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About That “Ask Me About My Vulva” Thing Over There :)

It was just a silly added in the spirit of the flash on a nametag of the people who work in the big-box stores which read “Hi! My Name’s Julie! Ask Me About” and then the added ‘object of the day’ afterward. For a while I was in a mud (I have to get back into that one, it’s a furry one, yes, but it’s also graphical and they have a lot of per- and fur- verts there. I am not an actual furry myself, but I kinda like furries (as in comics/RP/Vore, NOT real life and wearing a fur costume). I have a fair amount of furry porn, anthropomorphic animals of every species fucking each other in every orifice with every appendage imaginable. Some of it is pretty hot, some of it is pretty not 🙂  I am REALLY partial to horse cocks, myself. More to the size- the length and the girth, and okay, I admit it, I would LOVE to just be under a horse and hug that giant horse cock between my tits and against my face, all hot and BIG and ooooOH dammit 😉

Now, what would be really nice would be to have three guys, and EACH of them has a cock the size of a HUGE horse cock- Take a measurement of me sitting flat on the ground, 90 degree angle. From the ground to just 1 inch underneath the top of my shoulders. Each guy has a cock THAT long, thick as my wrist, hot and hard and throbbing. Because this is fantasy and impossible anyway but damn I’ve petted my kitty to the fantasy a LOT through the years 🙂

Even though the vagina is just a short tunnel closed off at the far end, here I can spread my legs and the first guy can push it into my waiting cunt, inch by inch, filling me until he’s buried in me to his balls and I can FEEL him all the way through me. And the next guy takes his cock and presses the head against my anus, then pushes it into my ass, again filling me as he slowly pushes it in, until he too has filled me until he is buried balls deep. And the last guy takes his throbbing cock and touches the head to my lips. And I open my mouth and let him in- and I swallow as he pushes, gently but firmly, filling my mouth and my throat and my body until my nose is against his belly, his balls on my chin.

And then, filled with cock like no woman before me has ever been, I signal and they all start, gently, carefully, and wonderfully, to pump and thrust and slide their giant cocks into me until I am delirious with constant orgasm and they all, one after another, come into me and fill me with come from their cantaloupe size balls.

I dunno why I shared my fantasy with the world right now, I’ve never told anyone (even Rudy!) before. I am so wet right now 🙂

Until next time, my loves, I remain


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  1. That’s a good fantasy. I do love the image of all your holes being filled with masive horse size cocks.

    Its good to hear from you again. I hope to catch you online again soon so I can show you those new drawings I have for you.

    Comment by blackrain | November 12, 2013 | Reply

  2. So fucked by a horse first, eaten by a snake afterwards. What a day at the zoo

    Comment by Martin | November 13, 2013 | Reply

    • Hehehe. I had the same idea. Your sucking on the horse cock as a snake is swallowing you feet first. When only your head is left in the snakes mouth then the horse cums filling you stomach with its seed and white washing your face. Then swallow you gone and just a sexy female shape bulge traveling down the snakes body to its stomach.

      Comment by blackrain | November 13, 2013 | Reply

    • Your little horse/snake idea got me inspired to do a drawing of it. Next time we’re both online I’ll have to show it to you.

      Comment by blackrain | November 14, 2013 | Reply

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