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I sorry. Story will be soon. It;s the gross/sexy one. Disturbing! Mmmm, rub your clits, girls! 🙂

I was sitting with Rudy on the sofa the other day, we were just reading and it was quiet. I was snuggled up to him and it was just nice. Then Rudy snuggled closer, leaned down, and starting talking to me in a low, rumbly voice… sexy!

“We need to go on vacation, just you and I,” he said. “To some island somewhere. Sand, and warm, so we don;t have to wear clothes. Just you and me, sandy beaches, blue water, and trees.”

Nice 🙂 I leaned in closer as he kept talking.

“You and I, we could take a bed out onto the beach. Then, at dawn, you and I make our way out to the beach. No clothes. You lie yourself down on the bed with your head leaning off the edge. Then you feel my hard cock pass between your lips, into your mouth, and down your throat. Them for the next 18 hours I make gentle love to your throat.”

“18 hours?” I asked. He was being silly, but snuggled up like that with his low rumbly voice, it didn;t sound that bad.

“All day, I caress your breasts. I lean down as I make love to your throat, and I lick your vaginal lips, suck on your clitoris as my cock moves in your throat. Every hour or so my cock starts to thrust harder into your throat, then I cum down your throat and you swallow my semen.”

He knows me 🙂 I was starting to warm up down below.

“I don’t spend all my time thrusting hard. Most of the time it’s just a slow gentle lovemaking to your throat. Just my cock sliding gently between your lips, in your mouth, the hard shaft of my cock moving softly in your throat for about an hour. It’s only then that I begin to thrust harder, every hour or hour and a half, then cum down your throat again. Between times I continue to hold your breasts in my hands, loving them, licking and sucking your pussy and driving you to orgasm after orgasm, my cock making gentle love to your throat the whole time.”

I was just about ready to hold his cock in my throat right then on the sofa and have him cum down my throat after listening to him talk to me, but he continued to speak.

“And after I have made sweet love to your throat for 18 hours, we make our way back to the cabin. Hand in hand. We lay down on the bed and I hold you. And as we fall asleep, you feel my hard cock slide between your lips, into your mouth, and down your throat. As we sleep for 6 hours, in our sleep I make soft love to your throat, you swallowing my semen as you sleep, every hour or so. And at dawn we awaken, then make our way down to the beach again where I lie you down. Then I slide my hard cock between your lips, into your mouth, and down your throat where I make soft, gentle love to your throat for the next 18 hours.

“We spend 23 hours, 55 minutes a day with me making love to your throat for a week, a week and a half. You live on my cumming down your throat, my semen and my love filling you. I live on love and your vaginal fluids that I drink as I lick and suck on your pussy. The only time I am not making love to your throat is when we are walking to and from the beach.”

I stopped him talking them by dragging him down to the bedroom. I tore off my clothes, I undressed him and I lay back on the bed and he proceeded to provide me with many orgasms with his face in my cunt, licking and sucking. And after that, I drank his balls dry.

It was a nice, rare day. I wish we had more!

September 14, 2012 - Posted by | Cunt Licking, Penis Sucking, Sex, Throat Fucking

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  1. Good to know things are going well at the time for you! May they continue. Maybe you should write a diet book about these things. One of the reasons so many diets and such fail is not enough support. I don’t think there’s many fellows out there that wouldn’t be up front about helping their ladies with that diet plan! ;-D

    Be well girl!


    Comment by Falsdoon | September 20, 2012 | Reply

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