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Small Pieces

And when she pulled away from him she left his side cold, her body heat gone missing. Flickering candles brought dancing shadows amidst the folds of her clothing as her blouse came up. Tanned skin was deep bronze in low light, sudden cold goose bumping her belly and chest. Deeper shadows between soft breasts as she moved before him and he was unable to move as he watched, almost as if coiled by desire and dark.

Her deep hum of pleasure became a higher laugh, slow but honest as she leaned forward and pressed hot lips against his. A touch of tongue between his lips before her mouth slid from lips to chin to neck, soft kisses light as butterfly wings and hot as sunlight. Her hands took his, lifted them and her warm breasts filled them, hard nipples against his palms and soft flesh just spilling out over his fingers. A little more than a full hand and no more, hot against him as she kissed and licked at the hollow between neck and shoulder. His pulse beat faster, his own skin heating against hers and he could feel her lips smile against him.

He had thought he was in control over her, teasing her with words and images, promising her and ending but as the bulge in his pants beat with the pulse in his chest, long thick hardness captive in clothing too tight he knew who was in charge and it was not him. Her humming deep in her chest vibrated her breasts in his hands softly, so softly, as he caressed them, fingers moving as if on their own. She was all in shadow against him, soft candle glow not reaching her as she nuzzled hum, hands freeing buttons on his shirt, knees leaning against the sofa and her warm body living and vital between his legs. His visual focus was the body of the snake but his attention was elsewhere, he couldn’t see with his eyes at the moment.

Her hands roved his skin, palms against his chest and sides and her breasts pulled from his hands slowly as she kissed her way down his chest, lightly suckling each small nipple and tongue darting into navel. Even as her breasts had slid down his belly then over rough denim to leave him bereft and alone, her mouth licked his belly and soft hands fumbled with button and hole. Inches below, hardness wanted to spring to attention, free from capture and ready to be captured again in soft warm wetness. She pulled on his waistband as he lifted his hips and his pants slid down to his knees. Freed, no longer held captive so uncomfortably, hard cock bounced lightly off her face and lips as it raced skyward.

“So eager,” she said, lips moving against hot skin pulsing with the beat of his heart, bouncing against her as if begging to enter.

Strong hands clutched at his sides in darkness, having to hold something. The urge to grab her hair in his hands and force entry through soft lips and warm mouth through to tight wet throat was awful, both in strength and thought- forced entry at this time would destroy the moment and elevate joy to rape.

August 18, 2013 - Posted by | My Fiction, Sexually excited, Weekend Post


  1. Oh, very hot. Really need to chat sometime, my dear. 😉

    Comment by Greggory | August 18, 2013 | Reply

  2. Heh, and here I was gonna post another “Anne in Snake” snippet, and it turns out you’ve posted snippets of your own. 😛

    Comment by TheCountAlucard666 | August 18, 2013 | Reply

    • Anne submitted the final segment of the Diamond/Denfall story arc from inside the sweltering depths of the woman-swallowing snake, which had already begun to digest her alive. She had no doubt that her skin was reddened all over – as it was, though, she couldn’t see down past her bosom (not as generous as that of the girls in her stories, but still enough to press tight against the stomach walls of her captor), so she just had to assume from the tingling she felt all over.

      Anne felt like it had taken days to type up this story; one-handed typing, writer’s block, and masturbation-induced blackouts had stymied her. Checking the display on her miraculously-not-dead tablet, she found she was right.

      “Not much time left,” she said to herself, knowing that it wouldn’t be long before she was just so much meat in the snake’s stomach. She checked her tablet again. Alucard was on. Good. Now she could be digested – err, rescued.

      “Spectacular ending,” he had messaged her, “your finest work.”

      “I’m in a snake’s stomach,” she replied, “if I don’t get out of here it’ll be my LAST work.” Anne shivered a little inside the snake, and waited for him to reply, idly touching herself as she waited.

      “Ooh,” he replied, “sounds hot. That’s like the perfect start to an RP. Hold on while I get in character…”

      “To be fair,” she thought, “I HAVE owed him an RP for a while now…”

      Comment by TheCountAlucard666 | August 18, 2013 | Reply

  3. Nice. Can wait for the next part!

    Comment by blackrain | August 18, 2013 | Reply

  4. You have a twist in the plot ahead, don’t you? 🙂

    Comment by Falsdoon | August 19, 2013 | Reply

  5. Hey, so how are ya? 🙂

    Comment by TheCountAlucard666 | August 24, 2013 | Reply

    • Waiting for the next post on YOUR story! You have a great one going on here, I love it!!

      Comment by anne2snakie | August 28, 2013 | Reply

      • Alucard smiled softly as he immersed himself in the world they’d made together. Anne’s posts were deliciously desperate – he was almost willing to believe she WAS trapped in a snake’s stomach! Alucard was a little concerned about distractions, though; Anne’s posts were getting further and further apart. She justified it in-character, though, saying that it took a while to type these things one-handed, and that she kept blacking out in the snake’s stomach. He liked the idea: while the snake was somehow bringing fresh air into its stomach to keep its meal alive as she digested, she could still use up enough at one time to pass out. He’d have to use that idea in one of his next vore RPs. He jotted the idea down and then composed his post.

        “He smirks as he rubs the woman-shaped bulge in the snake, paying particular attention to her shapely curves as she wriggles about inside. ‘It’s been a week,’ he says, ‘I’m surprised you’re still alive.”

        He sends it, rubbing idly at his member and looking over the previous posts of hers.

        “Please,” her in-character reply pleads, “I’m trapped in here! The stomach is soooo tight, and hot! My hair is starting to fall out! This isn’t a game. I don’t know how much longer I can last… please help.”

        “Hot,” he thinks. “She’s really in-character. Though I wish she’d post faster, this RP’s gone on for days, and it’s only a page or two long.”

        Comment by TheCountAlucard666 | August 28, 2013

      • Also, since your profile says to do so…

        What about your vulva? 😉

        Comment by TheCountAlucard666 | August 29, 2013

  6. Ante up girl! 🙂

    Comment by Falsdoon | August 29, 2013 | Reply

    • Interesting and certainly it looks big enough but the shape doesn’t seem quite right for a human (unless she was an amputee)

      Comment by Falsdoon | September 7, 2013 | Reply

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