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The world came to a slow distinct stop right then. He had thought this devil beast in his throat had been an angel. He felt so  stupid, so betrayed. How could he have believed she was anything but the vicious she-beast he had thought she was? Two slow heart beats passed and in a sudden burst of rage he swallowed two, four, six enormous swallows. The first time took his nose up to the base of her throat, her huge breasts pushed up around her face. The second swallow took the tip of his nose up to her chin, or where her chin would be under the mass of tits in his mouth. The third heavy swallow took her head just into his mouth, buried in her own tits pushed up around her face and over her head. The fourth swallow took her head down to the back of his mouth, just at the top of his throat- her behemoth breasts still filling his mouth almost painfully, her tight hard nipples still far out of his mouth.  The fifth enraged swallow took her head into his throat with her body and he could feel her masturbating again as he swallowed her whole and alive. The greater mass of her breasts still filled his mouth, her nipples still just outside his scaly lips. To an outside viewer, his mouth would have appeared to be filled with gigantic flesh pillows, side by side, hard nipples on those tits still outside his lips even as Dr. Denfall’s body was inside his throat. The sixth swallow brought her body deeper into his throat, her feet deep inside him, her hands working at her crotch as she neared another orgasm inside him, her head a full foot inside his throat and her breasts only now just inside his mouth fully, hard nipples inside his mouth, also nearing his throat. Only another swallow and she would be entirely swallowed into his body, taking the trip down his throat to his stomach where she would be digested alive. But it was then his brain stopped his raging body- she would feel so good in his stomach, but it was where she wanted to be. And when everyone, including the police got hold of the video evidence then that would be it. Right now his career was in shambles but he had his life. If he digested her alive, he wouldn’t even have that.

The first video on the monitor finished, and another started- him swallowing a busty west German lab assistant and that brought him back to complete sanity. He had to get this woman in his throat out and back into the world. She deserved being digested alive, but he didn’t deserve what would come afterward. Her one arm that barely emerged from the mass of tits in his mouth was waving for his attention- her wrist just outside his scaley lips and first pointing down at her general direction in his throat, then the general direction of where she thought the monitor was at this time, then repeat. Even down his throat and half smothered by her own tits she was still trying to be in control. He felt like crying, his life ruined. And although the woman in his throat, that hideous she-beast, that wretched monster of a woman deserved digestion, he closed his eyes and began to relax. He slid with a thud off the end of the chair until he was laying flat on the floor, woman in his throat and mouth still wonderfully full of tits. He relaxed, then pushed from deep within him.

He’d only regurgitated prey once or twice in his life and at no time did he like it. It was slightly painful, and worse of all, it let a woman, food, out of his body or stomach. Wrong, wrong, wrong. He pushed from inside, relaxing at his mouth and felt her move. Again, and she started slowly sliding outward. It felt awful. She kept moving outward, his deep inward pushing getting stronger and feeling worse. And then, in a gush of fluid, she burst out of his mouth and across the carpeted floor. Oh GOD that hurt, it hurt, he hated feeling!

Then he slowly coiled himself up until he was looking down at her wet, nude body, her eyes looking up at him. She just looked at him, waiting for him to speak.

“You are a terrible, terrible, person,” he said, fluid dripping from his mouth. “We are through in every way.” He turned as he slithered, leaving the room, trailing saliva and fluid behind him.


It’s a jiller 🙂

April 15, 2013 - Posted by | Generalized Rambling, Gigantic Tits, I Masturbated, Makes Me Horny, Masturbation, Weekend Post


  1. An improvement – not to say that the original wasn’t fine! 😉

    Comment by TheCountAlucard666 | April 15, 2013 | Reply

  2. We need to skype soon

    Comment by Martin | April 15, 2013 | Reply

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