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I Feel A Little Better

which is weird, because I destroyed my latest tablet computer- again. I’ve bought, destroyed, and replaced about 7 tabbies since last September. Fuck. I LOVE my tabbies- I take then everywhere. I have a look that hooks the tablet in it’s cover to my wrist so if I drop it (that happens a LOT, a fucking LOT) it doesn’t fall to the ground. I take it to bed with me!

Well, I did until I destroyed this latest one. Which is especially depressing, because this last one I had dropped (er…) and cracked the screen. Broken, all the way from one side to the other, and a bunch of other cracks running every which way. And it still worked!! I loved my tabbie!

Then I was sleep drunk, fell asleep while standing and woke up as I was falling. My tabbie-hand was whipping to catch me, my tabbie shot out of it’s cover when the loop snapped it like a whip, and it SLAMMED into the ground so hard it blew the back cover off and tore wires loose!

Screen finally stopped working. Sigh. And I have a ton of stuff on the built in- “hard drive” that I can;t get off because you have to have screen support to hook it up to your actual computer, and, well… So I took out my micro-SD device and sent the dead tabbie off to Wal-Mart.

Rudy is buying me a Nook- a very cool Nook, no less! It has a 1920 x 1080 screen (my old one was 800×480), it’s a dual core processor, it’s a 16 gig model… oh, it’s a beauty! A 9″ screen, no less! And under a pound! Android, comes with Google Play (which is good because I have bought a ton of stuff off Google Play 🙂

My last tabbie I had to really screw around with and alter to get it to access Google Play, since the Visual Land “Connect” doesn’t have Google Play on it. But, since it comes rooted, you can go all Rambo on it and do what you want 🙂

Ah well. When I get my Nook, I will make sure I CAN’T destroy this one!! Ever!

WalMart used to have a $9 warranty where they would refund your cash if you destroyed the tabbie. Well, I blew up so many of them so fast, the warranty got a price change to $28 🙂


Hey, the next few posts should be Modern Roman Empire vore fest-a-thons to catch up on some of the fiction I been using to read to Rudy while I play with my cunny 🙂


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