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This Story Is Out Of Order And Unfinished

but I wrote it last night for Rudy and I wanted to be able to read it to him before he fell asleep. Plus, I was getting so horny, I had to go and read it to him or masturbate in my chair where I was writing it 🙂 This is what I have on this, the latest of the vore-a-thon MRE stories:


“I don’t know how all that science stuff works,” said Domitia as she wriggled under the hot water. Oh, Diana that felt good! It’d been almost 4 hours since her last shower- way too long. Her friend, Galla, was silent as she showered next to Domitia. Probably petting the kitty already, thought Domitia. “I leave all that science stuff to the science people.” She held her arms under her mammoth breasts, lifting them to the shower head. Domitia had always been somewhat ashamed of her small breasts- each of the gigantic flesh globes was only twice the size of a basketball, barely forty pounds each of dense mammary gland packed tissue. She knew that her tiny tits were holding her back at work- in Modern Day Rome it was the size and weight of a woman’s milk machines that determined her pay scale and in fact, what job she had. Most of the other women where she worked had tits that weight upwards of sixty, seventy pounds each.

Galla was still quiet and that wasn’t like her- Domitia washed the soap off her face and looked over to the next shower. The rock serpent that was swallowing her friend whole and alive head first already had it’s scaly lips just under her rib cage. Galla’s hands were working hard in her crotch, masturbating like there was no tomorrow- and for Galla, there wasn’t. Once the rock serpent had finished swallowing her whole, packing her tight in it’s belly with the other women it had already swallowed whole and alive earlier that day, it would start digesting them alive once the sun went down. Domitia’s eyes ran down the long length of the serpent’s body, her eyes widening as her view reached the beasts huge, woman-swollen belly. Normally, a forty foot long woman swallowing serpent had a body that was six to eight inches from side to side. If a serpent had swallowed one woman down into it’s hot, wet, stomach sac then it was barely thicker than the woman it was going to digest alive, and only about a foot above and a foot below the length of the swallowed, still living woman. This monster’s belly was almost four feet thick, four feet tall, and was a bloated sac almost twenty feet long in the body of the beast. This serpent must have been swallowing women whole non-stop all day for it’s belly to be that full of women. And how many women was that inside it’s stomach, inside that swollen belly? She had no idea, it must have been a lot though. Maybe twenty women, maybe forty, maybe one hundred women inside the stomach of the rock serpent! She felt weak in the knees as she looked at the beast, although she knew that the number of women inside that stomach, waiting to be digested alive, was far, far less than a hundred.

Domitia couldn’t help herself- she started petting her kitty with both hands. She’d seen lot’s of women swallowed whole and alive by serpents, hundreds of them just this year, although the year was less than two months old. Every day these last several years at the Proeliis buildings, and now at the Imbres building, she’d watched, and masturbated to, seventy or eighty women swallowed whole and alive every shower, and she took at least three showers daily, more on the weekends. But none of any of those women being swallowed whole had been as hot as watching her friend being swallowed whole and alive by this woman-hungry monster. But as she sank to a sitting position on the tiled floor of the shower, hands working in her crotch and bringing her toward her first orgasm, she felt herself starting to black out from the intense pleasure.

When she could feel herself as a human being again instead of just a resonating beam of orgasm, instead of just a clitoris and nothing else, instead of a simple pleasure machine, she realized that the showers around her had gone quiet. She looked at the rock serpent as it finished swallowing her friend’s legs, watching her feet slide into the mouth of the beast then, with a swallow, watched her friend starting to slide down the throat of the beast toward it’s belly. All around her was the sound of dripping water and movement, but no showers. She looked up the Conciliabulum des Serpentium to her left and noticed that every woman who had been showering before she put all her attention into her cunt was now in the process of being swallowed whole and alive by the serpents that had coiled them. Wow, that was at least forty four women all in the process of being swallowed whole and alive! She turned, huge tits wobbling and bouncing on her chest, to look up the Hall of Serpents to her right. Again, every woman who had been showering just minutes before was now in the process of being swallowed whole by the hungry woman swallowing serpents that had coiled them while she had been pleasuring her cunt. Another at least forty five to fifty women all being swallowed whole and alive, soon to be digested alive with the other women already swallowed into the swollen bellies of the serpents.

Well, hells, thought Domitia as she stood alone in the shower hall. That was mighty rude. Had there been no room in any of the tummies for her? Surely there must have been a serpent with enough room in it;s belly to fit her in. Oh, shit, thought Domitia as the doors in the middle of the hall opened and a couple of nude women walked in, looking to take showers. Or get swallowed whole and digested alive. One and the same, most days. One woman was a tall Nubian with absolutely gigantic tits, almost twice as large as Domitia’s. And Domitia slumped where she stood in dismay as the Nubian woman didn’t make four steps into the Hall before she was coiled and dragged to the floor, the maw of the reticulated python that had her already gaping and sliding over her head. The other woman was a short red haired woman with tits no bigger than Domitia’s and she watched the Nubian being swallowed whole and masturbating when she too was suddenly coiled from behind and the monster that had her in it’s coils swallowing her head as well.

Oh no, thought Domitia. This was turning into one of those very few and very rare wild serpent days at the Imbres- when the serpents swallowed whole and digested alive nine hundred and fifty to nine hundred seventy five out of a thousand women at the Imbres. Those days were extremely rare when they did this, swallowing whole and digesting alive nine hundred and seventy five to nine hundred and ninety nine women out of a thousand that came to shower, throughout the entire day at the Imbres and the Proeliis buildings. The serpents at the Proeliis and Imbres buildings swallowed whole and digested alive every single one of the one thousand seperate and different women no more than twenty eight, twenty nine days out of every thirty. Statistically, this was so rare to no one could even chart it, much less predict which day out of the thirty they wouldn’t swallow whole and digest alive every single woman that walked in the doors to shower at both the Proeliis and Imbres buildings. Some months, there was no day they didn’t swallow whole and digest alive every woman inside both the Proeliis and Imbres buildings. In the past four years, there had been no day they hadn’t swallowed whole and digested alive every single woman inside both buildings, as well as slithering into the buildings in a five block radius around both the Proeliis and Imbres buildings and swallowing whole and digesting alive every woman in those buildings as well. There were no statistics small enough to chart something that rare and unpredictable as these wild serpent days.


Oh, I had to work hard not to have an orgasm in my chair before I even started 🙂  When I had finished reading it to him, I then closed my eyes and started re-talking about how the serpents would swallow every woman in a five-block radius around both buildings- every single day! About six thousand women swallowed whole and digested alive daily. It took me about 30 seconds to have a very wet orgasm in front of Rudy 🙂


Dirty Girl Anne 🙂


July 24, 2013 - Posted by | I Masturbated, Masturbation, Modern Roman Empire, My Fiction, Sexually excited, Snakes Eating Women, Things Aren't So Bad After All, Wednesday's update


  1. Love how vulgar and dirty your stories are. The way you treat the women perfect. Like how dumb they are. Going into sexaul frenzy feeding themselves to Snakes, who couldn’t care less about the humans, they are just food. And as a writer I am fascinated how you manage to make dying seem so erotic.

    Comment by Martin | July 25, 2013 | Reply

  2. Thank you for that story. Will be a good goodnight wank. Needed some women to get eaten

    Comment by Martin | July 25, 2013 | Reply

  3. Hi Martin 🙂 very glad you like th stories 🙂 Would like to chat with you again. Been having comp proboems with my depression = not fun. Oh well, let’s set up a tim and day!

    Comment by anne2snakie | July 25, 2013 | Reply

  4. Yup let’s do that. Like to chat as well

    Comment by Martin | July 26, 2013 | Reply

  5. When you want me to drill your mouth and cunt, I mean chat of course

    Comment by Martin | July 26, 2013 | Reply

  6. Some great images. Love the idea if all those snakes coiling and swallowing all those women.

    Comment by blackrain | July 26, 2013 | Reply

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