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Another Late Post, Lots Of Story Fragments

Of course I am off schedule. I like to be off schedule. Well, no, but I end up off schedule a lot.  All through my life. Oh well. Rudy is ok, the younger kids are… well, my youngest is scary. He’s almost 9 and just the other day he ran across the street without looking and came T>HI<S close to getting whacked by a car. The driver opened her window and yelled at him and I don’t blame her. Jesus. My son is either going to die or be the death of me.

Anyway, here’s some false starts (and okay starts that I might continue work on) for the Modern Roman Empire vore stories.


Callista’s nipples were hard as bullets as she stood nude in the arena. A large part of it was sexual excitement related to standing naked in the arena with roughly a hundred other women in the stands watching her. Some of the women in the stands were naked themselves, leaning back in their chairs and rubbing their hands over their bodies. Some of the watching women were masturbating already as they watched Callista. She saw her boss in one of the chairs watching her and already rubbing between her legs (she could tell it was her boss for several reasons. One was Operaria m’Gosti’s bust size- her breasts were absolutely huge, and this compared to Roman women who were already overly top heavy. Each gigantic black globe lay in her lap and rolling to each side, her nipples almost protruding to her knees. The other was m’Gosti’s coal black skin. There weren’t a lot of Nubians in Rome and most of them drove the vehicles nicknamed Nubi’s for the ethnic origin of the drivers. m’Gosti was the woman in charge their government office). The air was cold this morning, and Calli was looking forward to the physical activity warming her up.

Her own breasts were heavy on her rib cage. Most women who were born of Roman heritage were extremely top heavy. And Rome, while the capital of the known civilized world, still had it’s own luggage from its growing years… in this case, a subtle sexism, barely noticed but still present. Women made up half of Rome’s workforce in every way up to leadership- Adelia Caesar had worn the bay laurel  leaves for six years just last election and she wasn’t the first. But at the same time that women were considered fully as equal to men in all ways, they were at the same judged in every way by the size of their milk machines and whether or not they were able to lactate out of childbirth. A single woman who had never born a child yet had breasts almost twice the size of her head and produced two liters of milk daily were judged as more productive and competent than a woman who had born children and whose breasts were only the same size as her head and produced only a liter of milk daily. Work wise the mother may be a much more productive citizen than the single woman, yet as her breasts literally carried more weight than her work she was judged and seen as lazier and less productive than the more buxom single woman. No one ever spoke of this or brought it up- it was such a subtle work of sexism that frankly no one even realized it was there, but there it was.

On the other side of the coliseum (which had lately, in a fit of government extravagance, been expanded to almost twice its previous size. Several blocks of apartments had been flattened to make space and the citizens displaced had been given fair recompense for the trouble… if a travel voucher to a new block and a check to cover the expenses of losing their old living space and paying for the first month of a new living place could be considered fair), convicted criminals and other unhappy souls were being executed for their crimes. Few acts of misconduct carried the death penalty but some were considered so heinous naught but death was called for. Murder and tax evasion were so considered, as well as those the fate of those slaves who had excaped and been recaptured. Indentured slavery could be purchased out of, hence escaping was terminally frowned upon.

Those women who had been convicted of whatever their crimes had been and had the verdict of death were tied by one leg to a ped in the soil. The rope was almost ten feet long as was the peg so she had room to exercise. For each of them a serpent was assigned. They had to wait until their assigned beast arrived to coil them and swallow them whole. When they had been swallowed down to the beasts stomach sac the rope would be cut and the snake would slither back to its enclosure to digest the swallowed woman alive. The monsters stomach acids would not begin to flow until sundown, so each swallowed woman had a lot of time to consider their crimes and their punishment- they wouldn’t suffucate in the belly of the serpent for each animal swallowed fresh air and belched out bad air periodically. When the sun went down (and the lights were dimmed in the Conciliabulum de Serpentium when the light outside went away for the night) the acids would begin to flow and the nude swallowed woman in each serpent belly would begin screaming as she was digested alive. The screams could be heard in the by this time mostly silent Conciliabulum, sounding like faint traffic outside a shut window. Each naked woman swallowed into a tight serpent stomach sac would die somewhere between eight to twelve hours after the acids started flowing. There had been one swallowed woman just last quarter who had screamed as she was digested alive for almost thirty eight hours before death and digestion claimed her. Her family had been awarded with a videotape of the full thirty eight hour digestion time, the parents now able to listen to their daughter being digested alive the entire time. Able to watch the bulge of their daughter in the snake’s stomach sac wriggling as she fought to escape, to live, before dying in agony after thirty eight hours. Although there had been the shame of their daughter being convicted of tax evasion, the family had gained some fame in the neighborhood when they proudly played the tape for everyone who asked.

The men who were paying with their lives were merely tied to blocks of wood and then, when they could not move, their heads were roughly hacked off at the neck with machetes. The heads would be displayed to the crowd for a few moments, then both body and head would be saved for the next day when they would be fed to pigs. Very few women and even fewer men attended the execution of the men, it was a boring spectacle in comparison.

Calli rubbed her hands together in preperation


Subtle sexism, eh? I barely notice it in my stories 🙂 And then here being swallowed whole is punishment! I bet the woman warriors in the arena would disagree! TRASHCAN IT!


Ebonheart curled in his enclosure as best he could with his belly stuffed so full. He’d already won three tournaments this day, forcing himself into battles when other serpents wanted to fight. But Ebonheart had been around a long time and had built up respect with age. And now his belly was stuffed with three women he’d swallowed whole and was now digesting alive. The first woman he’d swallowed was dead in his belly, just half-digested meat. The second woman had just recently stopped struggling in his belly, the acids sloshing around her too much for her system. And now, even as his belly groaned and gurgled as it tried to digest this third woman he’d swallowed, she was still fighting. She wanted to live but his belly wanted nutrition- the battle was already won and soon she would be fully digested as well. He felt satisfaction as she continued screaming, the sound a muffled noise in the world outside his belly.

He was an Amazonian anaconda, almost forty feet long. Normally, his species could only swallow a full deer at this point and no more- but through practice and gluttony and training provided by his current owners, he had stretched his belly so much he could fill it with swallowed women the entire length of his body… Six women unless he really pushed hard and then he could fit a seventh woman into his stomach. But parts of her would still be up his throat, maybe even still in his mouth until her body was digested down enough (or the other women he’d swallowed whole were digested down). Before he’d been in the situation of having the screaming head of a woman in his mouth, the rest of her body in his throat and maybe only her feet in his stomach. He’d amused himself by slithering as best he could in the hall of the Conciliabulum de Serpentium and opening his mouth at showering women. The woman in his throat and mouth would shriek until he closed his jaws and slithered away. It was the better part of four hours until he could swallow the crying and begging head of the woman down his throat, more of her body in his stomach. It wasn’t until he settled down to sleep for the night that he was finally able to swallow that seventh woman down his throat and into his stomach. She’d continued screaming for another twelve hours before she died of shock and digestion. She’d been a very satisfying addition to his dinner.

Ebonheart had never eaten anything but women in his thirty years of life after he’d grown big enough to swallow a full adult woman. He’d been hatched at the Serpens Proeliis and been weaned on rats and rabbits and chickens until he grew big enough to eat pigs and larger hogs. He was just over three months old when he’d swallowed his first woman, an indentured slave who had the bad luck to be assigned to the Proeliis for her six months of slavery. She’d been at the Proeliis for only a week before Ebonheart swallowed her whole and digested her alive. He would never forget her, in his serpent brain kind of way. She’d been just over five feet tall, her skin a light olive. Her hair had been black and just down to her shoulders in a simple wave. Her breasts had been very large for a woman her height, each dusky globe almost twice as large as her head. They had made her chest very difficult to swallow, even though they squished and squashed very nicely as he swallowed them. Her belly had been tight and long, her hips flaring and again being hard to swallow, they were so womanly. Her vulva, before he’d swallowed her, had been clean shaven and the odor had been enticing, almost hipnotic. And when he swallowed her down far enough his tongie could flicker against her lips and taste the liquids they found- well, he’d been hooked right there. Just for that wonderful smell and taste of an aroused vulva he would swallow every woman in modern Rome.

He’d been trained, after he swallowed her long lean legs and petite feet down into his waiting stomach. It took him a good two days to digest alive the woman in his belly, and almost eighteen hours after she’d been swallowed to finally die of pain, shock, and blood loss through digestion. But he had been trained well afterwards. Only to swallow women in the Serpens Proeliis compound. This included the entirety of the Proeliis building where the administration and entrance was, the Arena where sacred combat between woman and serpent took place, and the showers where naked, defenceless women would shower.

The Serpens Proeliis building not only provided an Arena for sacred combat, but also was a public bathing suite for modern Roman women. At first there were 35 sets of opposing shower heads down a long hallway and the serpent enclosures between each showerhead. These shower heads provided any modern Roman woman with a wonderful showering and bathing opportunity. It also took place in the Hall of Serpents, the Conciliabulum de Serpentium, where modern Roman women would then shower, defenceless, amongst sixty unsupervised, hungry, woman swallowing serpents. Once the showers opened, the building was always filled to capacity from opening to closing with nude, wet, defenseless women who spent most of their time wet and showering, eyes closed. The serpents were well trained, however, in what they did- fighting, subduing, then swallowing whole and digesting alive defeated women- and showering women did not fit into the category of food. As such, only two to three percent of the six hundred different, seperate women who showered there daily ended up swallowed whole and digested alive by hungry woman swallowing serpents.

It was only after a few decades that a second building was opened, the Serpens Imbres, when it was determined that forcing the sixty serpents to swallow whole and digest alive roughly three hundred and sixty women every four or five days was definitely animal abuse. The Imbres added another thirty five opposing sets of shower heads in another long hallway even as they quadrupled the number of serpents from sixty to two hundred and forty. Now the number of diferent and seperate women who showered at the two buildings was just over one thousand two hundred naked and defenceless showering women. The two hundred and forty serpents would only have to swallow three hundred and sixty women whole and digest them alive over a nine to ten day period.

And here it makes being digested alive by a serpent so horrible that any woman showering in the Imbres would be crazy to do so! Well, they are anyway 🙂 But if it’s so terrible, why would any woman risk it? TRASHCAN IT!


Calypso Luca stood naked in the arena, feet cold in the sand. The chill morning air blew gently against her skin, her nipples tight as bullets. She was an in shape thirty four year old woman, just topping five foot six. Her breasts were starting to sag, as mature breasts will do, each gigantic, somewhat ovoid globe still rode high on her chest but her nipples were now three or four inches lower than they used to be. Each breast just topped thirty pounds of mammary gland tissue, collagen, and fat although the fat content was starting to increase while mammary gland tissue was in decline. Her hair was a slightly mousey brown, hanging lightly just above her shoulders and framing her face. Her belly was lean and soft, starting to get a bit of a pooch just below the belly button. Her tight buttocks were no longer quite so pert but still provided her enough cushion when she was being fucked hard by some brawny type trying to bang her through a marble floor with his arm-like cock. It was getting harder to shave herself clean between her legs as the years passed; she was debating electrolysis.

The stands surrounding the arena weren’t full yet this early in the morning. Soon the seats would be full of women and a few men watching the entertainment. The largest portion of the viewers were there for the execution of the prisoners sentenced to death. It took a lot to get the death sentence in modern day Rome, but some people managed it every single day. Some of the people were sentenced to be torn apart by machines or animals, some were sentenced to be eaten by animals, and the unlucky ones were sentenced to be raped to death by animals. Generally it was anal rape by the equine species, male or female prisoner; but, when the victim was bent over a leather bench, the lust maddened beast wasn’t too particular when presented with a choice of holes.

Cally rubbed her hands together to warm them as she waited. Brrr. She rubbed her belly to warm the skin there, then hesitated. She then rubbed her breasts with her hands, both hands on a breast to keep each soft milk machine from flopping and bouncing everywhere. Warm, ahh. And ooh, the manipulation sent signals down between her legs. Well, she was cold there too, wasn’t she? She reached between her legs and rubbed to warm things up there and realised that with one arm holding her breasts and the other hand between her legs she looked like all she was doing was masturbating in the arena as everyone watched. Then, thinking, she thought, “Well, I’ve gone this far,” she began rubbing her clitoris as she pulled on her nipple. Oooh, well now. Normally it took her a little longer to warm up down there but with everyone in the stands watching it was a little easier.


Nothing really wrong with this one, just not doing anything for me. I might work on it, might not. No trashcan for this one, just in the Think On It box.


Calypso Luca rinsed the shampoo out of her eyes as a long scaly body slithered between her legs, slick and heavy against her. She’d showered twice today already- once this morning at the Serpens Imbres on her way to work (she’d had a very nice orgasm, watching a lime green reticulated python swallow some busty chick head first. She’d been topheavy enough the serpent’d had trouble getting her huge tits into his mouth- he’d managed it, of course, swallowing her whole, her body making a beautiful woman-shaped bulge in his body when she’d finally been tucked tight into the serpent stomach sac. He’d slithered away afterward, gone to digest her alive with the other two women he’d already swallowed whole earlier), and once at the Serpens Proeliis at lunch. An extremely busty friend of hers had engaged an Amazonian Anaconda in sacred woman versus serpent combat. When the anaconda had finished swallowed her whole after her defeat, it had slithered back into the shower portion of the Proeliis to digest her alive at it’s leisure. Later, when she’d gone in to shower and masturbate as she remembered watching her friend being swallowed she’d found the anaconda at the shower she chose. It was swallowing another topheavy woman who’d been showering there seconds earlier, each of her breasts huge and firm, it’s belly soon to be full of the five women it had swallowed whole during the course of the day.

Cally debated masturbating for the third time that day as she stood in the cascading water. She was a young woman, just under five foot five, and extremely topheavy for her height and weight. Each gigantic breast rode high on her chest with very little sag, her nipples wide as thumbs and always hard. Her waist was thin but not overly so, and her hips were lean but womanly. Her vulva was clean shaven, that being the custom for all women not only Rome but also the Allied nations. Those women in the conquered nations tended to let their pubic hair grow free and wild.

Cally decided to masturbate after all when a coal black rock python slithered from his enclosure behind her and coiled around her left leg then continued travelling on to a shower across from her. The serpents were on a roll today- she watched as the rock python coiled a up the leg of a petite redhead, around her waist, between her extremely large breasts, each twice as large as her head and very firm, then gaped it’s jaws upon reaching her shoulders. It swallowed her head into it’s throat in one gulp, dragging her to the wet tiled floor to finish swallowing her whole. She had never seen the serpents swallow as many women whole to digest alive later as she had this day. Usually, not counting the women they swallowed after defeating them in sacred combat, the serpents only swallowed twelve or so women during the course of a day, not counting the shaggy crotch women of the conquered nations- no one even noticed if those women came up missing. This wasn’t bad, considering that one thousand two hundred seperate individual women showered in the two buildings daily. That the unsupervised, hungry, woman swallowing serpents swallowed only 1% of the naked, defenceless women showering in their homes was in itself a testimoney to their trainers.

Knowing this, watching a lime green reticulated python swallowing a tall blonde woman whole, it’s mouth a tight scaley ring just below her rib cage, her huge breasts buldging out the sides of the snake as it swallowed her, she leaned against the warm tiled wall and reached down between her legs to caress her clitoris. She watched the woman masturbate as the snake swallowed her whole, masturbating as she did. The woman came hard just as the snake’s mouth reached her waist, the snake nose sliding over her pubic mound, and she ejaculated- fluid spraying out of her crotch as she came. Watching this, then watching the snake swallow the woman’s cunt, Cally came. She slid to a sitting position, legs spread before her as orgasm wracked her.

The Serpens Imbres stories, in fact, the Entire Modern Rome setting, is for more than just sex. I spent a lot of time writing just sex in the Imbres. And while that;s what the Imbres is for 😉 that’s not all it’s for. Think On It!

Clytia untied the last sash of her toga and started folding it. Oridinarily she didn’t bother with a toga, not in Italia, especially not in Rome proper. Very few people did except for those in positions of great power; government, business, the like. When traveling she would wear the whole regalia depending on where she was going, whether or not she wanted to impress, show respect, or insult. She was in Cairo, capital city of the Nubian Empire and she was present as the official architect of the new built Nubian Serpens Proeliis so respect was definitely called for. She was wearing her light lavender toga ith deep purple striping.

She was present at the official opening of the building, and although there was no one signed on to engage in sacred combat with a serpent, the Serpens Imbres portion of the building was now undergoing its official first showers. She was in the combination waiting and changing room and around her were another fifteen women, all of them undressing as well. Clytia had with her Diana and Dianna, two young women who took care of everything Clytia couldn’t. They were sisters, both with long blonde hair and extremely topheavy. Women in Italia tended to be very busty; generally, any woman whose breasts were twice the size of her head was considered to be flat chested. The twins were on the opposite side of this scale and in fact Clytia wondered how either of them could even walk upright. At the very least the back pain must be near crippling and yet they went through life with a smile and a very bouncy flounce.


Just didn’t do anything for me. Must be why I did a different beginning for the story 🙂


And here we have  some rejects for the Modern Roman Empire. Although in this world they don’t call themselves that. No, they just call themselves the Roman Empire. In Africa there is the Nubian Empire, in the Orient there are the Oriental Dynasties, in Russia there are the Tsar Sovereigns, in Europe there is the much smaller British Empire. Across the ocean there are the Native Nations in the whole of the North American continent, and down below there are both the Mayan Empire (the Spanish never invaded looking for gold) and the Argentinian Nation and the Brazilian Union are in a constant state of conflict.

The Roman Empire of course envelopes all of Italia, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia as well as the entirety of southern France and Germany. The rest of Europe are either Allied Nations or conquered nations.

The Roman Empire is in a state of open warfare with the southern Oriental Dynasties, and are in a very bitter state of guerrilla warfare with the southern Tsar Sovereigns.

Just thought I’d fill y’all in with more details of the world of the MRE 🙂  There are more nations and countries, of course. These are just the major movers and shakers.


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  1. I kind of liked the story from the serpent’s perspective. Rather than trash it, perhaps just change some of the descriptions so it’s less painful and more pleasurable, for both woman and snake?

    Comment by Greggory | March 24, 2013 | Reply

  2. Appreciate all the fun details! 🙂

    Comment by TheCountAlucard666 | March 24, 2013 | Reply

  3. Loved the first with the punishment. Some women turned on, other screaming in agony as the snake devour them. Makes me horny just thinking about it

    Comment by Martin | March 25, 2013 | Reply

  4. Wonder what’s eating women in Denmark? Frogs and plants I think

    Comment by Martin | March 25, 2013 | Reply

  5. My favorite too is the one from the snake’s perspective. However it’s lacking yet. The nice thing about that perspective is it can allow for highlighting the differences both in outlook and some thing in the human society that is being seen. I’ve used that ploy in my own stories with my one main character George the Talking Snake (yeah, I ‘stole” your wonderful wonky idea). If you think they might give you ideas to work with they can be found at Disturbing Things. I also see you heeded my suggestion of avoiding a certain fubar with the snake’s training. Glad I could help.

    Comment by Falsdoon | March 26, 2013 | Reply

  6. None of these rejects really ‘flies’. The soul is missing from each, sadly. That voice of the Roman Empire is hard to achieve though rewarding when I find it. This next post will have, possibly, MORE rejects 🙂 though I do want to have some NON-rejects for y’all to peruse. And masturbate over. That’s the achievement.

    Chuck, y’all can answer me in private email, but- y’all ever pull yer pud over my stories? I shlick a LOT to them 🙂

    Comment by anne2snakie | March 26, 2013 | Reply

    • It happens more often than you’d think… 😉

      Comment by TheCountAlucard666 | March 26, 2013 | Reply

    • I’d not trash them completely. Consider them as “seed crystals” if they’re pointed in the right direction. Real diamonds don’t look all that impressive until the gem cutters work their magic on them. We all have our own ways to the creative process but the fact you find it rewarding when you get things right is a very important point. Like I said in PM I think this new writing style is a quantum leap for you and should be encouraged, well worth the extra bother for us readers. Especially if it gives you a sense of accomplishment too. Something that another writer can appreciate too from their own “challenges”.

      Comment by Falsdoon | March 26, 2013 | Reply

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