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Women Swallowed Alive By Snakes

Both The Modern Roman Empire AND ____? Is She MAD??

Annipe checked the board of monitors again, the third time that minute. She was bored, bored, bored. Normally when on shift she could amuse herself by watching the monitors and masturbating all night like she usually did. She usually sat back in her chair, set her feet up on her desk and then spent the next 12 hours buzzing her cunt with her vibrator as she watched the monitors. No one expected her to do any real work- they just expected her to come like there was no tomorrow as she watched naked women shower for 8 hours, then masturbate for the next 4 hours on memory. And it was easy to masturbate watching those naked women showering- they were all good looking women with tight bodies, huge firm tits, tight asses, clean cunts… and they frequently not only masturbated themselves while showering, they also masturbated each other, and frequently engaged in sex with each other. Mouth to cunt, cunt to cunt, using hands and toys and everything else- eyes closed in orgasm and hips bucking as they came.

All this was the usual activities in a communal shower facility. What made this one different from any other facility was that in most of the monitors, serpents were swallowing the naked women as they masturbated, sending the women down their throats and into their stomachs to be digested alive later that night. Annipe could watch the woman shaped bulges sliding down serpent throats for days- it was such a tight fit that a woman in a serpent throat didn’t just make a bulge- no, you could see her tits, both of them, and her hard nipples, sliding down through the body of the serpent. You could see the shapes of their arms, their waists… if their hands were up instead of down in their crotch and masturbating as they were swallowed, you could make out the dip of their groins, even the shape of their cunts through the tight flesh of the serpent. Then their legs, an their feet. And when she finally reached the stomach of the serpent- well, if she was the first one swallowed whole by the serpent, she stayed like that. As if she were a woman made of snakeskin. Annipe had been showering when a serpent slithered by with just one woman inside it. She’d kept up with it and when it stopped to rest down further in the Hall of Serpents she lay on the floor with it and embraced the woman inside the serpent stomach. And since a woman inside a serpent stomach was alive, until she was digested alive, and in constant orgasm because of the stomach acids, the swallowed woman had reacted to Annipe. Annipe had grabbed and rubbed the swallowed tits and the woman inside had loved it.  Annipe had even sucked on her nipples through the body of the serpent and she swore the woman inside the serpent belly had loved it. She had rubbed the woman’s cunt through the serpent, had grabbed her ass through the serpent body… had treated her as if she were an unswallowed woman being made love to by Annipe on the floor of the Hall. And while the swallowed woman had loved it, Annipe had liked it better, rubbing her cunt on the woman inside the serpent and coming, and coming and coming. She’d fucked the serpent all night until the woman inside was digested, became all soft and went away as the serpent belly sloshed and groaned.

On one screen, she was watching a small number of Nubian women being systematically swallowed by two rock pythons. When the Nubian’s had first entered they’d been nervous and Annipe had followed them with a camera. There were six of them and they stayed together, probably wondering why they had even come to a serpent based shower. And their bodies were so different from a Roman woman’s body- so different, so unique. First of all they had deep black skin. And their tits were just so small! Annipe thought she had small tits,and for a Roman woman, she did. Each of her tits was only half again as large as a basketball and weighed less than thirty pounds each. Flat as a board for a woman of Rome. But these Nubian’s- the woman with the biggest tits was flat as a board. Each of her tits was only twice as  large  as her head, and they sagged! Annipe’s tits didn’t even have a half inch of sag to them but the Nubian women’s tits sagged at least an inch- much lower they’d be don to her knees! The Nubian woman with the tiniest tits was almost scare she looked so different, each small breast tinier than her head. At least her tits didn’t sag.

At least the Nubian’s shaved between their legs like civilized women. Annipe had been afraid they’d have actual hair between their legs. She hadn’t had a single hair between her legs since her first public hair came in when she was eleven years old. She’d shaved the thing off and showed it to her parents- she was a woman now! And while her life didn‘t change a lot at first- as a child she’d gone naked as a jaybird all the time, and since becoming a woman she practiced casual nudity at all times. Before puberty, her undeveloped breasts had been small, only twice as large as her head, but after her first hair came in her tits had grown to adult size and filled with dense mammary gland tissue. Annipe could and did lactate at almost any time and had once milked herself until bored, coming up with over a gallon from each breast. Moo.

But once the Nubian’s had watched a serpent eat this one chick with huge tits, well, they understood. The serpent had swallowed the woman with the tits feet first because there was no way it would have been able to swallow the woman and her tits at the same time. It swallowed her to just under her tits, her body filling it’s throat and her hands in her cunt inside it. As it swallowed her body, that pushed her tits up- and they were big. Each massive tit was as big as another woman if she curled into a ball, knees to her chin and heels to her ass, arms around her legs…. AND her tits as well, each to the other side of her. Annipe knew some Roman women had tits so big they couldn’t walk or even stand under their own power, but these were the biggest she had ever seen and still have the woman walking. They’d been firm, too, the bottom of each huge breast no lower than her navel. But as her tits were pushed up they covered her upper body until it seemed the serpent was just swallowing tits. The serpent had just found two huge tits and decided to eat them, as any serpent would and should. After a while the woman was deep inside the throat of the serpent and the beast was still swallowing tits. Still two huge tits coming out of it’s mouth, two hard nipples getting closer to it’s mouth. Only when the woman had been inside the stomach of the serpent for ten or fifteen minutes did the serpent finish swallowing her tits. The woman was tight in the belly of the serpent, and thirty feet up the serpent was just now swallowing two hard nipples at the end of her tits. Amazing.

Of course, by this time the six nervous Nubian’s woman were all sitting on the tiles floor of the Hall. Not only were they masturbating as they watched the serpent eating tits, but they were masturbating each other. And two of them were head- to-groin, bringing each other to multiple orgasm again and again. Once the serpent finished eating tits though, they’d gone looking for other serpents. They’d found the two rock pythons and let nature take it’s course. In this case, it mean’t that one of the Nubian women had brought the head of one serpent between her thighs and pushed it’s snout into the tight hole of her cunt, riding it‘s snout with her clit. Once she came, the serpent had continued savoring the taste and the scent of the Nubian’s cunt, in fact it had even attempted, for an hour and a  half , to crawl inside the woman through her small fuck-hole. Annipe wished it had succeeded- that would have been fun to watch, the woman‘s belly growing as the serpent crawled into her through her cunt. But it couldn’t, and it didn’t, then it had coiled her and began swallowing her whole and alive head first. With her small, head size tits it was easy for the serpent to swallow her that direction.

Once the first Nubian was swallowed, the other’s were unstoppable. They grabbed one of the others and she began masturbating as they fed her to a serpent. It didn’t even half to move, it just opened it’s jaws and they just shoved her head first don it’s throat. Once they had shoved her down it’s throat to her waist they took turns, the four of them, getting on their knees and licking and sucking her into multiple orgasm. Then one of the Nubian’s spent an hour and a half trying to crawl into her friend through her cunt. Annipe had REALLY wanted to see that- watching the woman’s belly grow as her friend had crawled into her through her cunt would have been the best thing in the world. But in the end the other three Nubian’s had to pull her out- she’d only been able to crawl up her friend’s cunt to her knees. When her head had slid through her friend’s cunt and inside her Annipe had had to masturbate to it it was so cool, with the tight ring of the Nubian’s cunt around her friend’s neck. But when she had pulled and pushed until her shoulders and her tits had slid through the woman’s cunt and into her abdomen, Annipe had come again and again. When she had managed to pull herself to her waist up her friend’s cunt until her own cunt was just below the cunt that was swallowing her, Annipe had tried crawling into one of the other Nubian’s through HER cunt. It hadn’t worked any more than the other woman had been able to crawl into her friend though. And although Annipe had managed to crawl all but the toes of her left foot up one of the Nubian’s cunts, the Nubian’s cunt muscle tight around the end of her foot and Annipe inside the Nubian’s uterus, bulging out her belly until she had to crawl back out, it disappointed her that she couldn‘t actually crawl into another woman through her cunt. When she came out, as wet with the cunt fluids as if she had taken a shower in cunt, she saw the other woman to her knees up the other woman’s cunt and it drove her mad with lust again. She turned around and tried crawling up the Nubian‘s cunt again. And even though this time she actually made it, crawling into the uterus of another woman through her cunt and staying there for two hours before coming back out, she was somewhat disappointed to discover that while she had been up another woman‘s cunt, that woman hadn‘t been swallowed by a serpent.

At 2 AM, the serpent’s finally finished swallowing all the women that were in the showers. There had been a lot of women coming to the Imbres today. And since slightly more than 2000 women came to shower at the Imbres every day and each serpent swallowed six or seven women each, it was usually around 2 sometimes 2:30 AM before the serpents finished swallowing all the women. Once, twenty three years ago the serpents had once swallowed all but one woman during the course of the day. Now they worked a little harder and even if it took them half the night, they always managed to eat them all. And by 3 AM, the Hall was filled with noise. 750 serpent bellies sloshing, intestines groaning, abdomen’s gurgling, digesting alive all those women they’d been swallowing whole and alive all day. It took hours before the noise died down!

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  1. Great story as always. I loved the unbirth part.It would of been cool a line of girls all halfswallowed by the cunt in front of her. Her legs sticking out of the other girls cunt. Then the next girl slips into her cunt up to her waist. A whole line of girls half unbirthed. All the snake would have to do is start at the head of the line and start swallowing.

    Comment by blackrain | December 23, 2013 | Reply

  2. If it’s madness, I’m certainly okay with it. 😛

    Comment by TheCountAlucard666 | December 23, 2013 | Reply

  3. I’ve been too remiss at writing you, forgive please. This story is the old you, and that’s a good thing. But it’s not in the same style you were originally doing the M.R.E. tales. I have to admit I miss that because I thought you were onto something with it. Still it’s good to see the old you and that wonderful imagination you possess. Don’t keep us waiting too long for more of your prose!

    Comment by Falsdoon | December 30, 2013 | Reply

  4. I would love that job. Just watching women get eaten for a living.

    Comment by Martin | January 4, 2014 | Reply

  5. Very nice to see some new elements from you. The unbirthing part was fantastic. This may not be what you want to hear, but I wish you wrote more non-vore lesbian erotic stories. You have a great gift for sexy writing.

    Comment by Anonymous | January 20, 2014 | Reply

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