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WordPress Ate A Story Post Of Mine :(

Mother pus bucket.  Well, let’s try this again 😦


“Oh, the way you humans name things so impossible. It doesn’t make sense.” The individual behind the counter was spitting the words in frustration, driven to expression of the frustration they were feeling.

“Hey, man,” said Tammy, lifting a hand as she spoke. “Sorry. You’re not going to kill us or eat us are you?”

The man behind the counter stopped moving, only looking into her eyes for a few long seconds. Then the palpable air of danger drained away and the individual behind the counter was just a little old man again. “No,” he said finally, smiling. “No, of course not. We human beings don’t eat each other, do we?” He blinked a few times, lips still moving, before the words started again, a bare whisper. “No, no we don’t. Must remember that. Getting too greedy.”

“If you’re not going to, like, swallow us or something,” said Tammy’s younger friend Kathy. She sounded somewhat disappointed as she spoke. “Which you totally could if you wanted, I wouldn’t mind at all. You could swallow me whole and digest me alive, it’s okay.” She began unbuttoning her blouse, fully exposing her very large, very full braless bare breasts. Her nipples were scrunched up hard. It took another half second to shimmy out of her skirt and she wasn’t wearing anything beneath it; her vulva was clean shaven, her lips pouting and moist. She walked naked around the counter, pressing her body against the man and holding her breasts around his head. Each of her firm breasts was many times larger than both of their heads put together. “You can slide me down your throat and into that stomach of yours. Digest me alive. Please.”

“Human- human beings like me don’t go swallowing nude young women. If- if I did swallow swallow nude young women, and then digest them alive, you are the exact kind of human being I would swallow. I would swallow you whole. I would digest you alive.” He was sweating, partly because Kathy had lain on her back, spread her legs and used them to grab him and pulled him against her, grinding his face against her vulva so that most of his words were spoken directly up her  gaping birth canal- the same vulva that was pulling open, the same labia pulling wide, the opening of her vagina sucking at his face and head until his head was deep inside of her wet and dripping cunt. That was of course the second reason he was sweating so much- no matter how exciting it was to be swallowed whole and alive by Kathy’s cunt, he was, of course, being swallowed whole and alive by Kathy’s cunt. Her belly was pulsing, pulling, bringing him deeper and deeper up her cunt. Soon she had cunt swallowed him entirely as she screamed in multiple orgasm; he was swallowed entirely by her cunt and was now being digested by Kathy’s uterus.

“One day,” murmured Kathy as she  came slowly back to Earth. “One day I will swallow the world with my cunt.”

“Individually, or,” said Tammy as she knelt by the sweating Kathy. She opened her legs and pushed her thumbs into her red, wet, gaping cunt. She pulled the cunt open as wide as she could until Kathy’s cunt was a black tunnel into her body- a ten foot wide, 12 foot tall cunt hole. You could walk twenty feet up Kathy’s cunt before having to crouch, then crawl, then push your body through and up the very tight, extremely moist and extremely sexually excited tunnel of cunt; Tammy had to crawl and push up through more than fifty feet of delicious smelling, wonderful tasting, loving hugging tunnel of cunt before coming to Kathy’s cervix. “swallowing the entire planet with your cunt?” Tammy was talking very loud to make sure that Kathy could hear here- after all, Tammy may have crawled through almost three hundred yards of cunt but she was still up the cunt of her best friend. Kathy’d be able to hear her voice through the walls of her abdomen. How weird to think that, even though Tammy was almost a foot taller than her friend, and had tits almost three times larger than Kathy’s (and Kathy had a RACK, with each of her soft, warm, firm tits more than three times the size of both of Kathy’s tits put together. And each of Tammy’s tits weighed almost three hundred pounds each; soft, firm tits each over twice the size of her own body. Tammy began rubbing Kathy’s cervix, both of her gigantic tits trailing along with her, never noticing that Kathy’s cunt hole was starting to shrink- and soon Kathy’s cunt was closed and tightly virginal again. She had cunt swallowed everyone in the room (before Tammy had crawled up her friend Kathy’s cunt, Kathy had been quietly cunt-swallowing every customer in the place while the proprietor was distracted- she managed to cunt-swallow almost two hundred women, each of them standing and browsing, nude, and masturbating idly.

Quickly she digested her friend alive with her uterus.

Kathy, of course, now had a huge problem. What with all the people she had cunt-swallowed and digested alive, what with so many human beings she had swallowed whole and alive with her cunt before digesting them alive with her uterus, what with reducing over two hundred living, breathing nude women- each with their lives, their loves, their hopes and their dreams- to simple nutrition using only her cunt and her uterus… well, eat that many people with your cunt or your stomach and that’s a lot of calories. There is a lot of calories in a human being- and when you eat, swallow whole and alive with your cunt, an entire human being (screaming and begging for mercy like some women, eagerly and happily stuffing themselves up her cunt like the rest) and simply make them food, you need to do something with all those calories. Kathy, like all women on Earth who discovered they could cunt-swallow people, quickly went overboard and cunt-swallowed over two thousand people her first five minutes. Since then she had made up for her slow start, and made sure that she cunt-swallowed at least two thousand nude, masturbating women every fifteen minutes. Like all women of Earth, when Kathy cunt-swallowed someone, all those calories went straight into her tits. Now, her tits couldn’t grow indefinitely and they didn’t. Soon, each of her tits would weigh over six thousand tons each- by necessity, she would only be able to cunt-swallow slightly less than fifteen hundred nude women every five minutes. She would have to lay back, spread her legs, and let the nude women line up and climb into her gaping, hungry cunt.

And they would- Kathy discovered that simply laying back and opening her cunt was all the advertising she needed- nude women were lined up for literally five hundred miles waiting to climb up her cunt and be digested alive in her uterus. Soon over ten thousand women every fifteen minutes were climbing up her cunt and into her uterus. “I think I can cunt-swallow the world one person at a time,” whispered Kathy as she came down from another half-hour long orgasm (during which time her cunt had swallowed over 900 nude women, digesting them alive). Even as her cunt was swallowing nude women, some nude women were lavishing attention on Kathy’s engorged, swollen, erect clitoris. Some of the women were sucking on her clit, some women were fucking her clit with their own cunts, over women were simply masturbating her as they were swallowed by her cunt.

Things went dark for Kathy suddenly, as a nude women came up behind her, sliding between her gigantic 12 tons each tits, and started cunt swallowing her even as she continued cunt-swallowing all the other women. Soon the nude woman had cunt-swallowed Kathy down to just above her own gaping cunt and the constant, unending stream of nude women climbing into it. Once it started it went on for a while- nude women cunt-swallowing the previous woman who had cunt-swallowed another woman, etc, all the way down to Kathy’s gaping cunt which was still swallowing nude women at a rate of close to fifteen thousand nude women vanishing into her cunt per minute. Soon, the last woman, the outer woman, the five hundredth woman in a row to cunt swallow the women who were cunt swallowing each other down to Kathy, had cunt-swallowed her way down to Kathy’s legs and cunt. Even though Kathy was inside five hundred other cunts, the last woman had cunt-swallowed them all merely by cunt-swallowing the women before her. Kathy bent her knees and shoved her feet into the woman’s cunt, letting the woman swallow her deeper up her cunt. Then, by cunt-swallowing Kathy and keeping her own gaping, hungry cunt open, the new woman was now cunt swallowing over thirty thousand nude women per minute.



Okay. I had great words written for foreward and epilogue but wordpress eating the story post and Telling Me It Had Actually POSTED- well, that’s just rude. Anyway, point of that is that I can’t remember the other words 🙂



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