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A Story I Just Wrote

“So, do you usually swallow women whole, digest them alive?” asked Tammy. She and five other young women (older girls, really- not a one was older than 17 and the youngest was 14) were crowded around a seagull. Each girl was wearing a barely-there bikini and sitting on a beach chair. The seagull was in the center of them, belly gigantic and still moving. Inside his stomach was a girl named Brittnay- not five minutes ago she had pulled off her bikini top and laughed as she ran, bare breasts bouncing on her chest, each gigantic flesh globe much larger than her head. In seconds there was a shadow, and a seagull swooping from the sky with it’s beak gaping wide and wider still! As the bird landed on the sand it also swallowed Brittnay whole and alive- she was now curled into a tight ball in the stomach of the seagull, struggling as it digested her alive.

“No, this is the first time,” said the seagull. It’s voice was odd- a mix of the cacophonous screech of a seagull and the rich baritone of Morgan Fairchild. “I’ve never talked before, either. This is a whole new day!” said the seagull, rubbing it’s wings on it’s bulging belly- it had felt good to swallow Brittnay alive, felt even better to be digesting her alive. His tummy was stretched out, almost painful but not quite. Rather, the extremely full feeling, like he would never have to eat again, coupled with the feelings as she wiggled and moved in his stomach, felt so good. Suddenly he turned to a blonde girl to his left- she was wearing a VERY teeny weeny, itsy bitsy, yellow polka dot bikini- and asked her:

“You know, I never thought of this. Is it- is it okay for me to have swallowed this girl, to digest her alive?” He was very concerned, very worried. From inside his belly came sounds of yelling and complaining- Brittnay must have heard him speak. Made sense, she was inside him and his voice originated inside him too. However, he ignored the girl he was digesting alive and so did all the other girls, Brittnay’s friends. As far as they were concerned she was already gone and had been gone for years. The seagull knew he still had another couple of hours before his digestion would really hurt the girl- plenty of time to puke her back up if he had too. Now, in six hours he’d be puking up chunks and a thin slime but for right now Brittnay was still alive, mostly undigested.

“No, that’s okay,” said a young redheaded girl as she too rubbed his belly, feeling Brittnay’s spine through the abdomen of the seagull. “She’s my best friend in the entire world, but that’s okay. Just digest her.” She looked at the other girls and they nodded their heads and spoke in agreement. They loved Brittnay, would never wish her harm, would miss her terribly. But, even though the seagull could puke her back up for the next few hours and she would be perfectly okay, he had swallowed her whole and alive fair and square- not fair to punish HIM just because BRITTNAY didn’t want to get digested alive. Reassured, the seagull went back to stroking his fat belly, feeling Brittnay struggle inside him. “Poke, poke,” he said as he tapped what would be the top of her head through his abdomen. The girls surrounding him laughed while Brittnay yelled and wiggled.

“Why did you swallow her and not any one of us?” asked Linda, a 17 year old girl with dark brown hair. She sounded slightly disappointed. While she was technically wearing a bikini one had to stare closer and longer than was polite to see it.

“I think it was her boobs that did it,” said the seagull. “I don’t mean to be rude or crass, I know you don’t like to be stared at on the beach,” said the seagull as he showed them all he didn’t understand the purpose of beaches. The POINT of going to the beach is to be as naked as possible in public while swimming and playing volleyball and having a blast. Being stared at was part of the fun. Brittnay had taken her top off because she wanted to be looked at, wanted her body admired. It was part of growing up, learning how to be adult. The fact that it was her boobs that did it- Tammy knew, as a girl, that her breasts had power. Power over boys and men, power to get what she wanted. The fact that her boobs also meant they had THIS kind of power as well… “I remember looking down as I was flying. There she was, those big boobs everywhere- and I thought to myself that I just had to have her in my stomach. First time I thought, too. So I indulged- swooped, swallowed!” He burped loudly and the girls around him laughed as he looked embarrassed. “Sorry,” he said. “It was someone I ate.”

“So it could have been any of us if we had taken our tops off,” said Erin. Her red hair was tied back in a ponytail. She was a little younger, thin and still kind of bony; still had to get some growing done, both in height, weight, and cup size. The seagull looked at her, then looked into her eyes and saw the hope there.

“Yes,” he said, even though had it been Erin taken off her top he never would have swallowed her; she barely had the rack of a boy. “It might have been you I had swallowed.” Erin hugged herself, eyes closed, a smile on her face. She reached out a hand and rubbed the belly of the seagull- inside his stomach, Brittnay wasn’t struggling so much anymore- being digested alive over a period of several hours was starting to take it’s toll on her.

“Could you swallow me too?” asked Sandy,  a girl with raven black hair to her shoulders. “I can take my top off.” The other girls around her nodded their heads and whispered to each other eagerly.

“Well,” said the seagull. “I’m still full- I think she’s still alive, too.” He tapped his belly but the bulge of the swallowed girl was still and quiet. “Hmm, guess not. Well, I am still full. She’s dead, I’m still digesting her.”

There were the sounds of female disappointment from all around him.

“No, no,” he said, shifting the dead weight of the partially digested girl into a more comfortable position in his stomach. “I didn’t say I wouldn’t, I just said I can’t right now. I can probably swallow whole and digest alive another one of you just before bed, then swallow and digest another girl tomorrow morning.”

“That still leaves four of us,” said Tina, a fairly stacked young black girl, her hair in tight corn rows. She was wearing a dark brown bikini and against her skin she looked totally nude without being so. “That’s not fair if you don’t swallow and digest the rest of us.” The others nodded and murmured agreement. The redheaded girl, Erin, was the loudest in agreeing because she feared the seagull wouldn’t swallow her whole, digest her alive. Wouldn’t be FAIR. Cindy, another blonde girl with an overdeveloped, adult appearing body, started crying softly.

The seagull felt horrible. These poor girls. How could he do this? “Okay,” he said after a moment. “As long as you six are going to be around for a couple of days we can get this done. I’ll swallow one of you tonight, digest you alive overnight. Tomorrow morning I’ll swallow another of you, digest her through the day until dinner. Then I can swallow whole and digest alive another one of you, then if one of you can stay awake long enough, I can swallow one of you for a midnight snack, digest you alive until morning. The very next day I can swallow one the two remaining girls and digest her alive all day, then swallow the last of you that night and digest you alive until morning. Whew! That’s some good eating!” He laughed but the girls laughed harder, each of them now eager for the time to pass quickly.

It went as planned, mostly, with very few hitches. The hardest part was swallowing the girls when he hadn’t completely digested the previous girl. At least four of them, one by one, ended up curled in his stomach, the mostly digested remains of the previous girl squished around her, like pudding with bones in it. When he was swallowing a girl during daylight hours he was surrounded by other girls and frat boys, all yelling “Choke her down! Choke her down! Choke! Choke!” and waving their arms like they were at a sporting event. But at last, he was down to the last girl on the last night.


“I can take off all my clothes,” wailed Erin, standing before the seagull, wearing her bikini bottom and nothing else. If it hadn’t been for the emptiness between her legs she might have been mistaken for a 14 year old boy. “Please!”

“It’s not that,” said the seagull, looking at her as he paced. “It’s just- you’re a little young, you haven’t been through puberty yet,” he said. Erin wailed louder, tears flowing freely.

“That’s the problem,” she said through her tears. “I have gone through puberty- this is as big as I’m going to get,” she said, clapping her hands against her chest.

“Oh wow,” said the seagull. “I am so sorry. I am so, so sorry. Of course I’ll swallow you and digest you alive. I hadn’t realized.”

“Yay!” yelled Erin and in seconds was merely a large bulge in the belly of the lounging seagull. Tina, the black girl, was only halfway digested when he swallowed Erin. She slopped and chunked around Erin as the redheaded girl got more comfortable inside the seagull tummy.

“Oh man,” whispered the seagull to himself, rubbing his bulging belly. “Good, good eating.”

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  1. Your daughter gonna love this story – At least I did.

    Comment by Martin | October 1, 2014 | Reply

  2. When I write a swallowing story for her, I stress that it is supposed to be funny. Sure, I’m still more than a trifle damp betwixt the magic thighs when done writing even CLEAN swallowing stories… ’cause after all, in vore fiction, actual “sex” is unnecessary because a woman being swallowed whole and alive IS sex 🙂 That whole story was, in voreaphilia terms, pretty filled with graphic sex 🙂

    Comment by anne2snakie | October 1, 2014 | Reply

  3. Can’t wait to write that mom daughter vore story for you. By the way – New chapter in The game show series to come soon

    Comment by Martin | October 2, 2014 | Reply

  4. LOL! Corrupting the next generation to carry on for when you get digested? Shame on you girl!!! 🙂

    Comment by Falsdoon | October 2, 2014 | Reply

    • I am trying my best! I try to bring up people being swallowed at least once a day. I have her convinced there is a country in the Indonesian area where there are snakes that ONLY eat women- nothing else. I’ve told her she is NEVER to go there when she gets older or I will hunt her down and spank her even if she is 23 🙂 But we generally bring up people being swallowed, digested alive, about once a day.

      Comment by anne2snakie | October 3, 2014 | Reply

      • I hope she does go. Then you spank her and then feed her to a snake. Or spank her as she slides down the throat

        Comment by Martin | October 3, 2014

  5. seagull wass so considerate to finish eating the last girl so she didnt feel rejection.

    Comment by clint | October 11, 2014 | Reply

  6. do update with whats happening Annie. Hate to see you fall into the black hole of depression again without a peep

    Comment by john | October 21, 2014 | Reply

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