on the desk to Diamond could read them all easily. “These are all letters, witnessed by Dr. Hightower and notarized. I have written the police, my lawyers, all the local institutions I have used and apologized to each of them for wasting their time. I retract all claims and charges. These,” she said as she set out new letters for him to look at, “are letters to every journal or magazine that I have ever written, and those I have not, retracting every statement I have ever made and apologizing for my actions. This is the very least I can do to show my regret over my actions.

“I am also telling you this. Dr. Diamond, please, I mean this sincerely. Swallow me whole, digest me alive. I am not only food for you, I am food that is so very sorry for every horrible thing she has ever done. I am food, Dr. Diamond. I am a woman. I am food. Women were put on this earth to be eaten by snakes. And snakes were put on this earth to eat women. Please, Dr. Diamond. Eat me.”

Dr. Denfall took off her glasses and lay on the floor on her back. Arms beside her, gigantic firm breasts rolling to either side of her rib cage and still those huge tits met at her middle. They towered over her face. Denfall knew when she lay on her back like this that, from above, she looked like the legs of a woman below, and just two gigantic tits on top.

Jet Diamond looked down at the nude woman on his floor, her eyes closed and her hands at work in her crotch. He looked at Hightower who simply waved a hand down at the nude woman, saying “Bon’ appetit’,” as he did so. Oh, where to start, where to start. Jet loved swallowing women whole either way, head first or feet first. He’d swallowed a few women ass first, their bodies bent at the middle and ankles around their necks. One woman he’d swallowed hands and feet first in this position, stopping when just her ass and wet gaping cunt were barely unswallowed. He’d allowed a friend and fellow human scientist to fuck the woman’s cunt in his mouth for a few days, finally swallowing her down when she was so full of semen she overflowed, hitting the two gallon mark.

In the end he decided to start at her feet. That allowed her to come to him wet cunt first and that meant his tongue had a nice place to visit for a while. Tasty, tight, and warm.

He slipped her feet into his mouth and he smiled as she gasped a little. He swallowed slowly, savoring the feet of her warm, silky soft legs slid slowly into his mouth and down his throat. His lips stretched tighter as he swallowed her deeper into him. Her legs were getting thicker as he brought her hips closer. Her feet inched slowly deeper into him, slow swallow by slow swallow. Her knees entered his mouth, tip of his snout over both, and yet the sides of his mouth were still down at mid calf. Both of her hands were still busy, one hand working her clit and the other hand piercing her tight wet hole with the fingers and thumb of her other hand. She stiffened again as another orgasm rolled through her. Her legs were still bent at hip and knee though she would have to straighten out very soon as he swallowed her deeper.

When her hips slid into his mouth and her delicious smelling and wonderfully tasting cunt and ass grew closer, Jet’s tongue pushed her fingers aside and he took over. His tongue was magic, his technique flawless. His forked tongue teased and tortured her erect, throbbing clitoris driving into multiple orgasm after multiple orgasm with little chance to breathe between them. He entered her birth canal with his tongue, grinding her G spot and pushing at her vaginal walls. She came again from the vaginal penetration and manipulation, then again as his tongue merely flicked her clit and drove her into instant clitoral orgasm. At last, limp and insensate in his mouth, she could only lay and pant.

He swallowed her inch by inch until his snout was between her gigantic tits, nose at the base of her throat and his lower jaw on her neck. Her arms pushed upward like a diver, and her tits rolled over and covered her face. She knew that she looked like the snake was swallowing two gigantic pillow tits and not a woman but that was ok. As long as she was swallowed whole and digested alive like the food she knew she was it was all going to be A-OK.



Next time- DONE!



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  1. Been waiting so long for this to happen. Does he get to keep her this time ?
    Hope he gets to eat a few more women .

    Comment by clint | October 28, 2014 | Reply

  2. Hope he spits her out. Deny her to be food

    Comment by Martin | October 28, 2014 | Reply

  3. Great to see you finishing this story Anne. It’s been one of my favorite stories you’ve been write. I know you wont do this, but I feel Dr. Diamond should finish swallowing down Dr. Downfall, but only keep her down for a while. As punishment to her for treating him so bad he spits her back out into a leather/latex bondage suit that keeps her arms ands legs bond keeping her bond and helpless. She can now only watch as Dr. Diamond swallowes and digest other girls, he letting her know she will never know the feeling of being swallowed or digested alive again.
    Anne your to nice to torture a girl like that so I know Dr Danfall is going to be swallowed and digested. A one way trip.

    Comment by Blackrain | October 28, 2014 | Reply

  4. nice to see you finishing this, I though Hightower might have shagged dr denfall first though

    Comment by ken | November 5, 2014 | Reply

    • There’s always time for a mouth fuck in Anne’s stories 🙂

      Comment by Falsdoon | November 7, 2014 | Reply

  5. might be interesting.

    Comment by clint | November 6, 2014 | Reply

  6. Very “moving”, we’ll leave it at that. 🙂

    Comment by Falsdoon | November 7, 2014 | Reply

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