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First, The New Schedule Then The Other Stuff

Earlier this week, last Monday to be exact 🙂 , I decided that what would be a good idea would be for me to have a schedule for the blog, instead of suddenly realizing I hadn’t updated for a month and my story wasn’t being worked on. So, for now on, I am going to have the schedule of

MONDAY                     How the stories are getting along post, plus off topic disjointed rambling

WEDNESDAY             How Rudy’s health is doing, plus inane chatter and meandering rambling

FRIDAY                         How MY health is doing 🙂 , plus interminable goings on about nothing, and also rambling about nothing at all

Along with the odd update on weekends and also whenever else I happen to think of something. Like I see a cutie with a nice rack, or some such. Probably heavy on the ‘some such’.

All right! We’ll see if this lasts until Monday then! 🙂


March 2, 2013 - Posted by | Bloviation, Doomed Projects, Our Amazing Universe, Ridiculous Scheduling Plans, Uncategorized, Yo

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  1. I’ll be sure and keep an eye out, then. 😉

    Comment by TheCountAlucard666 | March 2, 2013 | Reply

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