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Very First Draft Latest Denfall / Diamond Chapter

Hey, VERY first draft. I was trying hard to get it done TONIGHT.


‘Well, he’s doing it,’ thought Dr. Denfall as Dr. Diamond’s jaws closed over her head. ‘I can’t believe he’s really doing it!’ Dr. Diamond’s scaly lips rippled as he moved his head side to side, working his jaws over her shoulders. Dr. Denfall rubbed her clit as Dr. Diamond’s snout slid between her breasts, her lower jaw between her shoulder blades. She couldn’t believe how good it felt to grind her clit into the pads at the base of her fingers as Dr. Diamond slowly swallowed, again and again, his lips sliding down her belly, getting closer, so closer, to her wet pussy. She almost came when Dr. Diamond’s jaws slid over her ass, only her legs now unswallowed- her body inside the throat of the anaconda. Again and again he swallowed, taking her deeper into his throat, her toes closer and closer to his mouth…

Until her toes slid into his mouth, her body from the ankles down inside his throat and her head so much closer to his stomach… And he swallowed again and her feet entered his throat, her entire body swallowed and she did come then. Pleasure erupted through her entire body and she shook- and when her orgasm was finished…

Dr. Denfall reached forward and clicked off the monitor where she had been watching Dr. Diamond swallow whole his latest lab assistant. He had talked the young woman into taking off all her clothes and setting back on the floor. He then swallowed her slowly, her entire body wet, and digested her alive over the next several days. Dr. Denfall couldn’t believe how good it had felt to masturbate while watching Dr. Diamond swallow the young woman whole and alive.  She had the entire video sequences of Dr. Diamond swallowing whole every lab assistant he had ever had… and this was two wonderful things. First it was a wonderful treasure trove of masturbation material- already her clit was begging her to be tangled with again. But two, it was video proof that Dr. Denfall had been swallowing young women and digesting them alive. And while everyone knew that’s what talking snakes did to live, it was still technically illegal.

Oh, Dr. Diamond, you belong to me. And when I am done with you, that’ll be me in that belly. No, she thought as she bit her knuckle. I meant, your ass is mine.

Oh hell.
Dr. Diamond coiled outside Dr. Denfall’s office, seething. What did that awful woman want now? There wasn’t much she could do to make his life worse. His career was in shambles- every time he said more than two words to her he had to deal with another sexual misconduct complaint. Dr. Hightower no longer referred to him as ‘Dr.’, and simply asked if he was ready to resign yet when they met in the halls. His papers were being dissected in the journals, his name was being dragged in the mud in the newspapers. And in the middle of this spider web of evil was that Denfall woman. And every time he thought he could get out from underneath her boot he found out she was already stomping on him from the other side.

At last he tapped on the door, flicking the tip of his tail against the oak door of her office. Oak. My door is pressed wood, her door is oak. Regardless, the sound was loud in the hallway where he sat coiled and must have been in her office. Her office with the oak door. Fucking cunt office with the fucking cunt oak door.

“Enter,” said Dr. Denfall from inside, her voice a sweet counterpoint to the she-creature that owned it. To hear that voice brought up visions of delicious, naked angels, their silken skin a gentle touch as it slid between the lips and down the throat. Soft, warm pillowy breasts, each much, much larger than the angelic head and so wondrous to the tongue and between those meaty thighs a vulva that gave off the scent and taste of heaven. Instead it was Dr. Denfall the voice belonged to- and while Dr. Diamond suddenly realized his vision of a naked angel actually was the real flesh and blood Dr. Denfall, her actions were so evil as to belong only to Satan.

And when the door swung open of it own action, a mechanical system built into all doors as a courtesy to talking snakes, Jet Diamond felt his breath taken away. Dr. Denfall was again sitting naked in a chair before him- her blonde hair hanging loose around her shoulders, framing her face. Her blue eyes met his with no barrier of glass as she was not wearing her glasses. Her gigantic naked breasts, each wonderful meat pillow topped with brilliant pink bullet hard nipple, lay on her upper thighs. They had no sag to them, their natural size brought them settled gently against her legs. Her legs were spread as she slouched in her seat, shaved vulva open to him. The thick outer lips gaped open naturally, the thinner inner lips mostly together yet still open at their base, hinting at the fragrant tunnel still kept secret. Her feet were bare, soles flat against the carpeted office floor.

“What- what horrible thing are you going to do to me now?” asked Dr. Diamond after a moment, throat dry. “What complaint are you going to make?”

“No complaint,” said Dr. Denfall, sliding her feet together and then forward, toward him. “Nothing horrible. I’m giving up. Please, swallow me. Swallow me whole, swallow me down into your stomach, please digest me alive.” Her skin flushed bright pink as she said this and Dr. Jet Diamond was enveloped in the undeniable scent of complete female arousal. The heavy, musky scent of aroused female vulva, vaginal fluids as her body prepared for sex. This total arousal, breasts tightening and nipples scrunching even harder, pupils of her eyes so wide she no longer had an iris so all she could see was him. And it was all because she was ready for him to swallow her whole, to digest her alive. Dr. Jet Diamond felt her arousal grab him hard- his stomach growled, his mouth flooded with saliva to make it easy to swallow her whole and alive, the muscles of his throat relaxing so she could slide down to his stomach easier.

He slithered forward and she raised her petite feet to him, small toes neat and toenails clipped short. Such delicious looking feet. “Do you mean this?” he whispered. She nodded, feet at his scaly lips and huge breasts wobbling and bouncing with the small motion. Her feet looked literally good enough to eat. He opened his jaws only an inch, as if afraid she would get up and run away, easing them slowly toward the offered toes. When she stayed were she was he opened his jaws in a gape wide enough to slide her in and not touch jaws until her beautiful, wonderful tits got caught, throat open at the back of his mouth, a black wet tunnel leading in. His flickering tongue caught a deeper wave of arousal from her own pink tunnel, the deep musk intoxicating. From the smell she was sexually aroused to the point the thick delicious lubrication that oozed from her gates to heaven would easily allow something as large as a human leg to slide easily into her sexual opening, perhaps until the man had wedged his leg up to his own waist within her.

Dr. Denfall set her feet carefully upon his tongue and he slowly closed his mouth, carefully, until his lips were against the upper and lower sides of her ankles. She was going to do it. Dr. Denfall was actually going to let him do this- he was going to swallow her whole, he was going to digest her alive and right now she was his angel. She was his beautiful, delicious angel and he swallowed carefully. He looked up at her as he did swallow, gently taking her feet deeper into his mouth. This action would normally have pulled the woman he was swallowing toward him, dragging her across the surface and into his throat. Since she was sitting naked in a leather like chair, that action would only drag the chair with her until it fell over on them both. Instead, he slithered forward as he swallowed, moving himself up her body as he swallowed. Her eyes were closed right now as he took her feet into his mouth, and her left hand was working in her crotch, fingers wet as she masturbated. The sound was already loud and  sloppy, and neither of them cared at this moment. The action helped spread the wonderful, heavy, drug like smell around the room and down against his tongue. Closer look as he watched her masturbating as he swallowed her proved she was sitting on a towel spread on the chair- she would easily slide out of the chair and into his stomach this way. This angle also let him watch her huge breasts wobble and bounce like two gigantic stacks of jello being repeatedly rocked back and forth.

He carefully swallowed again, now taking her feet into the back of his mouth, just at the top of his throat. His nose was now at her mid calf and coming up on her wonderful knees. He must be dreaming, he thought as he continued to swallow this woman whole and alive. She continued masturbating as he swallowed her legs, taking her into his throat. Her eyes were screwed shut tight and she was gasping as she worked at her vulva and clitoris with one hand, her other hand massaging and clutching at her gigantic breast. She was grabbing the nipple and pulling, wrenching a handful of breast with one hand, then rubbing the skin lightly in the next moment.  He swallowed for a third time, his nose now at her knees and the outer edge of his lip against the seat of the chair. Dr. Denfall leaned back in her chair, trying to breath and unable, caught in the grip of a wonderful orgasm.

This next time when he swallowed at her legs, he used this action to pull her into him. She slid downward off the edge of the chair, gasping for breath. Her soft yet lightly muscled buttocks were on his lower jaw, the wonderful fluids nearly gushing from the hole between her legs as she lightly pulled and rubbed on lips and clit were draining down his tongue and straight into his throat. His upper jaw and nose was between her shaved pubic mound and her cute little navel, trapping her diddling hand against her vulva. Her legs were held in a tight hug in his throat, and her lightly sweating upper body was so close to entering his mouth, his throat, his stomach… He could hardly believe he had ever thought this delicious angel could have ever been anything close to a devil. He eased his muscles into position then slowly swallowed again.

His lower law was braced against the chair so he didn’t have to hold himself up as he swallowed this wonderful woman whole and alive. The swallow brought her downward, her feet and legs deep within him. Her ass and dripping cunt were past the end of his mouth and in his throat, her abdomen in his mouth, and his nose starting to ease up between her beautiful, gigantic tits. The feel and the taste of those tits in his mouth and throat would be wonderful, and he couldn’t wait to have the entirety of this woman stuffed tight in his stomach. He couldn’t wait to start digesting her alive, feeling her body come apart and become a part of him. She was already masturbating hard again, edging close to a second orgasm.

He noticed then, over her head and between her huge tits, that the monitor was playing some form of video. He swallowed at her body again as she came again in his mouth and throat, his nose close to the middle of her sternum and his lower jaw between her shoulder blades. He froze in his swallowing motion as he realized that the video being played was of a black scaled amazonian anaconda swallowing a nude black haired east Indian woman. Dr. Denfall was breathing hard in his mouth and throat, her huge tits pushed up under her chin. Her one arm was deep in his throat with her body, and her other arm was up and out, her hand on the top of her desk. Even as she was deep down his throat and coming down from another orgasm, she had started a video playing with her loose hand. And that video was of him, Dr. Diamond, swallowing one of his lab assistants whole and then later, digesting her alive. And while that sort of thing was publicly ignored, video evidence of such a thing was very very bad.

And that devil woman in his throat had obvious video evidence.

Looking down her chest at him, the upward angle he was swallowing her at letting her look him in the eye, she smiled and said weakly, “This is sort of embarrassing. I really want you to finish swallowing me, I swear to God I want you to digest me alive, but in the interest of fairness I feel I must tell you that I have arranged with my lawyers to have this video evidence, and about twenty other videos, delivered to the police if I come up missing. Dr. Hightower has been instructed, in an email from me, to watch these emailed videos if I stop showing up at work.”

The world came to a slow distinct stop right then. He had thought this devil beast in his throat had been an angel. He felt so  stupid, so betrayed. How could he have believed she was anything but the vicious she-beast he had thought she was? Two slow heart beats passed and in a sudden burst of rage he swallowed once, twice, three times. The first time took his nose up to the base of her throat, her huge breasts pushed up around her face. The second swallow took the tip of his nose up to her chin, or where her chin would be under the mass of tits in his mouth. The third heavy swallow took her head down to the back of his throat, her tits mashed up around her head and now filling his mouth, but only just- another two swallows would take those huge tits down into his throat, though it would hurt so good. But it was then his brain stopped his raging body- she would feel so good in his stomach, but it was where she wanted to be. And when everyone, including the police got hold of the video evidence then that would be it. Right now his career was in shambled but he had his life. If he digested her alive, he wouldn’t even have that.

The first video on the monitor finished, and another started- him swallowing a busty west German lab assistant and that brought him back to complete sanity. He had to get this woman in his throat out and back into the world. She deserved being digested alive, but he didn’t deserve what would come afterward. Her one arm that emerged from the mass of tits in his mouth was waving for his attention- first pointing down at her general direction in his throat, then the general direction of where she thought the monitor was at this time, then repeat. Even down his throat and half smothered by her own tits she was still trying to be in control. He felt like crying, his life ruined. And although the woman in his throat, that hideous she-beast, that wretched monster of a woman deserved digestion, he closed his eyes and began to relax. He slid with a thud off the end of the chair until he was laying flat on the floor, woman in his throat and mouth still wonderfully full of tits. He relaxed, then pushed from deep within him.

He’d only regurgitated prey once or twice in his lifer and at no time did he like it. It was slightly painful, and worse of all, it let a woman, food, out of his body or stomach. Wrong, wrong, wrong. He pushed from inside, relaxing at his mouth and felt her move. Again, and she started slowly sliding outward. It felt awful. She kept moving outward, his deep inward pushing getting stronger and feeling worse. And then, in a gush of fluid, she burst out of his mouth and across the carpeted floor. Oh GOD that hurt, it hurt, he hated feeling!

Then he slowly coiled himself up until he was looking down at her wet, nude body, her eyes looking up at him. She just looked at him, waiting for him to speak.

“You are a terrible, terrible, person,” he said, fluid dripping from his mouth. “We are through in every way.” He turned as he slithered, leaving the room, trailing saliva and fluid behind him.

Oh my GOD is he EVER gonna swallow the bitch??

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  1. How you can write young lady. Such a tease. This is the best work you’ve done. You really make the dying
    And digesting alive come off as erotic better than ever. A horrible Thing turned into the biggest sexual desire of the this young lady. I would love if you wrote a story from within the snake belly where we hear about the digesting process.

    And Yes I fabbed reading your story.

    Comment by Martin | April 6, 2013 | Reply

  2. (Applauds)

    Comment by TheCountAlucard666 | April 6, 2013 | Reply

  3. Can we say “mixed signals”? 🙂 Now I guess the question is how she will let this play out. Blackmail until her own growing desire to be prey takes over and she removes the threats hanging over him so she can submit? How long will she play the power game on our long suffering herp? What form will the “blackmail” take? How much will she be the active co-conspirator? Stay tuned for the next exciting episode!………..

    Comment by Falsdoon | April 6, 2013 | Reply

  4. This is wonderful Anne. Dr. Denfall is an evil lady who knows how to get what she wants. She got to be swallowed once again and know that Dr. Diamind would most likely spit her back out. Even if he didn’t she was still happy to become snake food. I can see her bkackmailing Dr. Diamond into swallowing her again “Swallow me Dr. Diamond or the tapes go to the cops.” This is a wicked sex twist! I love it!

    Comment by blackrain | April 6, 2013 | Reply

  5. I think there’s a very important lesson to be learned here! (And not just the usual one about women belonging tucked in a tight tummy awaiting future digestion!)

    See, Dr. Diamond is used to getting his way and treating women as disposable objects (getting physical and sexual gratification from swallowing women whole and digesting them alive), but Dr. Denfall is just as bad, because she’s treating Dr. Diamond the same way, by trying to ensure he gets killed for eating her, which we can’t deny is giving HER physical pleasure as well. 😛

    Hopefully they BOTH soon learn a lesson in respecting each other, so that when Dr. Denfall is stuffed snugly into a sweltering stomach, it’s for the RIGHT reasons! 😉

    Also, my Autocorrect keeps trying to suggest “Dr. Downfall.” Coincidence? I think not! 😀

    Comment by TheCountAlucard666 | April 6, 2013 | Reply

  6. It occurs to me now that Dr. Diamond is in a more precarious position than even he realizes – after all, he’s not the only woman-eating snake around… perhaps not even the only woman-eating snake in the building!

    If she gets swallowed whole and digested alive in the sweltering stomach of a sinister serpent, the footage will be released… even if it’s not Dr. Diamond who did the deed!

    Where before it would’ve been convenient (albeit disappointing) for another snake to gobble her up, now he may even have to PROTECT her from his own kind, so as to protect himself!

    Comment by TheCountAlucard666 | April 9, 2013 | Reply

    • I never thought of it like that before. He may need to bug her room or higher someone to keep an eye in her. I wonder what would happen if he came into the room and saw her hip deep in another snakes throat? What would happen or he do? This is some great thought to think about.

      Comment by blackrain | April 9, 2013 | Reply

  7. just returned from holiday,and read your latest “brilliant” stories, i like these more than your roman setting ones, keep them coming, and how about finishing two fragments that you posted some time ago, the one where the couple are going to walk into town posted on july 11th 2012, and sally visiting mr halmer posted on 28th january 2009.

    Comment by ken | April 9, 2013 | Reply

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