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Serpens Imbres

I’ve been working for WEEKS on this fucking story. I can only hope that now the fucking story fucking works. FUCK. Insert a penis rhythmically into a vagina until ejaculation and female orgasm occur! Etc!

Anyway, hope it dun’t suck and that it’s good.


Adelia finished rinsing the shampoo from her hair and simply stood there for a moment and relished the hot water running over her nude body. It felt glorious. From her shoulder length blonde hair, running down her neck and shoulders and over her large, firm, soft breasts, down her back and trim belly, between her legs and so pleasant a feeling over clean shaven, plump outer lips, then down her long, lean legs. Had she been alone, she would have taken advantage of the wonderful feelings and made them even more wonderful with joyful masturbation. However… And she opened her eyes, looking about the Conciliabulum de Serpentium and the other nude women showering there with her. Then she smiled and eased one hand down her belly toward her groin anyway- she’d masturbated in the Conciliabulum many times before. Most women did. It was a safe place, a wonderful place.

Adelia felt nudge at her left leg, and looked down at the passing of a large, dull green serpent that had accidentally brushed by her in passing. It was least thirty three foot long and it’s body was a good six inches thick from side to side. There was a section of the beast that was fatter- it had very recently swallowed a healthy meal whole and alive and either was in the process of, or about to begin, digesting it’s meal alive. Adelia’s groin tingled and the urge to masturbate became stronger.

The Conciliabulum de Serpentium was a great hallway, almost 300 feet from end to end. On each of the walls were 35 shower heads spaced at about 7 feet from each other. Down the long hall, between opposing shower heads, was a pathway made of corrugated rubber. In each  of the spaces between shower heads was a large open enclosure, the home of a large, hungry, woman-swallowing serpent.  When they weren’t in their enclosures, these beasts were fighting in the Arenas at the Serpens Proeliis in sacred combat between woman and snake. Each serpent would travel, unsupervised, from their enclosures to the Arena to fight a nude woman, then back from the Arena to enclosure, still unsupervised, to digest alive the defeated woman they had swallowed whole.

Adelia knew from reading the pamphlet the Serpens Imbres handed out to every woman who came to shower there that these serpents had each received extensive training in fighting, subduing, then following their nature in swallowing women whole and digesting them alive. That each of the 240 unsupervised, hungry, woman-swallowing serpents were housed with the maximum building occupancy of 140 defenseless showering women (and it was rare that the building was not full to maximum capacity). Adelia also knew that it was almost rare for the unsupervised woman hungry serpents to swallow whole and digest alive more than one or two percent of the showering women on a daily basis, and only once this year had they ever swallowed more than one hundred defenseless showering women, digesting them alive, during a twenty four hour period. She ran her hand gently over her plump outer lips, the hot water delicious on her skin. She showered there three times a day- on her way to work to start the day, during her lunch break to freshen up, and after work to clean away the patina of work.

“Adelia,” said the woman next to her, her skin black as midnight. “Is it normal for the snakes to coil a showering woman like this?” Still gently massaging her sex and one hand cupping a heavy breast, fingers pinching a hard nipple, Adelia turned to look. On her other side a young blonde woman was ignoring the serpent that was coiling around her abdomen, it’s jaws beginning to open as they neared her head. To her left was a beautiful back woman whose name was n’Phela m’Ghani, and she was the underMinister of Minor Trade from Nubia. It was Adelia’s job to entertain her during off duty hours; it had been n’Phela’s request to see the showers as soon as possible.

“Everyone in Nubia has heard of the Roman serpent showers,” she had said as she stood in Adelia’s office. n’Phela was wearing a brightly colored tunic cut and worn in a distinctly Nubian style, the colors of the cloth contrasting pleasantly with the deep black of her skin. “We don’t know if we should believe it or not. Do Roman women really shower in a building filled with serpents that only eat women? That these snakes eat many many women every day and yet everyone still showers with them?”

Adelia smiled and shook her head. “Rumors. Always rumors that everyone hears.”

n’Phela’s face showed a mix of emotions, including disappointment. “I see,” she said.

“No, it’s actually two buildings. Rumors! I wish the truth got out as quickly.” She smiled at n’Phela. “Would you like to come with me to the Serpens Imbres now? I usually shower there at this time every day, you could come shower with me. You’d be able to see first hand the truth of the matter and it’s a wonderful way to end a long workday.”

n’Phela had smiled and the two women had taken a Nubi to the Serpens Imbres. Adelia was sure that once n’Phela had experienced the showers for herself, another serpent shower convert would be born. Perhaps a similar shower setup could be started in the Nubian capital? There was an idea for her supervisor! She was sure that a Serpens Imbres in every capital in every conquered or Allied nation would be a wonderful thing.

Adelia smiled as she looked through the water cascading over her eyes at the underMinister. The underMinister was tall, just under six feet, and muscular in her nudity. Her hair came to her shoulders in a long, black, controlled wave. And although she was muscular she still had a layer of softness over her body that rendered her curves pleasant instead of sharp. Her breasts were high on her chest and quite large, surprisingly so- each firm breast slightly larger than the underMinisters head and hair combined. Her nipples were hard and thick, strongly erect under the combined spray of water and coiling of serpents. Her belly was long and lean, her groin also clean shaven as this was the custom in all the conquered and Allied nations. Her inner vaginal lips were long and protruded like leaves from between her strong outer lips. Her clitoris was large, long, it’s little head poking out of the clitoral hood like a turtle. Her legs were runners legs and her feet were surprisingly petite. Between her legs Adelia could see a woman on the other side of the hall halfway swallowed by a red and yellow serpent, it’s jaws down to her waist and only her hips and legs left to be swallowed. Soon she would be only a tight woman shaped bulge in the belly of the serpent, then to be digested alive.

n’Phela was also quite firmly coiled by several hungry woman eating serpents. There was a twelve foot long rock python coiled on her right leg with it’s snout nuzzling her vulva and a lime green reticulated python coiling up her left leg, twenty feet of it’s long body stretching around two other nude showering women and it’s flickering tongue teasing an erect nipple. An Amazon anaconda had coiled its upper body around her neck loosely, it’s jaws gaping open wide enough to easily swallow an over inflated basketball and it’s tongue flickering in n’Phela’s face. She was staring down the wide throat of the anaconda without fear but open fascination.

Adelia began to masturbate in earnest as she looked at the underMinister, thinking that the underMinister would soon be just a woman shaped bulge in the belly of the Amazon monster. She wondered how long it would take the serpent to swallow the underMinister whole as she rubbed her clitoral hood in a rough circle.

“Oh yes,” she said, gasping as she leaned back against the warm tiles of the shower wall under the shower head. She kneaded her right breast hard with her hand, pulling and tweaking her hard nipple while with her other hand she was working her clitoris hard, orgasm very close. A rock serpent was passing between her legs as it left its enclosure, headed to the Arena for sacred battle with a warrior woman, it’s scales sliding against both of Adelias legs. “They usually coil a woman just before they swallow her whole, just like that,” she said. “Oh Venus, oh Minerva, when they swallow a woman whole, just swallow her, oh Diana, oh Juno- when they swallow a woman whole!” she almost shouted as she slid to the floor, bare buttocks on the tile and her shoulder blades on the wall. She shuddered as she came, hand jittering softly on her vulva as she gasped. Around her a few women clapped in honest appreciation.

One clapping woman gasped as a thirty foot long anaconda coiled her from behind and she was driven to her knees with a shock from the weight of the serpent, clapping forgotten as her arms were trapped at her sides.

On the ride in, n’Phela had expressed her concerns about showering in the very homes of several hundred hungry woman swallowing serpents, serpents that had been expressly trained to swallow women whole and alive, whose diet was now exclusively swallowed women.

“It just seems to me that just the idea would keep women away from the showering facilities,” she had said as the Nubian driver of the automobile  was driving them to the Serpens Imbres. “And yet it seems,” she said as she looked at the pamphlet that Adelia had given her. “Not only is every one of the 140 showers in use the entire day, but even the waiting room is almost always full. Over a thousand sperate women use these showers on a daily basis.”

“And that doesn’t count those of us who use the showers several times a day,” said Adelia with a smile. She could feel the familiar heat in her lower belly, feeling herself getting wet as she continued to think of the Serpens Imbres.

“I too am going to the Imbres myself, later tonight,” said the driver of the Nubi as she guided the motor vehicle through the traffic of inner city Rome. “I use it every night when my work day is done.” As a rule the driver’s of the Nubis didn’t talk to their passengers but it wasn’t unheard of and Adelia had been in many a pleasant conversation with Nubi drivers in the past.

“You just need to shower there,” said Adelia as the Nubi neared the Serpens Imbres building. “You’ll feel it when you see it.” Adelia was referring to the deep sexual longing and strong feeling of need every woman feels when she sees another woman being swallowed whole and alive by a serpent.

When Adelia could open her eyes, she saw that the Nubian underMinister was still simply coiled by serpents, albeit different serpents by this time. The gape jawed anaconda was now slithering over Adelias legs, its coal black eyes locked on hers. The rock python was now coiled around n’Phelas chest and was rubbing its head against her face and hair, saliva dripping from its partially open mouth. The reticulated python was busy across the hall from Adelia, it’s mouth a tight circle around the waist of a light skinned woman, her head and upper body deep down its wet serpent throat. The woman’s hand was busy in her groin, masturbating furiously as she was being swallowed whole by the hungry animal.

n’Phela too was masturbating as she looked about the Conciliabulum de Serpentium with new eyes. No longer was this a frightening hall to try and shower within while avoiding the terrifying beasts within. With one hand she slid her long fingers inside herself deeply and strongly while the other hand worked her clit. She stuck out her own tongue and the flicking tongue of the hungry python coiled around it momentarily. This hallway was a place almost of worship, the women offering water and themselves to the hungry woman swallowing serpents and the Roman gods. As the nude women showered among the unsupervised hungry serpents it was up to the gods themselves whether or not the gift of the self was accepted by the slithering serpents. Leaving the showers clean and alive was a blessing and the air was crisper and life more beautiful because of it.

That she felt a deep sexual longing and a giving desire as she watched the reticulated python taking the woman down its throat, bringing her closer to its stomach where she would be digested alive, was itself a blessing as well. As the serpent swallowed the woman’s feet into it’s mouth then gone down its throat as well she achieved a fiery orgasm, crying out as she came. She needed to share this information, this feeling, this blessing, with her Nubian bosses and their bosses as well. A Nubian Serpens Imbres needed to be built as soon as possible!

She looked over to Adelia to speak with her and felt another burst of sexual desire in her crotch- the anaconda’s nose was between Adelias firm breasts and it’s lower jaw was between her shoulder blades. Adelia’s head was already in the throat of the serpent that was swallowing her whole and it wouldn’t be too long before she too was tucked tight in the belly of the beast, waiting to be digested alive. n’Phela caressed her vulva affectionately, teasing her clit for a second. As she stood under the weight of the rock serpent she felt weak for a moment- coming hard did that to her. She looked down the throat of the rock python, it’s jaws wide open and next to her head. It was up to fate and the gods but she felt good about this. She felt good about the Nubian Serpens Imbres. And when the rock python closed its jaws and slid off her body to look for its enclosure she laughed with sheer pleasure.

Then, leaving Adelia swallowed down to her waist (her hands again between her legs, bringing herself to orgasm one last time as the snake swallowed her whole) in the throat of the anaconda, she walked, nude and proud, to the exit of the Serpens Imbres. As she passed, every serpent head (without a woman in its mouth and throat keeping it from turning) turned to watch her as she went by. Some of the serpents followed her for a time but every one of them eventually let her pass without tucking her into the hot, wet, tight sac of its stomach.


I hope it’s worthy. I only hint at it toward the end, but n’Phela is one of a new species of woman… snakes don’t eat them out of choice but they retain a deep connection to the serpents. Oooh 🙂



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  1. DAMN! I just finished masturbating when you posted this. Im gonna have to re-read this later looks good! Also Im on MSN right now 😀

    And Ill insert my penis, just say please 🙂

    Comment by ssfsdelta911 | February 13, 2013 | Reply

    • I LOVE it when people masturbate to my stories 🙂 I imagine, for you men, your pelvis bucks slightly and your cock throbs and then SQUIRTSQUIRTSQUIRT some of the best stuff on earth comes out of your wonderful cocks. I am only sad that I can’t drink your cum- what a waste 😦 Semen belongs in my tummy 🙂

      And for my female readers and GOD I hope I have some, I love to imagine fingers on clits (or buzzing tools on clits and hoods and lips 😉 ) and your body tightens and your pelvis bucks a little then OMIGOD it’s the best feeling on Earth, I swear. I can’t describe my own orgasms, there are no proper words so I can’t begin to say what yours would feel like but I can certainly hope you have one like I do while reading my stories. Tortured English but I hope you know what I mean.

      Comment by anne2snakie | February 13, 2013 | Reply

  2. Yaaaay. 🙂

    Comment by TheCountAlucard666 | February 13, 2013 | Reply

  3. By the way, saw this and thought of you…

    Now if only she found a kindly snake to take her in… 😉

    Comment by TheCountAlucard666 | February 14, 2013 | Reply

    • Amazingly, I actually LIKE those pics 🙂 I would never want to carry that much on MY ribcage (I am quite happy with my own boobs, thank you). But OTHER women having boobs thta big..,. well, that’s okay 😉 I found some cartoon pics with women whose boobs are literally bigger than minivans and I like those too 🙂

      Comment by anne2snakie | February 15, 2013 | Reply

  4. Added you on skype. Come and get my cock down your throat, now your story has made me horny as hell.

    Comment by Martin | February 18, 2013 | Reply

    • I think I have you on skype. I’m on my knees, naked, mouth open and waiting for your cock. Use my mouth like a cunt and fuck it hard. Shove your cock down my throat so hard when you cum that your balls are also in my mouth, the head of your cock actually in my chest it’s so far down my throat. I’m waiting- fuck my throat!

      Comment by anne2snakie | February 28, 2013 | Reply

      • I have tried to text you on skype, when are you online? You can’t picture how hard that message you wrote here, just made me. I just wanna throat fuck you so badly and cum again and again tilll you are stuffed like one of your snakes

        Comment by Martin | March 3, 2013

  5. So, mind telling us what’s next in store, both for your writing in general, and for this serpent-filled Rome setting?

    Comment by TheCountAlucard666 | February 21, 2013 | Reply

    • At first I wasn’t sure if I wanted to actually use Modern Rome as a setting instead of for just one story. Then I wrote the 2nd story and man, I wanted to keep Modern Rome as a setting. Now I am working on a 3rd story and I LOVE the Modern Roman Empire setting!! I want to actually use it in non-vore stories, so if you see a fiction book on the shelves based in this setting you know it’s me either in my name or a pseudonym 🙂

      As for what’s in store… well, I think it’s easy to guess: THOUSANDS of women with H-U-G-E tits shoving themselves down the open throats of hungry, woman swallowing serpents that are going to DIGEST THEM ALIVE. And that’s just to set the scene! No matter what is happening, every few paragraphs a serpent swallows whole and digests alive some chick with a gigantic rack.

      EVERYWHERE in the city and the setting there are serpents- at no time, in any place of the Modern Roman Empire, is there a place where a serpent is not visible and close. And every one of these serpents is either a)coiling a woman so it can swallow her and digest her alive, b)swallowing a woman whole so it can digest her alive, or c)digesting alive the woman it has just swallowed whole.

      And no one thinks this is wrong or dangerous or scary. In fact, it is seen as normal, calming, and possibly very sexy and makes everyone horny so they want to fuck right where they are no matter what is happening or how inappropriate it is to fuck. Then the woman who was fucking or IS fucking gets swallowed whole and digested alive.

      This is gonna be GREAT!!!

      Comment by anne2snakie | February 28, 2013 | Reply

      • Sounds exciting! 😉

        Comment by TheCountAlucard666 | March 1, 2013


    Comment by der Wandersmann | February 21, 2013 | Reply

  7. I sent my review to your e-mail so yer just gonna have to read it there (hint hint nudge). All I’ll say here is you’ve done another fine and imaginative job with the setting!

    Comment by Falsdoon | February 24, 2013 | Reply

  8. Great to she you have the writing bug again. Great story, love how the women willing shower with all those hungry snakes know that they could end up just a bulge in the side of one of them.

    Comment by blackrain | February 28, 2013 | Reply

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