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Women Swallowed Alive By Snakes

So, Anyway, I Have

central apnea, which is where your brain forgets to tell your lungs to breathe.

Fun fun fun.

So, I wear my mask which is attached to a machine that constantly blows high pressure air into my face. Yay. This way, even if I stop breathing, air is still somewhat circulating and there is less stress on my heart and brain.

Oh, did I mention? If you stop breathing, like with sleep apnea, it’s an incredible strain on your heart and brain. Can lead to heart attack or stroke. They say to NEVER fall asleep without your mask!

I fall asleep at my desk, sans mask, all the damn time. Sometimes, when I wake up, my ears are ringing and I have a headache. Hypoxia! Or, lack of O2. Or, I stop breathing when I sleep.


opened the door and walked in without knocking. She opened her mouth to  talk, but couldn’t, as she was looking at a bizarre sight. Her friend was head-first down the throat of an Amazonian anaconda, the scaley lips around her waist, her naked legs spread and the tail of the beast swallowing her whole and alive between her thighs and stimulating her engorged clitoris! How thoroughly rude- Sylvie was supposed to have waited until she got there before they fed themselves to snakes. What a bitch.

November 12, 2013 - Posted by | Another Late Post, Monday's Update

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  1. I have the same problem. I stop breathing when I’m sleeping too. The cpap machine really helps.

    Loved the little story you added to the end of your post. When the second girl finally gets her time to be swallowed she’s going to have to have a word with her friend.

    Comment by blackrain | November 12, 2013 | Reply

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