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I Know I Need To Finish The Diamond/Denfall Saga

but until then, here is some more Modern Roman Empire material!


Pomona walked into the Disciplina Serpente building, expecting the normal hustle and bustle sounds and finding nothing but silence. No, not quite silence- there was a faint gurgling sound, like water running down a drain. Oh Jupiter and Diana, thought Pomona, holding her face in her hands. What on Mundus Iste Formosus was going on? It was nine o’Clock on a dies Lunae and while a lot of her younger understudies might be nursing a hangover there should have been some of the older understudies getting on with their work. And what on Mundus Iste Formosus was that gurgling noise?

As she walked down the main corridor leading to the Disciplina Arena where the older serpents were trained to fight women without harming them she noted that the younger serpents in their cages were going unfed. Bad, bad. The serpents this young were fed live rats, live chickens, training them to eat live food. The rats and chickens were de-clawed, de-beaked/teethed so they could not harm the young serpents. Those serpents that swallowed their prey feet/tail first were praised and given special treats. As the serpents aged and grew larger and longer, their prey also grew larger. It was only when the serpent was fifteen feet long or more that they were given their first woman to swallow whole and digest alive.

Well, when she figured out what was going on she could get the understudies to feed the younger serpents. And if the understudies didn’t have sufficient excuses for their dereliction this morning… well, they could feed the older serpents, and be the first woman that the serpents would swallow whole and digest alive.

Just before the final corridor turn that led into the Disciplina Arena there was an empty cage with an open door and Pomona felt her feet grow very cold. That was a bad sign. She peeked carefully around the corner and scanned the Arena and there he was, there was the missing serpent, the serpent that should have been in the empty cage. And he was… sleeping. And fat. So very, very fat. And as she listened, she could tell that it was his gigantic, bloated belly that was gurgling and sloshing so loudly. Shanguine was an Amazonian anaconda, almost sixty feet long from the tip of his scaly snout to the pointed end of his tail. Normally, an anaconda his size could swallow something six to ten feet in length, possibly longer if he really worked at it. And while a serpent was very stretchy, an anaconda that was a foot thick around his belly couldn’t swallow much of anything  that was three or four feet from side to side. So while normally an anaconda Shanguine’s size could swallow a large, full grown horse and possibly a second smaller horse if he was starving that would normally be it. But Shanguine was their star, trained from the very moment he was hatched.

He swallowed his first full sized mature adult woman whole when he was barely two months old and hadn’t eaten anything but women from that moment on. He loved swallowing women and digesting them alive. He didn’t consider women merely his food- he loved women, loved eaten them, loved swallowing them and taking them into his body, loved them in his belly, loved digesting them alive. He gave every women he swallowed multiple orgasms during the entire process- indeed, even as the woman was breathing her last as she was digested alive, she was usually just starting to come down from all the multiple orgasms, and sometimes ramping up for another as she left the world of the living and her body entered the stage of becoming a soft nutritional paste.

At sixty feet long and a foot and a half at his thickest, Shanguine had been trained for decades. He should have been able to swallow whole an digest alive up to ten women if he was very very hungry. Even at that the women had to end up positioned just so in his stomach as he swallowed them, wriggling and squirming and gasping, eyes rolled back and shuddering from mind bending orgasm. Possibly he could have swallowed twelve, maybe thirteen women into his belly, their bodies stuffed tight into his stomach as his digestive juices washed them, breaking the women down into a loose and sloppy juice. But the belly on Shanguine was incredible, almost obscene. He must have swallowed every single woman that worked in the Disciplina that morning, one by one. Pomona took a moment to imagine Shanguine swallowing all those women, their nude bodies entering his mouth and being worked into his throat; their naked torsos, immense breasts and tight abdomens, pert buttocks and shaved vulvas sliding down his throat and then their long wet limbs and saliva slick bodies being wedged into his stomach through the stomach sphincter… she felt her lower belly heat up and knew she was getting wet; her nipples were tight and her breasts ached to be touched.

It was insane- Shanguine must have swallowed, had to have swallowed whole and alive, all twenty six women that worked at the Disciplina, barring herself of course. But the belly on this serpent stretched from just above his tail to just under his neck, achieved from literally decades of careful stretching. Enforced gluttony had stretched the serpent belly until he could force his stomach to stretch the entire length of his body, filling that enormous muscle sac with women. And right now that stretched tight muscle sac was filled with more swallowed women than any trainer had ever thought was possible. She walked up to the stretched out serpent, his bloated belly almost painfully tight. The women inside his stomach were pressed against the muscle of the stomach and the muscles that moved his body, then the scales of the “skin” that he slithered about on, yet Pomona could see the women in his stomach almost as if they were simply wearing a snakeskin as they lounged about- giant breasts with tight nipples on a leisurely woman here, and over there was another nude woman masturbating, her hands and fingers exploring her gaping cunt.

A loud sloshing interrupted her, startling her as a great wash of digestive juices ran over the women in his stomach, working on breaking them down into a thin paste- yet that was going to take many many hours if not days- this many women filling his stomach was a gargantuan task of digestion. Especially since these women were being digested alive- a touch and go proposition for a serpent belly at the best of times. How to best digest a living woman in a serpent stomach, keeping her alive as long as possible even as she is digested away until life can no longer possibly be kept. And now, trying to digest twenty six women at the same time!

At no time did Pomona even consider the possibility of rescuing the women inside the serpent’s stomach. They were alive, all of them. And with this many women inside his belly, the digestive fluids would be so washed out and thin just to cover all of them- the worst state any of them would be in would be loss of hair, painfully red skin on some of them. It would be at least one or two days of being digested alive before any of the women that the serpent had swallowed whole would be in any state that death would be preferable to being alive. Yet, even as she looked at the panting serpent laying on the floor before her, huge belly stretched out tight with all the women he had swallowed whole inside of him, it never even crossed her mind that these women inside the serpent belly should be rescued. That they should not be digested alive. After all, the serpent had swallowed them all fair and square- obviously the serpent would not be able to catch any of them by surprise- a sixty foot long serpent was not stealthy, especially when his belly was full of women he had been swallowing. And if any of the women, barring maybe the first fifteen he had swallowed whole and was now digesting alive, had not wanted to be swallowed whole they could have gotten away. A belly that full of swallowed women would preclude him being able to effectively take down any woman who did not want to be swallowed whole and digested alive.

Although not any of the women would have WANTED to be swallowed whole and digested alive- not even the twenty sixth woman the serpent had caught and swallowed whole. By that time, he would have been slithering slowly, so slowly with his belly stuffed with twenty five swallowed women, nude and packed together inside his tight stretched belly.


Eh- All that I have done on that piece. It’s just a toss-piece, written one night to try and feel horny 🙂


May 12, 2013 - Posted by | Another Late Post, Friday's Post, Modern Roman Empire, My Fiction, Sexually excited, Snakes Eating Women


  1. I am horny now

    Comment by Martin | May 12, 2013 | Reply

  2. “try and feel horny”?
    Worked for me. If that wasn’t enough, you must really be in a bad place. 😛
    Need some help with that? 😉

    Comment by Greggory | May 12, 2013 | Reply

  3. Not what I was hoping for, but still a fun read.

    Comment by TheCountAlucard666 | May 12, 2013 | Reply

  4. Great addition to the Roman story Anne. I love how the women looked through the snakes skin as they where all packed in there. How she coukd see the one women masterbating through the skin. Wonderful little story.

    Comment by blackrain | May 12, 2013 | Reply

  5. Proof positive that good help is so hard to find…and keep. 🙂

    Comment by Falsdoon | May 15, 2013 | Reply

    • Or that all the girls at work just want to dick/masterbate at work instead of working. Wanting to do it inside a snakes stomach.

      Comment by blackrain | May 15, 2013 | Reply

      • I think that’s more our dream than theirs. Were that the case methinks many a guy wouldn’t mind Mondays and would lament Fridays 🙂

        Comment by Falsdoon | May 16, 2013

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