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Nearing The End Here

Almost done! Does this fit the tone? Is it believable? I hope so! Let me know in the comments!


Dr. Hightower smiled as he ushered Dr. Denfall into his office. She was very punctual and he liked that, he liked that quite a bit. Dr. Denfall was dressed conservatively this morning, as was becoming a highly respected research scientist. There was much to recommend about this young woman and in the current situation that was surrounding them all, that was good to have in her corner. After sitting her in the comfortable chair he used for his guests he sat in his own heavy leather chair behind the imposing oak desk.

Conservative dress for an up and coming respected research scientist was a white silk blouse so closely tailored it may as well have been painted on, hugging her gigantic breasts that were so firm and tight they had never needed the support of a bra although each huge breast was many times larger than her head. Her hard cherry red nipples pressed so hard against the tight material there was a risk of them tearing through. The silk blouse only came down to just under her rib cage, leaving her tight young belly bare. The mini mini skirt she wore rode so high that when she sat in the soft faux leather chair it openly displayed her clean shaven vulva. She wore simple white stockings just above her ankles inside her black flat platform shoes.

“Dr. Denfall,” he said, staring at her through his thick black framed glasses. She looked back at him through her own glasses, soft blue eyes trusting. “Dr. Denfall, please understand, first and foremost, that I understand entirely your side of the issue. First and foremost, the safety of all our staff members is very important to myself and all of our high level scientists. I do not want a single person on our staff rolls to feel endangered.

“On the other hand, Dr. Denfall, please listen to what I have to say. Why not just let Dr. Diamond swallow you whole and digest you alive?”

He sat there with a smile on his face for a long time before Dr. Denfall realized that was it, that was the entirety of what he had to say on the subject.

“Well,” said Dr. Denfall. “There is a small matter of legality. It is illegal for snakes to swallow women whole and digest them alive. It is still considered murder.”

“Oh, bother,” he said, removing his glasses and rubbing his eyes. “This isn’t about legal or illegal. This is about letting Dr. Diamond swallow you whole and digest you alive. This entire situation is my fault, I’ve let this go on far longer than it should have and it’s nearly destroyed Dr. Diamond- both his career, and the snake himself. No journal will publish him, his reputation is ruined, and he’s become almost useless as a research scientist. Now, admitted, it might not help at this point, but why not just let him swallow you whole and digest you alive?”

“If you aren’t worried about the legalities, then morally and ethically-”

“We both know that there is nothing immoral or unethical about you being swallowed whole by a giant talking intelligent snake and then being digested alive. And we both realize that the pressures of social change will make the swallowing whole and digesting alive of women by talking and non-talking snakes legal in the next year or two.” Dr. Hightower sighed and put his glasses back on.

“I can’t make you do anything you don’t want to do. Let me reassure you, no matter your choice, you will have a job here either until either we solve the problem we have been gathered to solve, or you suffocate inside Dr. Diamond’s stomach. But as a woman, you are food first and a research scientist with a life of her own second. I am simply asking you as a personal favor to me to let Dr. Diamond swallow you whole and then digest you alive.”

Dr. Denfall closed her eyes and sat in silence for over a minute. She then stood up as she started talking. “Dr. Hightower,” she said as she started unbuttoning her blouse. “I accepted the position here for two reasons. The first was the chance to work on the problem of more and more creatures around the globe becoming woman eaters and woman swallowers.” She folded her blouse and set it on the corner of Dr. Hightower’s desk, gigantic nude breasts wobbling and bouncing freely as she did so. “As a research scientist I found, and still find, the problem fascinating.” She shimmied the minimini skirt down her hips, then bent and picked it up off the floor, taking the opportunity to bend over and present Dr. Hightower with a frank view of her pert buttocks, cute puckered anus, and tight cunt. “The second was the chance to torment and possibly destroy Dr. Diamond.” She folded the skirt and set it on top of the blouse.

“Dr. Finlay was a good friend of mine, and when I heard she went missing and Dr. Diamond was working on the team with her when she vanished, I knew it was he that had swallowed her whole and digested her alive. I’ve followed his career,  known his reputation as a predator.” She stood naked in front of Dr. Hightower, save for the platform shoes she was still wearing. “I wanted revenge, Dr. Hightower, pure and simple. But after I got here and began tormenting Dr. Diamond, I also learned something about myself.”

Dr. Hightower sat behind his desk, looking over her nude body and politely waiting for her to continue.

“At first, the idea of being swallowed whole and digested alive terrified me. But I have slowly come to understand my feelings about my role as being a woman, and being food. I forgave Dr. Diamond a long time ago for swallowing my friend and digesting her alive. I’ve been tormenting Dr. Diamond because of my own feelings about being food.

“I am finally at peace with myself about being food. Dr. Hightower, if Dr. Diamond will still have me, I will gladly let him swallow me whole and digest me alive. No more tricks, no more traps.”

Dr. Hightower smiled gratefully, then stood. “Thank you very much, Dr. Denfall. That sets my mind at ease, and I certainly hope Dr. Diamond will let it ease his as well. Let me call him in.”

Love y’all!


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  1. Does it work? Yes, it can given the style of you’re writing. It wouldn’t work if _I_ tried to do that because my writing style is different. Another reason I’ve been reluctant to offer too much advice when I’ve e-mailed you because I didn’t want to muddle things up. As such this will, when finished, stand as another story in the fun “Annie style” you’re so well known for.

    Now with THAT being said I want to also say that I hope you will continue with your M.R.E. stories. Someone mentioned they didn’t like it as much as the above. That’s because they’re use to your traditional style and new takes some getting use to sometimes, However the style you’re using there is a quantum leap for you.and could easily be something of mythic proportion for you if you continue with it. Personally I hope you do and it’s great to watch as things develop.

    Consider yourself officially encouraged on all points.

    Comment by Falsdoon | April 10, 2013 | Reply

  2. Ooh, a genuine surrender, or cunning gambit? Either way, a tasty denouement lies ahead! 😀

    Comment by TheCountAlucard666 | April 10, 2013 | Reply

  3. I feel the end is near for are poor doctor and a soon to be happy full snake. I wonder what kind of send off she going to get?

    Comment by blackrain | April 10, 2013 | Reply

  4. So hot to hear a woman surrender to death

    Comment by Martin | April 10, 2013 | Reply

  5. How goes it, Anne? Will you have something for us tonight?

    Comment by TheCountAlucard666 | April 12, 2013 | Reply

  6. Ah, my fans 🙂 I will have something SOONEST! Promiso! And if break my promise, may a snake swallow me whole and digest me alive! Ooooh, now when I put it THAT way, maybe I WON’T have something 😉

    Comment by anne2snakie | April 13, 2013 | Reply

    • You only get to go into a nice warm wet snakes stomach until you have written a few more stories.

      Comment by Blackrain | April 13, 2013 | Reply

      • Quite right! Stay out of snake tummies until your stories are finished! 😛

        Comment by TheCountAlucard666 | April 13, 2013

  7. Not fair! (stamps foot) I wanna be eaten by a snake! I wanna be stuffed inside a hot, wet, tight snake tummy! (frowns furiously) Not fair, I tell you. All the other bitches getta be digested alive. (sighs) Oh well. Maybe one or two more stories, then *I* get to be swallowed whole and digested alive too!!

    Comment by anne2snakie | April 13, 2013 | Reply

    • You have to bring a web cam with you so we can see you being digested.

      Comment by Martin | April 13, 2013 | Reply

    • That sounds like a good deal. also bring a wireless keyboard with you so you can write will in the snakestummy.

      Comment by blackrain | April 13, 2013 | Reply

    • The serpent squeezes playfully at his prey, watching the wiggling mass of female meat reach orgasm in his clutches.

      “So spirited,” he hisses, “I haven’t so much as tasted you yet…”

      “Eat me,” she moans, desperate to feel herself encased in slimy wet stomach.

      “Oh, I will,” promises the glistening serpent. “…but first there’s something you’ve gotta do…”

      “Anything,” she moans, wriggling to push an eager hand down to her dripping sex.

      “Finish your story! I can’t eat until I find out what happens to Dr. Denfall!” He then brings her close, her face pressed into his open mouth, until she climaxes again.

      Comment by TheCountAlucard666 | April 13, 2013 | Reply

      • you do good 🙂 As for lactation, I will tell you. It’s the same as in our world- breasts make milk 🙂 No, all right. Unlike in our world, because of the RNA retrovirus, the various hormone combinations created by pregnancy are not necessary. At moderately random times, the ovaries produce all the hormones necessary for the breasts to create milk. The mammary glands fire up and start pumping, increasing the size of the breasts by ten to twenty pounds each. Milk starts flowing down the ducts when it builds up too much, or when suction at the nipple calls for it. Then, of course, the glands and ducts REALLY start to flow! A good healthy set of breasts, fifty to sixty pounds of mammary glands tissue each, could easily produce ten to twenty gallons of milk daily (if, somehow, the woman could drink enough water to produce that much milk! Of course, they could be “magic tits” like they show in most comics and stories where the woman eats and drinks normally, and yet STILL manages to produce ten to twenty gallons in a five to six hour period! Not so in MY stories- I use “science lite” 🙂 Any woman has to drink/eat at least one quarter of food/water of the milk to be produced. And no, huge tits don’t have “milk sloshing around in there”- milk is produced in the mammary gland tissue which flows down the ducts to the nipple. No “sloshing around in there” like the breast is just a balloon.)

        Comment by anne2snakie | April 14, 2013

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