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Heyyo. I am going to do a 2 part story post again. This post is going to contain the mostly story/setting part of the story, and the next part is is a maXXXive voreathon of the likes you have never seen before! Well, actually, it’ll be the vore half of the story 🙂 Maybe not quite a voreathon 🙂

Now, rambly part of the post, everything continues to be just… ok… at home. Sort of a holding pattern. Rudy’s health is terrible but not so bad we have to get him too a hospital. His son just wishes (he has confessed to me) that his dad would just hurry up and die- he hates to watch him suffer. My other son continues to worry me because of his bloody ADHD… 9 years old and he’ll blithely run across a busy street without looking if he’s chasing a butterfly. And he’ll chase a butterfly suddenly while he’s talking to you- just suddenly VOOM he’s gone and running, then NOOO and he’s running across the street.


Anyway, here we go!


Clytia stood in the middle of the street, clad only in her lavender toga, cloth fluttering around her in the warm Cairo breeze. Her shoulder length jet black hair tickled her ears and shoulders as it rustled in time with her toga. This time of night there was little traffic, none of it private motor cars. Above her loomed a marble Salacia, beautiful wife of Neptune and goddess of of the sea, face benevolent and arms at her side, toga fallen half off her body and caught around her waist. Her nudity was tasteful, only her full breasts and lean belly exposed. Clytia personally assumed that Salacia would have smooth skin around her deific genitals, untouched by unsightly hair, but no one knew for certain. Best to leave that covered. Her upper body towered above the roof of the Proeliis building the scultpure was a part of, the main portion of the building only up to her waist. The combination arena and communal showering building took up several city blocks and the statue of Salacia stood only slightly higher than most of them.

Inside the building the theme of the art was devoted to Neptune and Salacia, statues and murals lining the walls. Above each of the showerheads in the Imbres were carved likenesses of Lympha, Egeria, Camenae, Volturnus, and a myriad of tritons and nereids. Each doorway was watched over by a marble carving of either Neptune or Salacia.

“Beautiful,” she murmured and turned to leave. The night was turning cold, her nipples hardening under the thin lavender toga. She could hear no motor traffic anywhere in the city around her. The official opening of the Proeliis and the Imbres within it was early tomorrow morning. While there would be no sacred combat between woman and serpent, the showers themselves were working and ready. The serpents were getting used to their new homes; each open face enclosure between showerheads was home to a long, strong, hungry serpent. Not a one of the two hundred serpents housed there had been fed in at least a week. And on the morrow, hundreds of naked and defenceless women would be showering in the homes of these unsupervised, hungry, woman-swallowing monsters.

As it was in Rome, it was up to the gods, luck, and hunger pangs whether or not the serpents would accept each womans offering of water and self. If a woman ended up swallowed whole, tucked tight into a serpent’s belly and digested alive, it was a gift accepted by god and serpent; each woman entering the light of a new day clean and alive was given the gift of life blessed by both god and serpent.

Clytia walked in silence to her apartment, the clopping of her sandals loud in the darkness.

Clytia pulled her thin white work tunic over her head. Freed, her giant breasts bounced lightly, nipples already hard. As was the custom of the modern Roman woman and most women of the Allied nations, Clytia’s breasts were braless. Only the women of conquered nations barbarically bound their breasts. Clytia was extremely busty, her huge breasts firm with mammary gland, connective tissue and fat, weighing almost a full forty pounds. She removed her knee length skirt and set it with her other clothing in her locker. She wore no underclothes and  her vulva was shaved smooth.

She and the other women present for the opening of the Proeliis and Imbres were undressing in the combination waiting and changing room. Those women going in to shower would leave their clothing in a locker and set the indicator to In Use, which would also mark the time below it. Afterward, they would wait, nude among the other naked and undressing women. They would stand or sit in supplied chairs until a showerhead was available, then enter through the revolving doors. Every fifteen minutes or so, employees would go through and scan the lockers; those lockers still filled and unclaimed after an hour would be emptied and the indicators reset.

Among those undressing were Clytia and her two aides, Diana and Dianna. They were sisters, twins, both with blonde hair hanging in ringlets down just past their shoulders. They both tended toward accidental nudity; their clothing was constantly getting caught on hooks or in drawers or knots were coming undone. Not a day went by when one or both of them were suddenly walking buck naked down the city sidewalk, their togas fluttering away in the breeze behind them. They were tall, and while Clytia was extremely busty these two were overly topheavy, each gigantic breast firm yet soft, sagging only slightly, almost as heavy as Clytia’s entire bust. Clytia seemed almost flat chested in side by side comparison. Diana’s cherry red nipples pointed slightly more northward than her sister’s, otherwise it was near impossible to tell them apart. She wasn’t sure how those two managed to walk upright and their upper and lower backs would have to be screaming. Both of them had neatly trimmed their pubic hair into a small tuft about two inches above their always erect clits. Still, they were bright and bouncy, extremely so, and very good at their jobs.

Along with the sisters there were four other women from Rome, all governmental employees and all working in the background to make Clytias job easier. She didn’t know their names, didn’t deal with them face to face, and never had any desire to interact with them. Like most modern Roman women, they too had huge bustlines, breasts riding high and firm on their chests although their giant tits were not nearly as large as Clytia’s. On the Nubian side of the coin there was a large handful of officials all eager to be a part of this undertaking. Going in to shower with Clytia and the others was the figurehead Mayor of Cairo, the capital city of the Nubian Empire. She was a short olive skinned woman, older and thicker in the waist. Her breasts, although still larger than her head by a good bit, were sagging with her nipples pointing more south than north. She was standing naked and berating one of her aides who was only half dressed, tunic off and huge black breasts bare but skirt still on. The mayor grabbed the aides hand and rubbed it between her legs.

Around her, along with the aide wilting in humiliation, was a handful of women in government positions, all in states of undress. There was only one woman among the Nubians going in for the official shower that morning that wouldn’t have been ridiculed, politely, in Rome for being ridiculously flat chested and that was the Empress in Standing. The Emperor and Empress of the Nubian Empire would never travel publicly for the safety’s sake and so they sent the Emperor or the Empress in Standing. This individual was considered to the Emperor or Empress in all ways. And while the Empress could never shower in public surrounded by people with the everpresent danger of being swallowed whole and digested alive by serpents, the Empress in Standing certainly could.

The Empress in Standing was a stately woman, tall and thin, busty to the point of making Diana look small, thin waisted with flairing hips, clean shaven vulva with long inner lips between her larger labia majora, lean legs, and a deep rich olive tint to her skin. Her massive tits were firm, hanging proudly on her chest with not a bit of sag and her nipples were tight and hard. Her hair was black, her nose long and straight, lips plump. She stood patiently amongst the others, periodically rubbing the hood of her clitoris as she watched the nude women around her.

On the other side of the room, women were waiting to undress and shower, photographers and other news types among them. They were held back by velvet ropes that cordoned off half the waiting toom. They would be allowed in a few minutes after  the officials had “broken ground” and began showering amongst the unsupervised, hungry, woman swallowing serpents. For photo op reasons the showering officials would remain and shower for some ten, fifteen minutes after they had finished  (presuming of course that they hadn’t been swallowed whole, tucked tight into the stomach sac of a hungry woman swallowing serpent, and were being digested alive over a period of twelve to sixteen hours). The survivors would pose for publicity photos, still naked and showering, showing the public the facilities. If any of them were photographed either halfway down a serpent’s gullet or actually inside a serpent’s stomach, all the better for phographic reasons.

None but the Roman women had ever showered with serpents before. Communal showering was popular among Nubian citizens with most, if not all of them, bathing at the public bath houses. But never before had anyone ever thought to shower amongst the serpents that engaged in sacred combat between woman and serpent. Few had even heard of that combat. Clytia wasn’t worried that the fear of the somewhat frightening snakes and the terror of being eaten alive would scare away those women in the showering hall. It was for this reason the serpents had been kept hungry for so long, ensuring that some, if not all, of the showering officials (and hopefully a good couple hundred other showering women) were swallowed whole and digested alive. Clytia knew that when the fearful women saw someone being actually coiled and swallowed whole by a hungry woman swallowing serpent that everything would be okay. It was simple fact that when any woman saw another woman being swallowed whole to be digested alive by a hungry serpent, she was filled with a powerful sexual desire and a deep giving urge. Once these Nubian women saw someone being swallowed there would be no keeping them away from the Serpens Proeliis and the Serpens Imbres. It was only basic human nature.

“And now,” said Clytia, standing before all the undressed women in the changing and waiting room. “Good morning.” One of the spare government women proved her worth at that time, showing she was more than just a great pair of tits- she began translating Clytia’s words into proficient Nubian.  “I am the architect and chief executive in charge of the construction of this building. Please follow me through the entrance into the Imbres. Don’t be frightened, I know this is new to you.” She felt a tingle and a heat between her legs as she stood nude before these other naked women. She reached down and gently rubbed her fingers over her clit, teasing it and feeling the urge to simply masturbate fully grow as she spoke. She felt the perverse urge to lay on her back, spread her legs, and just masturbate in front of them all, thinking of the Empress’s body, her beautiful tits and gaping cunt.  “Just remember that what you are feeling is natural. Just relax. If you feel fear, close your eyes for a count of five but make sure you open them again. Everything will be fine.”

She turned and start walked toward the entrance. She was followed by her aides, and she knew the other governmental types were helping to usher in the more recalcitrant of the Nubian women. Once inside, the heated air of the Imbres surrounded her and she smiled. On either side of her the Cairo Conciliabulum de Serpentium stretched, a hallway with thirty five opposite sets of showerheads to her left and to her right. She imagined this hall filled with seventy nude women, all wet and slick with water and soap. Breasts glistening in the gentle lighting that ran the length of the cieling and wet hands massaging clits and lips, exploring holes and dancing on the edge of orgasm. Between each showerhead was the open face enclosure that was the home of a battle trained, unsupervised, hungry, woman-swallowing serpent. Each serpent was large enough to swallow three or four women whole, digesting them alive slowly. Her pussy tingled, begging to be rubbed and fingered.

She took a stand just opposite the door, watching and greeting each nude woman as she entered the Conciliabulum, breasts bobbing and jiggling. “Please, choose any showerhead and begin showering as you would in any public showerhouse. Just ignore the serpents as they emerge from their homes and begin to explore. What you will see and feel is natural.” She reached up with one hand as she spoke, gripping her left breast and massaging it, pulling her hard nipple. Her other hand reached between her legs, her palm sliding over her naked skin, fingers tickling her clitoral hood. “Any sexual feelings you may have are natural, please understand this. This is simply your bodies reacting to the environment and what you see around you.” On the wall she was facing, she could see serpents poking their heads out of their enclosures, curious about the noise and the smell.

Clytia knew that the smell of women’s bodies, their odors from armpits and groins, mouths and skin, was naturally enticing to any serpent of a size large enough to actually swallow whole and digest alive any woman. This smell was literally the best they had ever encountered, the perfect scent.  She knew the feel of a woman’s skin felt good to the scales of the giant serpent, and teased the serpent into wondering what that skin felt like traveling down it’s throat and into it’s belly. Women were the perfect food for serpents and the serpents knew it. When a woman saw a serpent swallowing another woman whole, then she knew it too and far from being terrified by this knowledge, she found it exciting.


I know it gets a little “travelogue”-ie in the middle…. no one really needs to know the exact details of how the buildings work, do they? As long as I do, we’re good. But hopefully none of it is too boring. Next story posting- the sex stuff! 😉

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  1. Loved this section, can’t wait to read the next part. You build the images and anticipation so artfully. I can almost imagine the sights and sensations.

    Comment by Greggory | March 16, 2013 | Reply

  2. Fantastic. 😀

    Comment by TheCountAlucard666 | March 16, 2013 | Reply

  3. Very very good! Compared to some stories you’ve done in the past it’s more detailed, yes, but given the story deals with an alternate world that detailing can really help create a “real” world for the reader. On that I think you’re doing very well and I like this new style very much. May it become a new standard for you!

    Comment by Falsdoon | March 17, 2013 | Reply

  4. Hmm… since you mentioned it, wasn’t there a “snake-stuffing” competition in one of your past stories? Is this voreathon going to beat THAT? 😛

    (I can only imagine… well, until you post it, anyway. :D)

    Comment by TheCountAlucard666 | March 23, 2013 | Reply

  5. I had forgotten about that 🙂 Where hundreds of women forced their naked bodies into the stomachs of 2 fifteen foot long snakes… and when they were done, the tight stretched snakes were like fifty feet long, 25 feet wide… so stuffed they couldn’t move, their bodies stretched tight. They had to be rolled to safe places until they could digest the hundreds of naked, writhing, sex crazed women fucking each other in their tummies.

    Now THAT is a voreathon! I’d be there, right inside one of the snake tummies, licking cunny and grinding my own cunny into another woman’s face until we were all gloriously digested alive…

    Ah, bliss!

    Comment by anne2snakie | March 24, 2013 | Reply

    • So, do you mean THIS voreathon isn’t going to be as awesome? 😦

      Nah, you probably just mean that this voreathon is gonna be awesome in a different way, right? 😉

      Comment by TheCountAlucard666 | March 24, 2013 | Reply

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