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I Just Can’t See Any Hope For My Future

right now, I am so down right now. When Rudy dies, there goes half my income. There goes the house, too- we’re only barely able to pay for it. And we got hosed when we bought it too- the inspector who passed the house should be shot. The main supports are riddled with carpenter ants, the floors are sagging away from the beams, the electrical system should have been replaced back in **1979** and we still have it in the house, ready to short out, burn down the house and kill us. Our oldest is going to be 18 next year and when that happens, if he moves out, then WHAMMO there goes $600 off our income. Right now, if we foolishly spend $100 we don’t get to buy food for a month. What the hell am I going to do?

And my computer, right now, is probably the best one I will ever have from this point on and I was so lucky that an online friend mailed it to me when he upgraded his own system. It’s really good, but it’s also now on the lower end of good and soon won’t be able to play anything. And who can afford the new consoles coming out?

I’m 50 years old and I just can’t see any hope for myself in the years to come. I depend on my parents for help and my dad is 80, my mother in her 70’s.

On the other hand, less depressingly, I have a ton of short stories I just need to write up and post. I’ve been writing them and reading them to Rudy as, yes, I still do this, I masturbate in my chair while he watches and listens. He’s been really good at this- sometimes he really gets into it, sometimes he can’t even think of sex. He’s also my voice of reality in the stories- he says “If the snakes eat 200 women every day, Rome wouldn’t last for even a year.”

He’s right, which is why I have been building up to a storyline thing here, where the upper people in Rome have been watching this, wondering where all the women are coming from that the serpents are eating, because the new private sector coliseum usually has up to 2,000 women per DAY being swallowed by serpents, and the two government funded facilities have about 2,000 women per DAY being swallowed, and where are the women coming from?? Immigration and the birth rate don’t cover any of this, not at all… and yet the streets are still packed, half the populace is women, and the city of Rome is growing…

Ah well. I am going to try and write 1,000 to 2,000 words per day on a serious, non-vore work and see what I can do with it for real. We need money, and I KNOW I can write, I just have to stoke that fire in my belly.

Anne “I am so fucking depressed” Van Snakelover

July 10, 2013 - Posted by | Another Late Post, Being A Miserable Cunt, Bleakest Despair, Clinical Fucking Depression, Low Self Esteem, Masturbation, Modern Roman Empire, My Fiction, Story Talk, Terribly Worried, Wednesday's update, Whining


  1. How about making a vore novel and try to get that published. Of course in a bit different than your stories but not far off. Scientists like your denfall setting fighting to determine and find why women are eaten. And also struggle in maybe military use is useless against these creatures and also The battle of the sexes men not caring since men find it hot. And women starting to adjust and find it desireable to get eaten or make use of it, talking out their competetion for a man or job. Even fights within the women with some sort of rebellion against the snakes and those for working and nursering Them like your rome stories.

    Comment by Martin | July 11, 2013 | Reply

  2. It would be controversial. It would be satirical.erotic. Fun. Sinister and scary at times

    Comment by Martin | July 11, 2013 | Reply

  3. It would be controversial. It would be satirical.erotic. Fun. Sinister and scary at times. I think it could work

    Comment by Martin | July 11, 2013 | Reply

  4. Write, write, write! Write anything just write. Its always sad to think about losing a very close loved one. Sorry I can’t be there for you a lot more. I love and miss you.

    Comment by Blackrain | July 11, 2013 | Reply

  5. I agree, write write write. You do so much better in your moods and general outlook when you’re writing. If you opt to publish I would suggest some e-publisher as a trial to see how things go. I use Smashwords personally because it’s free. I should give a fair warning though. While fetish/sex stories might be popular my attempt to publish vore has been a dismal failure (“Sick Puppy Sampler”). The publishers of the now defunct Misanthrope Press were encouraging me to re-new my efforts to write a “horror” book based on a “serial killer” but as I mentioned before I need a co-writer that’s a woman to pull it off correctly. It’s part of why I suggested we work together on it. Far as I’m concerned you can have all the profits for such a project since you need the coin and such to keep you in better spirits. Think about it again girl as I’ve loved working with you in the past!

    Comment by Falsdoon | July 12, 2013 | Reply

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