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Captain Isoula Delmakkie Walked Down The Clean

Captain Isoula Delmakkie walked down the clean white corridor, hip joints creaking and snapping. Damned legs- they’d never worked right. Even now she still had to get them adjusted every month or they’d break down entirely. They’d been a waste of money, a waste of effort. Sure, the solid metal legs looked good (damned good she thought, remembering how she’d looked this morning after locking the legs on, body still sweaty from a night’s hard fucking- damned sexy). But reliability was a requirement as well and these damned things had been anything but.

She tapped the colored circle, about the size of a dinner plate, on the sick bay door and waited for it to slide to the side. When it did so, she walked in and smiled when she saw Dr. Helm.

Dr. Helm was actually one of the approximately 20 xenomorphs on board, complementing the other 80 human crew that ran the space craft. He was of a vaguely insectile race, six legged with a thick abdomen on one end of his thorax and his head on the other. Inside his largely transparent abdomen was the body of a woman in a fetal position. She was slowly coming apart inside his stomach, being digested alive even as Delmakkie watched. Dr. Helm must have swallowed her during an examination earlier today. He was a meat eater; his entire species was the same. On his home planet, Dr. Helm would have spent his days in learning and swallowing whole and digesting alive any of the meat animals that littered his planet. In a weird case of parallel evolution most of the meat animals that lived on his home planet looked, acted, sounded, reacted to pain, and had built a galaxy spanning space empire, as a normal slightly confused nude human woman. After those nude women had uplifted Dr. Helm’s species from mindless insect to extremely intelligent, ethical and moral sentient beings, the insect race had then quickly swallowed whole and digested alive a good ninety nine point nine nine percent of the women within two years.

The woman he was digesting alive Delmakkie recognized as Fran Chalker, in engineering. For a brief moment that lasted the rest of her life, Delmakkie was bitterly jealous of the woman in Dr. Helm’s belly. “Fucking cunt,” she thought to herself. “She probably came in here waving her cunt in front of the doc’s face, shaking her tits at him. She had probably taken off all of her clothing, lain back on the table and spread her legs, holding open her vulva with both hands.” Delmakkie had seen Chalker’s cunt before, knew that the doc would have trouble resisting that cunt. Hell, Delmakkie hadn’t been able to resist that cunt either- she had spent hours, days, and once an entire week, with her face in that cunt. Feeling the thick hot wet lips on either side of her face, feeling the hard clit on her forehead and that gaping tunnel of a birth canal trying so hard so swallow her head. Once it had swallowed her head- Delmakkie had spent almost an entire weekend with the tight ring of cunt around her neck and her head inside Chalker’s uterus. Good times.

“Then,” Delmakkie continued talking to herself as she masturbated on the examination table, legs spread and one hand working her clit, the other hand down at the wet hole as Dr. Helm positioned her on the table, taking a place at her head and gaping his mouth and throat wide. “I bet she grabbed the doc with her cunt lips and swallowed him with it. Probably held him in there for an hour or two in her uterus.” She knew that there were some people that, given a chance and an opportunity, if they could climb into and up some woman’s cunt they would be content to just slide up inside the wet fragrant tunnel of her vagina and be happy with it. Not Delmakkie. If she want going to climb into another woman’s cunt, she wanted to be in the uterus.

Once and only once, Delmakkie had accidentally swallowed her lover with her cunt- the woman was on top of her and they were 69ing- Delmakkie hadn’t realized how wide she was spreading her legs as the woman licked and sucked her clit, but she suddenly lost her grip and the woman had slid wetly down her body and into her cunt- vanishing inside of her. She had been astonished, staring down at the two feet that were sticking out of her gaping cunt, lips wrapped tight around the ankles. It was more amazing that the woman her cunt had swallowed was taller than she was, wider, weighed more, had just absolutely immense fucking tits (and those tits were meant for fucking, even more than they were for the production of milk- the universe is funny that way. Delmakkie had no idea how many men had fucked those tits, came on them (just emptied their balls entirely), then moved on for the next man in line; one weekend she had watched over 2,000 men fuck her tits in a three hour period. The children’s pool  she was laying back in was completely full, just her semen-soaked tits floating on a sea of cum)– must have been three or four times larger than basketballs, each- and on her home planet she was considered flat as a board, no breasts at all. A woman with small breasts could only walk with the assistance of others and some form of platforms to support her breasts; a woman with medium breasts could not live in an urban area- her breasts took up too many city blocks each; finally, there were only 2 women on her planet with what were considered ‘large’ breasts. Too many square hundreds of miles of farmland were lost to each breast for each continent to support more. That had been almost ten years ago and Delmakkie had only just last week taken the woman out of her cunt. She was all wrinkly and pruney from being inside Delmakkie’s perpetually wet, hungry cunt but otherwise happy and somewhat disappointed that Delmakkie had taken her from Delmakkie’s cunt.

Delmakkie reached a finger up her cunt, an inch or two, before tickling the sole of the woman’s foot… she had taken mercy on the wet, cunty-smelling, cunty-tasting woman and had quickly cunt-swallowed her again, this time so far up her hungry cunt there was no trace of her left in the world- she was just a pleasantly large, very filling dildo she never removed from her cunt and nothing more. Now, if she could only figure out how to digest people with her cunt Delmakkie would be a truly happy woman.

“Doc,” she yelled, trying to be heard from deep inside the cavern of Dr. Helm’s throat. His mouth had just slid down her body past her gigantic tits and was nearing her belly button. “These damned legs again. Sorry I bought them.”

As the doc’s lower jaw slid under her buttocks she lifted her hips to make it easier to get her ass into his mouth, throat, belly. Of course, each of her breasts was larger than her hips and buttocks but the doc had gotten around those flesh pillows easily.

“I’m getting tired of fighting with them, doc,” she said, the light around her getting dimmer as more and more of her slid down the doc’s throat. Soon she could feel only her metal feet outside the doc’s mouth, the rest of her held tightly in his clutching, swallowing throat. It was only when she found herself drenched in acids and tucked into the stomach with the other half digested woman that she realized she had made a terrible, terrible error. “Shit,” she thought. “I should have unhooked my legs first.”


9/14 edited paragraphs so I could use the word ‘cunt’ more often 🙂

9/16 New edits, done in red so you can see changes. New changes on other days, other colors.


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  1. What a wonderful little story Anne. Makes me think of one of my space alien drawings. I’m glad your feeling a bit better, enough to write some. Hope to catch you online sometime soom.

    Comment by Blackrain | September 13, 2014 | Reply

  2. Wow, that’s hot. Both the normal vore and the unbirth sections. Can’t wait to catch you online and have some fun with you.

    Comment by Greggory | September 13, 2014 | Reply

    • Soon to come- my epic space opera where humanity learns how to travel quickly across huge areas of space… cuntspace. You travel into and up one woman’s cunt, move according formula, then crawl back out of… a DIFFERENT woman’s cunt, across the galaxy. Some women have entire universes, trillions of beings, all accessed through the magic and beauty of the human female cunt.

      Comment by anne2snakie | September 13, 2014 | Reply

      • “And here we have a cunt,” said Alice, waving her hand at an approaching nude woman. She was a comely wench, absurdly thin waist between wide hips and just absolutely huge tits. “All right, cunt,” she said. “Lay down and show them your pussy.”

        Comment by anne2snakie | September 14, 2014

      • Cunt swallowing and big breasted women being swallow alive by aliens. I do say you have gotten you spark back. Glad the meds are helping with that. I wait to read more of your space women cunt swallowing/vore stories along with your snake ones too!

        Comment by Blackrain | September 14, 2014

  3. I even like the term ‘cunt-swallowing’ 🙂 Sounds like it could be one of two things- 1) Some woman is using her cunt to swallow people. That is AWESOME, always has been. Best of three worlds! a) Swallowed whole and alive (Vore- check) b) By a person, same size as you are (Same size vore- check), c) Swallowed whole and alive by a CUNT (Genital vore/Unbirthing- check)- I love my cunt, I love other people’s cunts. Just like cocks, cunts were made for sucking and licking and oral attention and they LOOK good and taste DELICIOUS.
    2) Could be a person, animal, monster or alien that swallows- cunts! Hopefully not just grabbing a woman, stripping her and then biting off/out of the lower abdomen her vulva, vagina, uterus and ovaries in one big mouthful- then swallowing it as it drops the screaming, bleeding, dying woman.
    2a) Could be that if this were a story or movie or book, all the characters would start referring to women in the movie/book/whatever as cunts- and everytime a woman gets swallowed whole and digested alive, they all lament that “another fucking cunt got cunt-swallowed.” “We are going to run out of cunts that fuck if they keep swallowing all the fucking cunts!” The female general stands, stares at the yelling men and says, “I would prefer it if you didn’t refer to women as cunts- We are not cunts. We are mobile vaginal sex stations.” But then the room erupts into arguing as everyone starts talking about how women also have assholes and you can totally fuck those too, and how really nothing feels better than fucking a woman’s mouth and deep inner throat. Then the movie slides into a 20 minute oral rape situation where almost 150 men quickly and messily fuck the general’s mouth and throat savagely, leaving her nude body for dead as the scene fades.

    Comment by anne2snakie | September 14, 2014 | Reply

    • And of course, every cum shot in slow motion- I mean, a good shot. Each proud erect cock caught in all it’s wet length and thickness. Then the cock trembles and you can see the tube leading from the abdomen to the tip of the cock, the urethra, filling with semen and rushing toward the end. Then the hole in the end slowly opens and nine or ten tablespoons of semen come squirting out in nine or ten contractions. The camera follows the flying cum and tracks it as it splashes onto the body, the face, into the mouth and throat of the general where, for the purposes of this scene, the general is seen to be loving the cum coating her entire body, filling her belly… she’s coming herself, spraying female ejaculate on herself, the men, the floor around her. But in the end all the men simply leave her for dead once they have raped her orally (and while for us it takes 20 minutes to watch the scene, a camera montage shows that in movie terms it took them almost two days to finish raping her orally to death.

      Comment by anne2snakie | September 14, 2014 | Reply

  4. WwwooooowwW

    Comment by R | February 12, 2018 | Reply

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