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Women Swallowed Alive By Snakes

I Have Been Talking With My Daughter

about people being swallowed and digested. I have her convinced there is a country in the Indonesian Islands where the snakes that live there can ONLY eat women to survive.  And that, while a lot of women go there for vacationing, she is NEVER to go there.

We also “wrote” a story while going on a walk a few weeks back, wherein a goldfish was swallowing everyone that got close, except the owner, and he could never figure it out. The fish was in it’s bowl and his friend was there; he went into the other room for something, comes back and his friend is gone, and the fish is out of the bowl- with it’s belly huge, a person sized bulge there. So he figures his friend left, and puts the fish in the bathtub. Another friend comes by to ask about the first, he explains what is happening. Shows him the fat goldfish in the bathtub. Goes out, comes back, other friend is gone. Fish is out of tub, belly twice as big as it was before. He figures his friend left while he was out, tris to figure out where he can put the fish since it is outgrowing everywhere he can put it.

By the time we were finished we were both laughing loudly, with everyone in the world being swallowed whole and digested alive by squirrels, dogs, cats, hamsters, etc and the main character with his goldfish with a belly big enough to fill an Olympic swimming pool and hundreds of people missing and he NEVER figures it out.

She thought it was hysterical. I was wet enough I actually got my jeans soaked through in a few spots 🙂

So I wrote that story up and she read it, thought it was funny. So I told her that I also like other kinds of stories where, yes, people get swallowed naked even though I like it when anyone gets swallowed, naked or with clothes on. So I told her I would write her a story of the other kind that I like, see what she thinks of that. This, then, is that story.


Telluria was a female dwarf, a young woman with a good sense of humor, a nice fashion sense, and an absolutely huge pair of boobs. Each one of her breasts was much larger than her head and Telly hadn’t seen her feet in years. On Wednesday evening she had just gotten back to her room; a carved out hole set in the dwarven caverns deep under the mountains. It was a nice carved out hole with a thick stone door, and the furniture inside was stunning. But Telly wasn’t paying attention to her furniture, she was getting ready for her date with Nadjet, a hunky dwarf who carried a mean axe on his back. He had the muscles that melted her insides when she looked at him and she’d been out of her mind since Nadjet had asked her to a night out of fun in the restaurant, entertainment, and xxx-rated entertainment areas of the caverns. Telly had never been to the last part of the caverns, and didn’t plan on ever visiting the xxx-rated portions. She sincerely hoped Nadjet wouldn’t want to go there; that would be terribly disappointing if he did and she’d hate to have to tell him no.

She took off her robes, then her leather armor, then the underarmor to protect her skin from the leather, and finally the actual underwear. That was a lot of stuff to carry on her body but all the dwarves did it; except for the bra of course, guy dwarves didn’t need the bra. Amazingly, absolutely huge though her boobs were, she didn’t need a bra either. Her breasts were firm enough that they stayed up, high on her chest, positively gigantic. She looked at her body in the mirror, still happy about the body she had.

Telly was tall for a dwarf, with deep brunette hair and soft highlights. Her eyes were green although no one ever noticed- everyone was always looking at her boobs and not her face. It was both annoying and flattering. She understood it, as even she tended to look at just her boobs in the mirror. Not that she could see them both at the same time. The standing mirror was wide but not wide enough. When she stood facing it, her boobs were big enough that they were cut off on both sides where the mirror ended. And if she turned sideways, she could see herself and some of her boobs, or look at just her boobs and not have her in the reflection.

With a sigh she turned away from the mirror and only had time to gasp once as she was coiled in the loops of an obsidian rock snake! She hadn’t noticed it while looking at herself in the mirror- her boobs were so big she hadn’t been able to see the snake behind her as it stalked her!

The rock snakes were mostly a nuisance in the dwarven caverns. The green and red snakes just ate rocks, boring rocks, carving small tunnels through the mountains. The darker blue and grey rock snakes ate gems and that was bad- more than one dwarf had woken up to find a gem-eating rock snake had found their wealth, eaten it, and left the dwarf a poor, poor person. Obsidian rock snakes, however, were not a nuisance at all. They didn’t eat rocks or gems. They ate dwarves. They sneaked into dwarf homes and slithered up on sleeping or otherwise busy dwarves, and swallowed them whole and alive. They then slithered away to digest their swallowed dwarf, still alive in their stomachs, in peace. What made it even worse, in Telly’s opinion, was that they only swallowed female dwarves whole to digest alive later- they ignored male dwarves entirely! Unfair. She’d had many of her female dwarven friends swallowed whole and digested alive through the years. She had never guessed that she would be one of the female dwarves to be swallowed whole and digested alive.

“This sucks,” wheezed Telly as the snake rolled her on the floor, fully bound in tight loops of snake. She wished the bloody thing would just start swallowing her whole and alive already- it’s not like she could fight back. It was a shorter snake, only fifteen or so feet long but still those loops around her were tight enough to hurt and definitely tight enough to make sure she couldn’t escape.

The snake brought it’s head up to her face and she couldn’t even breathe as she stared it in the eyes. It was a beautiful animal but only eight inches wide, side to side. That was only the size of her thigh! How was she supposed to fit in there? Then the snake gaped it’s jaws open, wide, it’s mouth close to her face. It’s scaley lips could have easily fit around her head and it’s throat was a deep tunnel leading into the beast. After a few seconds of terror the snake closed it’s mouth and coiled itself down around her to the lower half of her body. She couldn’t see the mouth of the beast but she could feel it at her feet. And when the snake’s mouth closed on her feet she wanted to scream because she knew it wouldn’t be long before the snake finished swallowing her whole, tucking her body tight into it’s stomach, then slithering away to digest her alive.

She began to think that her only hope was if Nadjet showed up to pick her up early- if he showed up to get her before the snake had finished swallowing her whole and alive, he could easily rescue her and save her life! As the snake swallowed her legs up to her knees, she began hoping that Nadjet was the kind to show up early. But even as her body slid deeper down the throat of the snake, it’s lips inching up her thighs to her waist, she began to despair. If he didn’t show up soon it wouldn’t matter; he wouldn’t be able to see it was her being swallowed. Even if she hadn’t been swallowed completely, her boobs would have been pushed up and over her face so he wouldn’t be able to tell who was being swallowed.

Dwarf society being what it was, if anyone came across an obsidian rock snake that was swallowing a female dwarf whole so it could slither away and digest her alive, they didn’t have to save her if they didn’t recognize her. Telluria herself had come across a lot of female dwarves being swallowed whole and alive, probably a hundred or more female dwarves sliding through snake lips to be tucked into snake stomachs and digested alive in the past year or two alone. She hadn’t recognized more than fifty or more of them and so had let the snakes swallow the female dwarves. Of the fifty female dwarves she had recognized as the snake was swallowing her whole so it could digest her alive, she hadn’t liked most of them anyway. Of the forty female dwarves of the fifty being swallowed that she did like, she was sad that they would be digested alive but they weren’t her so she let the snake finish swallowing them, then slither away to digest the dwarf in their stomach alive in peace.

It would have been easy to save them too. Obsidian rock snakes had an orange spot between their eyes- you only had to press it once, firmly, and the snake would cough up the female dwarf he was swallowing whole and alive and slither away to find someone else to swallow whole and digest alive. And now here she was, the snake’s lips around her middle, up to her belly button, unwrapping her from it’s loops as it swallowed her. Her unswallowed part was tightly held, her arms caught and held away from her body, her boobs caught and also being held away from her body. She couldn’t yell for help as a loop of snake wrapped around her head and covered her mouth.

As the snake inched up her body, it’s nose between her huge boobs and pushing them up it swallowed her, it pushed her arms up and away- as it swallowed her, it was not swallowing her with her arms against her body. No, she was going to be swallowed so her arms trailed after her, as if held above her body. The obsidian snake had discovered that it was easier to swallow dwarves that way- they weren’t as wide as they went down it’s throat. And this was one was going to be trouble with those boobs- they were absolutely gigantic, immense. Comparing those boobs to her head was like comparing a watermelon to a ping pong ball.

When Telly’s head slid through the mouth of the snake then down into the throat of the snake was swallowing her, her boobs were still mostly outside of the snake’s mouth. Even as the snake swallowed her arms to her elbows, then to her wrists, his coal black eyes were staring at huge amounts of boobs that hadn’t yet been swallowed. So, swallowing away so it could digest Telluria alive, it worked on.

When Nadjet walked into Telly’s room after knocking and knocking, he was shocked to discover that she hadn’t been ignoring him- she was being swallowed whole, going to be digested alive by an obsidian rock snake! And he could tell it was Telluria being swallowed- even though he was watching the fingers of the outstretched arms of the dwarf being swallowed, the boobs of the dwarf being swallowed were still bigger than any other dwarf’s he had ever seen. And he could tell, looking at the body of the snake, that she was deep in the body of the snake. Maybe her feet were already in the snake’s stomach. And yet, most of her boobs still had to be swallowed by the snake. Yes, those boobs were being squashed and stretched by the snake’s mouth and throat as it swallowed Telluria, and yet they were still huge and pretty enough to only be Telluria’s.

He thought about pressing the orange spot between the eyes of the snake, but even though Telly’s body was probably in the stomach of the snake to her waist, she still had enough unswallowed boob outside the snake’s mouth it might be another half hour before it finished swallowing those boobs. Time enough to go and get something to eat before he had to make a decision.

Leaving the obsidian snake in Telly’s room, swallowing and swallowing her huge boobs, Nadjet went to get a burger.

It only took the snake fifteen minutes to finish swallowing all of Telly’s boobs, and it had slithered away to digest her alive by the time Nadjet came back.

She liked it, thought it was funny. Thought Nadjet was a jerk- going to get a burger while Telly was being swallowed.



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  1. Fun little story. I’ll assume it was partly cathartic to ease the situation for you, take a break/”vacation” so to speak. It sounded like the old you and hopefully that means you’re doing ok. Are you?! Flip flops aren’t uncommon so do remember we’re here for you if you need us to help stay stable. You have my number.

    Comment by Falsdoon | March 24, 2014 | Reply

  2. I know it’s not apropiate to say but.. Getting your daughter into vore… Naughty.

    Comment by Martin | March 24, 2014 | Reply

  3. That’s cool you can spend time with your daughter about vore. She may not fully understand it yet, but at lest your giving her a taste of it.

    It’s good she hhelping you want to write again too. A wonderful story. I still feel for your lose, but live for your children now. I miss you and hope one day we can chat again.

    Comment by blackrain | March 26, 2014 | Reply

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