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Just checking in 🙂 Wandersmann, my friend, how was I to download that? And I can;t find your email addy ANYwhere! ARGH. Email me please??

I also have a megahuge sorta MRE story that’s sorta a drifting kinda thing. There is a story and a plot in it, but there’s also a lot of other things. Like serpents, and how they just keep swallowing women whole, then digesting them alive. What pests! How pesky! Trying to keep the house up, then the next minute your tucked tight in a hot, wet serpent belly. MMmmmmmm…  *bzzzzzzz*

Anyway, it lacks that something that has the special voice, but it does have a lot of women being eaten. A fine trade off, this time.


Scylla dug her toes into the sand of her Arena and smiled, sun warm on her bare skin. She was standing gloriously nude in the Coliseum, at the head of her Arena, waiting for her opponent to arrive. The Coliseum floor was broken into ten individual Arenas for nude women to fight forty food long hungry woman swallowing serpents. Her gigantic bare breasts were heavy on her chest; usually covered with a thin tunic, each immense flesh globe was several times larger than her head and thick with dense mammary gland tissue, her nipples almost painfully erect. She stood at almost five foot eight and would have weighed approximately one hundred fifteen pounds but her breasts alone brought her weight up to almost one ninety. The morning breeze between her legs and against her clean shaven vulva was wonderfully cool and she couldn’t wait for her opponent to arrive; her groin ached for orgasm.

A loud gurgle and sloshing sound behind her made her smile- she didn’t need to turn to see what it was. A long, fat rock python was lounging in the sun behind her, his swollen woman-filled belly working on breaking down the red haired woman he had defeated and swallowed whole in the combat before hers. The woman was being digested alive and the thought made her wet, her low belly tingling. She was so horny and about to engage in sacred nude woman against hungry woman swallowing serpent, so there was no one to fuck. She reached a hand between her legs and slid two fingers into her wet hole, rubbing her clit with her palm. Oh yeah, oh yeah. Playing with the cat with everyone in the Coliseum watching- and the thought made her hornier.

In the Arena across from hers the short thin blonde woman with thoroughly gigantic tits, each massive tit almost twice the size of a basketball and almost as spherical, dodged a strike from her opponent, a boa. Usually these serpents constricted but the Imperium des Sanguinem Ludicrum, Serpente Segregatio thoroughly trained that instinct out of the serpent brain. Now the boas, as well as all the other species of serpent, merely swallowed their women whole and digested them alive after defeating them in sacred combat. Not that serpents defeating their female opponents was always the outcome. One in five thousand women managed to defeat their opponents, the serpents seemingly confused at the actions of the nude weaponless woman. But the women in the Coliseum stands roared in approval when the serpent gently coiled the blonde woman, her body totally covered by coils of snake flesh but for her immense tits- there weren’t enough snake coils to wrap the woman and those huge tits, the serpent would have had to be twice as long for that. But while the blonde undoubtedly had bad back pains walking upright, her tits weren’t by far the biggest that Scylla had ever seen in modern Rome. In Rome, in fact the whole of the country of Italiat, women’s milk machines tended toward the gigantic. A woman with breasts only twice as large as her head was thought of as flat chested by other women, barely more than a boy. The average breasts tended toward the upward range of thirty five pounds of breast each. Large breasts made it plain difficult for a woman to even walk, and women with what were considered gigantic breasts couldn’t without outside help. But then the gathered women cheered again, the sound of vibrators rising beneath the cacophony of human voices as the serpent swallowed the woman’s head and started the process of taking her down to his tight stomach.

It was late morning and all around the Coliseum over seventy five serpents were lounging in the sand, immense woman-filled stomachs catching the sun. Each serpent had engaged in at least two sacred combats this morning, and every serpent had easily defeated their weaponless, nude woman then swallowed her whole as everyone in the Coliseum cheered. By the end of the day, at least another one hundred serpents would also be resting their woman stuffed bellies in the sand, digesting alive their defeated opponents. Not every combat ended up with the serpent breaking his opponent down into a thin nutrient paste; were that the case this would not be sacred combat and would just be the base feeding of women to serpents. While shoveling women down serpent throats would bring easily twice as many women masturbating in the seats as they had now this was sacred combat- and the nude,weaponless women fighting their forty foot long hungry woman swallowing serpents occasionally had something in them. Usually, one woman in five thousand would have some indefinable something and beat the odds. She would never have to kill her reptilian opponent- they were much too confused, seemingly not even considering the nude defenseless woman in front of their jaws as food. The watchers in the bleachers would be on their feet, shouting suggestions in anger. The woman would have to be quickly run out of the Arena to save her life from the women in the stands.

Scylla went to her knees as she rubbed her clit, leaning forward on her knees with her thighs spread and the other arm out before her and catching her. Her gigantic breasts were pressed into the sand, hard nipples in the cool under sand. Just keep the sand out of her cunt, she’d be fine, and oh Diana, oh Diana- and another slosh and rumble from the gut of the serpent behind her as it digested the red haired woman alive brought her over the edge- she cried out as she fell onto her tits, their huge size holding her up from the sandy arena floor. Oh Gods, she thought when she could. Her orgasms around serpents digesting living swallowed women were incredible. And while she had a vague image of herself winning her combat, she knew it was much more likely that she too would soon be held tight in an acid filled serpent stomach… and she felt her cunt tingle again.

Below the Coliseum, the Serpens Proeliis, was the Hall of Serpents. The Conciliabulum des Serpentium. This was a long blue and white tiled hallway filled with sets of opposing shower heads, a long black corrugated rubber strip running down the center of the hall. Between each set of shower heads was an open faced enclosure, homes to the giant serpents that fought in the Arenas. These serpents lived unsupervised in the long women’s communal shower, all two hundred and eighty of them. And while roughly one hundred and eighty of the serpents would be sunning their straining stomachs in the sand above by the end of the day, one or two women filling each gurgling belly, that left one hundred unsupervised hungry forty foot long serpents living among the defenseless nude showering women.

Euphemia stepped over the long anaconda that was swallowing some chick head first- it’s scaly lips were around her waist, it’s nose inching closer to her shaved cunt. The chicka being swallowed was petting her kitty hard, her pelvis bucking as she rubbed her clit with one hand, the other hand shoving her fingers into her wet hole. Phemia had been waiting for the serpent to swallow her deep enough she could use the shower without worrying about tripping over an arm or a leg, or the serpent suddenly twitching. Now that the woman’s head and upper body was deep into the serpent’s upper throat it didn’t move much anymore while swallowing the woman. When it had finished swallowing her, it’s mouth would finally close, with the woman’s feet sliding from inside it’s mouth into it’s throat, easing the woman closer down to it’s tight stomach then it would slither slowly away to digest the woman alive in peace.

The hot water spraying into her hair and running down her body felt so good. It’d been a long hot morning and Phemia needed to get clean again! She’d spent hours up in the bleachers with her skirt on it’s rack while she ran her batteries dead, almost front row seats this time, watching the sacred battles between nude woman and hungry woman swallowing serpent and buzzing her cunt with her vibrator. She had never seen a fight where the woman had come even close to winning and she spent hours every day, longer on weekends, at the battles after work, orgasm after wonderful fucking orgasm. So far she couldn’t think of anything more hot than watching some woman with huge tits getting coiled and swallowed whole. It might be possible that two women being swallowed whole and digested alive would be hotter. Three women? Nah, too many. The glow in her crotch couldn’t handle that thought. Maybe one day she’d sign up for a battle, see how she’d do in sacred combat. She too, she knew, would end up tucked tight in a serpent’s belly, but that would be fucking hot too.

As she soaped up her breasts, gently and lovingly, kneading the fat fleshy pillows and pulling gently on her nipples, at her feet the anaconda swallowed the woman’s feet and Phemia watched through slitted eyes as each swallow took the bulge of the swallowed woman down the length of the serpent, closer and closer to it’s tight, acid filled stomach. The sight made her lower belly warm, a tingle running through her crotch. She knew that any woman who watched any other woman being swallowed whole by a serpent was filled with a strong sexual urge, a deep giving need. She wanted, she needed, some kind of sexual action- whether or not it was a fat cock piercing her, filling her cunt with it’s wonderful rhythmic motion. Another woman’s wet tongue against her cunts lips would be wonderful as well, a strong tonguing against her clit until she rode it’s play toward orgasm. Anything! Without human action bringing her there, masturbation with anything would also be delicious.

Phemia knew, as all women did, that women are a serpent’s perfect food, and the modern woman especially so. Gigantic, mammary gland dense breasts tantalize and excite a serpent, while the simple touch of a woman’s skin on the scales of the reptile make’s the serpent wonder what that skin would feel like in it’s mouth, down it’s throat, tucked tight in it’s belly. The look and feel of a shaved vulva fascinates the serpent with the folds and thick lips, while the scent from that sweet pink hole drives a serpent into a frenzy of gluttony. A stomach straining from the many swallowed women within it is a feeling of satisfaction, of deep pleasure. A woman belongs within a serpent’s belly, and a serpent’s belly was made to hold women.

This last thought finally brought Phemia over the edge as she rubbing her clit, leaning against the tiled wall, legs spread and hands in her crotch. As she quivered with orgasm, this action caught the eye of a slithering python, it’s white scales slithering down the black rubber strip. It only had one woman in it’s belly and was eager for another to strain it’s stomach. It slid over Phemia legs and raised it’s head close to hers, jaws gaping. When Phemia opened her eyes she would only see the deep black tunnel of the python’s throat and then, and only then, the python would strike and swallow her head.

Pomona leaned back in her bleacher seat, draining her cup of beer as she watched Scylla masturbating in the sand below. All around her were the long serpents sleeping in the sun, fat bellies filled with swallowed women. She thought the place would be better if they just got rid of the fighting part and just fed more women to serpents. As it was, the serpents that fought in the Arenas swallowed about two hundred women every day. Get rid of the fighting and they could double the amount of women stuffed into serpent stomachs. Just the thought made her cunt so wet she almost needed a pad to stay dry. She wanted to pet her kitty right there in the bleachers. And while a lot of women did masturbate in the bleachers, in fact most of them did so openly (stripping off all clothing below the waist and hanging it carefully on racks the Coliseum provided for this purpose before sitting, then buzzing their cunts with vibrators for hours as they watched the women below fight, lose, and get swallowed whole and digested alive by their serpentine opponents), she just waited until she could get home and get comfortable in the bath and run the water straight between her legs.

The Coliseum had one hundred thousand seats and during the work week it usually filled about half those by nine each morning. Racks to hold a woman’s clothing were provided at each seat as well as a tray for food and drink. The higher seats came with binoculars at each chair attached by a chain and while any enterprising individual could easily make off with theirs should they choose, easily ninety eight percent of the binoculars remained in place and those removed were replaced quickly. The seats were comfortable and made for women to easily sit and get quick and easy access to their groins while watching the combats in the Arenas below. There were containers for battery disposal and two sockets for power. There was no privacy, because management had found that the masturbating women found greater pleasure if they knew that people watched them as they masturbated, and that they could also masturbate while watching other women masturbate.

Pomona sat up straighter when Scylla stood up, just in time to get coiled by her opponent, a long reticulated python. The serpent slid itself over and around her, rubbing it’s long woman-stuffed stomach between Scylla’s thighs, sliding it’s body head first between her gigantic tits then wrapping separately around the immense flesh globes; bringing her again and again to body wracking orgasm. When Scylla finally lay senseless the serpents coils, drenched in sweat and vaginal secretions, the serpent took her head in it’s mouth and started swallowing her whole and alive. And then, when Scylla was wedged tight in the stomach of the beast, it found a stretch of sand to rest it’s belly on while it took a nap in the hot sun. And then, when the serpent had closed it’s eyes, Pomona ran a hand under her skirt waistband and between her legs. That had been too hot, she was too horny; she’d have to pet the kitty now while the next nude woman was getting ready to get swallowed. She meant getting ready to fight her opponent.

Below the sand and the seats, while Pomona was masturbating in her chair, Mara was going over her forms. Like all women who worked in the Imperium des Sanguinem Ludicrum, Serpente Segregatio, she only wore, as a mark of distinction and honor, a single red skirt that barely hung to mid thigh and nothing else. This was a badge of honor shared by all women who worked in the section she did- she had fought and won in sacred combat between nude woman and hungry serpent. Other than that she wore only skin, from her bare feet to her huge bare tits that rode high on her chest, each huge globe several times larger than her head and the thumb thick nipples perpetually hard. The figures on the forms didn’t lie. Several years ago they had to build the Serpens Imbres building when so many women were fighting in combat and taking communal showers that the serpents that lived and worked in the building were getting dangerously obese from too few serpents swallowing too many women. It had taken decades for the old setting to get too small. Now, in only five years, the facts were in. Two hundred eighty new serpents, a whole new building put up, and the serpents were getting dangerously fat again. Too many women signing up for sacred combat each day, too many women taking communal showers here instead of the other communal shower buildings that dotted Rome. Of course, none of those other communal showers had the frisson of danger that these showers did. One thousand seperate and different women showered daily at the Proeliis, the same number at the Imbres. While the one hundred eighty serpents from each shower building that fought in the Coliseum each day were busy swallowing their opponents as fast as they could, each serpent could only physically swallow so many women daily. And while they had another hundred serpents in each building that lived in the communal showers they could rotate the Arena fighters with, the shower serpents were busy as well adding danger, and filling their huge bellies, below. The two hundred shower serpents could only do so much damage to the two thousand communal showerers at their very worst anyway- even if every serpent swallowed six showering women, that was still eight hundred surviving women that would tell their friends about the joys of the showers and then the next day even more women would come shower.

The serpents in the showers had only managed to swallow six women each only one, three years ago. Whether it was something in the air or something in the women, the serpents had been in an absolute frenzy. They swallowed women as fast as they could, filling their bellies dangerously full. Only when each serpent was hugely bloated with an average of six women in it’s stomach, did the frenzy stop. The largest serpents had managed to swallow eight women apiece, the smaller serpents only six. It had taken the serpents days to digest the women in their stomachs, and no women were swallowed in the showers until then. Since that day it had come back to normalcy with each serpent usually swallowing one or two women each.

She took a moment to close her eyes and lean her chair back, lifting her legs up onto her desk and flipping up her skirt to expose the smooth skin of her clean shaven vulva. She began to rub her clit with her eyes closed, imagining sliding down the throat of one of her serpents… it took only a minute before she achieved orgasm, squirting about a cupful of female ejaculate onto the seat of her chair. She sat in the thick fluid, pooled in her crotch, before opening her eyes. When she did, her assistant Hiserpina was standing there and looking at Mara, rubbing her own crotch as she did so. Serpina never wore her skirt, opting to go nude about her day and idly petting her kitty when she felt the need. She had the unerring ability to find and masturbate while watching Mara masturbate. Mara didn’t mind- the thought of Serpina masturbating as she was watching her pet the kitty made it hotter.

Mara was one of those women that won her combat with a hungry woman swallowing serpent because several genetic markers within her had switched off. Her skin didn’t give off the scent that drove a serpent mad with hunger. Even her vaginal scent was off- she didn’t smell like a human woman, she didn’t feel like one. During her combat she wasn’t swallowed whole and digested alive because her opponent didn’t see her as a woman, as food. Every woman that worked in the Serpente Segregatio had a different set of markers switched off but the end result was the same- the serpents that freely roamed every inch of the Serpente Segregatio didn’t see them as women, as food. And while that left every woman that worked there feeling empty and unfulfilled, it was also a mark of honor that they could safely work with all those woman hungry serpents.


Hopefully it’s good. Hopefully you read this monster 🙂


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  1. Great addition to your Roman shower snake combat story. Its good to see your back. I just wish we could find a time to meet and chat again. I have a few drawings I know you would love to see.

    Comment by blackrain | June 12, 2013 | Reply

  2. Just had to go to the bathroom and jerk off. Some much needed vore.

    Comment by Martin | June 13, 2013 | Reply

  3. Oh yeah, that was good. Definitely have a powerful need to take care of. Hopefully we can chat again soon.

    Comment by Greggory | June 13, 2013 | Reply

  4. well I certainly came hard from this story 😀

    Comment by ssfsdelta911 | June 16, 2013 | Reply

  5. Sent my comments on the side to you as you well know by thin=s time. I still think the multiple viewpoints/perspectives of this part is the strongest part. It can be a very useful tool to highlight something by giving a outlook different from what the reader might have. That you gave as many as you did was great. Focus it a bit more and you’ll have something kick ass t draw upon.

    Can you tell I’m more writer that monkey spanker? :-).

    Comment by Falsdoon | June 16, 2013 | Reply


    Saw this snake and thought of you….. ask me, I think a woman is missing in that snake belly

    Comment by Martin | June 23, 2013 | Reply

  7. Hmm. This may be of some interest. Title is “the world’s biggest snake found alive!!! NEW 2013 !!! malaki ahas”.

    Comment by W M | June 30, 2013 | Reply

    • The link where a snake ate a cow kinda gives all of us some hope for you, Anne 🙂

      Comment by Falsdoon | July 1, 2013 | Reply

  8. Here’s another fun link for you, Anne. 🙂

    Comment by TheCountAlucard666 | July 2, 2013 | Reply

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