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Still Depressed, But Working On Stories Anyway

This takes place in the Modern Roman Empire, in the Nubian Empire. It’s a dense piece and I think fairly well written! Also sexy as all fuck- I schlicked for Rudy a lot with this one :)——————————————————

It was while Anippe was showering at the Cairo Serpens Proeliis Et Imbres watching a black 28 foot long rock serpent swallowing a woman and masturbating wetly as she did, it’s scaly lips almost down to her navel (it was swallowing her head first. She had been coiled from behind and had fallen to the blue tiled floor under the weight of the coils of the serpent. Before she could make a sound, the gaping mouth of the serpent had fallen over her stricken face and her fate was written; she was now just food for the hungry woman swallowing monster, it’s belly already swollen with the writhing bodies of the women it had already swallowed alive, that was swallowing her whole and was going to digest her alive), that she realized- as much as she enjoyed masturbating while watching woman swallowing serpents swallow other women whole to digest them alive, no matter how full of swallowed women their bellies were full of, their stomachs swollen with the swallowed bodies of naked women being digested alive as they slithered along the corrugated rubber flooring to their ineffable serpent business, she was almost certain that she probably didn’t want to be swallowed whole and digested alive herself.  This was her fourth long shower of the day; the heat of the long hot Cairo day made sweating inevitable and one could either live with sweat or wash it off- Anippe, along with 99.9 percent of the other women in Cairo, wanted to shower. Let the men swelter in their own juices. This was modern Cairo in the twenty first century of what the Romans called “Mundus iste formosus”, Our Beautiful World.

Much of modern life was simple adapted ancient life. Women showered several times a day because of the heat, as women had for several thousand years throughout Egypt and the other lands of the Nubian Empire. Clothing was largely the same as it was thousands of years ago, simply constructed in a quicker, more modern fashion. Casual public nudity was just that- casual and nothing to be made spectacle of- a large portion of Cairo women wore nothing but sandals and makeup when they left the house, the same as had happened for thousands of years. The Roman Serpens Proeliis and Serpens Imbres were new- sacred combat between woman and serpent had never been anything the Nubian women did- even now, few Cairo women felt the urge to fight a serpent in the arena; a nude woman with gigantic breasts and no weapons versus a serpent at least twenty foot long, hungry for women to fill it’s belly, was still seen as odd- unusual. If a nude, giant breasted woman was able to wrestle and defeat the coils of the woman eating serpent she had the right to kill the serpent she had defeated, or she could soften the serpent’s defeat and let it go back to it’s enclosure in the Imbres, surrounded by wet, naked, defenseless showering women. Some women softened the serpent’s defeat even further, and when the serpent headed back to it’s enclosure in the Imbres, the winning woman went with it, her nude body stuffed tight in the serpent belly, awash in digestive fluids.

At this time, most women in Cairo preferred to watch the sacred combat between woman and serpent. This made for two unfortunate things every day- the stands were usually full, almost always standing room only even as they were in Rome. But unlike in Rome, where there were more nude women waiting to engage in sacred combat between naked woman and serpent than there was time to exhibit every nude woman locked between the jaws of a hungry woman swallowing serpent, making her slow sensuous journey from the world of light to the world of gurgling stomachs and digestive juices, there were only a few naked women daily willing to take the chance and pit themselves against the wiles of the slithering serpent.

Every day, only sixty or seventy nude huge breasted Nubian women would take to the Arena, very rare those days that even as few as two hundred women would volunteer. These few brave naked Nubian women standing off against their opponent, the eight inch thick and thirty foot long hungry woman swallowing serpent, a serpent whose belly might already by swollen with the swallowed bodies of one or sometimes two brave but vanquished nude Nubian women. These serpents would brazenly brandish their stuffed bellies at their female opponents, as if inviting them to join the nude swallowed women already gurgling and sloshing in their acidic homes. When the battles had begun and the naked Nubian women were enmeshed in the serpentine coils, it seemed almost on purpose that the serpents would rub their gurgling woman-filled stomachs against the women in their locks, sliding their scaled bellies between thighs and against sensitive breasts and wet pussies and bringing their opponents to gasping orgasm. And when the victorious serpent opened his jaws and gently took in the head of his exhausted, sweaty skinned faux Amazon into his greedy mouth and slid her down his throat and into his stomach- well, there was never a dry cunt in the stands- indeed, most if not all the women watching the sacred combats between nude woman and serpent would be masturbating the entire time, from the moment the female fighter was taken into the coils of the hungry woman swallowing serpent, to the time when the serpent lay spent in the sand, sleeping, belly bulging with the bodies of his swallowed opponents.

Oooh, it makes my cunny just tingle when I read this! And I’m the one that wrote it! Narcissism train, one ticket please 🙂


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  1. Sometimes I just can’t help but imagine enjoying these stories with you, getting turned on and enjoying your reactions.

    Comment by Greggory | April 30, 2013 | Reply

    • I wish Rudy was well enough to do more than lay there and watch me masturbate as I read these to him. What I would like him to do, or, if we change things around, YOU to do, would be:

      I would be lying on my back as I read, feet pulled up and knees apart. You would be licking my cunny as I read, trying to make it hard for me to read. And then when I got close to orgasm, your own cock hard and twitching and needing to bury itself into my wet cunny, you would switch positions- I would take my hands to my cunny and bring myself to orgasm as you slid your cock between my lips, into my mouth, then down my throat- and you fucked my throat hard. And as I came, you would too- shoving your cock into my throat so hard and so deep your balls filled my mouth as they twitched and pumped their hot cum deep down my throat, one of your hands on my forehead, the other on my chin and your cock and balls entirely in my throat and mouth until we were both spent.

      Then I would start reading again 😉

      Comment by anne2snakie | April 30, 2013 | Reply

      • Yeah, but at what part of the reading would the giant snake come in? 😛

        Comment by TheCountAlucard666 | April 30, 2013

      • TCA666 – He’d send it in when he was done with me, had no more use for me. Then it would be time for the snake to get rid of me 🙂

        Comment by anne2snakie | April 30, 2013

  2. Me need to ponder before me articulate (ook ook).
    Too tired at the moment to even think about attempting that but at least wanted to let you know I read it.
    Ook ook

    Comment by Falsdoon | April 30, 2013 | Reply

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