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Woman Swallowing Pythons – A New Beginning Pt. 1

Well, I am trying a story sort of in the style of the very first vore story I ever wrote! It probably sucks but here’s what I have so far!


Robert and Debra were heading down to town from their house. It was a brilliant day, sunny and warm with only a few clouds to mar the wondrous blue sky. The sun felt good on Debra’s skin, and she was showing a lot of it. She and Robert had words over her attire before they had set out for town on the path.

“Deb,” said Robert. “I really think you should wear clothes when we go to town today. They said there were a lot of woman swallowing pythons in the city today.” He was a medium height man with mouse brown hair and soulful blue eyes. He wasn’t thin and he wasn’t fat and he had just enough muscle to get Debra’s motor racing when she was feeling sexy.

“I am wearing clothes,” said Debra with a sigh as she pulled her blouse off over her head, her large firm breasts bouncing and jiggling as they were freed from their cloth prison. Debra was considered to be a medium breasted woman, each of her fully-ripe watermelon sized breasts surprisingly firm and topped with perpetually erect nipples.

“I am finding that increasingly hard to believe,” said Robert with a smile. “However, I do want you to remember that woman swallowing pythons do swallow whole and digest alive nude women. So I want you to wear something, please.”

“I have no plans to be digested alive,” said Debra, laughing at her husband as she pulled her skirt down her thighs and stepping out of it. Underneath and now free of clothing were her long lean legs, tight, pert buttocks, and cleanly shaven vulva. “I also have no plan to be nude,” she continued, debating over her shoes. She owned a sensible twenty three pairs of shoes, from her plain work flats to her “fuck-me” pumps. “I am fully aware that these woman swallowing pythons only swallow whole and digest alive nude women, and swallow whole and digest alive those women wearing only a bare minimum of clothing that apparently the snake cannot distinguish from nudity.”

She leaned forward to grab a pair of shoes and although her torso only bent to less than a ninety degree angle, her shoulders no lower than her knees, her nipples were still dragging on the carpet of the bedroom floor. She came up with two of this summer’s beach wear- stikflats, basically flip-flops that stuck to the sole of the foot with a mild adhesive, leaving the rest of the foot bare and unencumbered. She peeled the sheet and stuck the flats to her soles easily.

“I think you’ll find yourself in a snake tummy in no time, being busily digested alive if you go out just like that!” laughed her husband.

Debra laughed with him, saying “I agree with you! And again, I have no intention of being swallowed whole and digested alive by a woman swallowing python just because I decided to walk to town in the nude with you. Not that I don’t want to be nude with you,” she said quickly. “I do, but I also don’t want to be swallowed whole and digested alive today. Here,” she said as she stood, bare breasts wobbling and bobbling and joggling on her chest as she walked to her closet. Once there, she pulled out two hangers and turned to show her husband what she had chosen.

“First, a conservative bikini top, so that even a woman swallowing python can see that I am wearing clothing, and am not naked above the waist.” She pulled the bikini top off the hanger and put her arms through the sides, leaning over slightly to place her breasts in the cups. She reached behind herself and tied the string with one eye closed and her tongue poking from the side of her mouth. “There, see?” she asked, modeling the bikini top for her husband. The two triangular cups were a light beige in color, and on neither breast did the bottom of the triangle reach the bottom of the breast. The top of the triangle covered both nipple and areola and little else. The straps were thin and beige.

“Well, maybe,” said Robert with a smile. He was imagining a confrontation between a woman swallowing python and his wife in the bikini top, unable to determine for himself whether his wife would walk on by, or take up residence in the belly of the snake, awaiting being digested alive, a woman shaped lump in the middle of a fifteen foot long reticulated woman swallowing python. He had seen many woman swallowing pythons with nude woman shaped lumps in their middles, having slaked their hunger on some nude woman they had swallowed alive and were now going to digest alive. He had personally watched many woman swallowing pythons swallow nude women whole so they could digest them alive. Watching his wife being swallowed whole by a woman swallowing python so it could digest her alive would make him very sad; he loved his wife very much, and would miss her greatly if a woman swallowing python swallowed her whole and digested her alive. It would make him very sad to watch a woman swallowing python swallow his wife whole and then digest her alive. He looked at his wife, large firm breasts barely covered by the bikini top and wearing nothing else, wondering if her breasts were covered enough.

“And then I will also wear this bikini bottom,” she said, bending over and placing one foot at a time through the leg holes of the bikini bottom and then shimmying it up into place on her very shapely hips and lovely bottom. “Another conservative cover, showing any woman swallowing python that I am indeed wearing clothing, that I am not nude, and that I shouldn’t be swallowed whole and then digested alive.” She turned in place so that Robert could see that, indeed, she was wearing a conservative bikini bottom. And it was, comparatively. The top of the triangle in front, the base toward her waist, went across the swelling of her clean shaven pubic mound, at least a half inch above the top of the clitoral hood. The two sides of the descending triangle covered the inner half of each of her large, soft outer lips before diving downward to just cover her vaginal opening before heading back up again in back between her tight, hard buttocks. At the top of the waistband in back was another triangle that just covered her coccyx, the top of the cleft between her buttocks. Other than that she looked like she was wearing no bikini bottom at all from behind.

“I’m getting two feelings from that,” said Robert with a leer. “One is good and the other is bad. The bad feeling is that any woman swallowing python who only sees you from the waist down is not going to figure you are wearing anything at all, and then very soon after you will be tucked tightly into it’s stomach, waiting to be digested alive, as it will have swallowed you whole. If we take your entire outfit as a whole, I can tell you without fear of contradiction that any wandering woman swallowing python who happens to see you will soon be a very well-fed woman swallowing python indeed, as it will have swallowed you whole and will be keeping you inside of it’s tight stomach sac until it can digest you alive. I do not know how long woman swallowing pythons keep nude women they have swallowed whole inside of their stomachs before digesting them alive, but I assure you it is both too long and not long enough. Not long enough because any time you die is not enough time left, and too long because you will be inside of the stomach of the woman swallowing python, waiting to be digested alive, and wondering when the woman swallowing python will actually begin digesting you alive.”

“I think you worry too much,” said Debra, laughing. “Come, if we are going to walk into town we need to go now as soon it will be much too warm to walk that far.” She gave Robert a long and soulful look, then started for the door. Robert watched his wife walk to the door; with each step, her swaying breasts became visible slightly as they wobbled on her chest, and her bare buttocks swayed enticingly. Briefly he debated not going to town and instead taking his wife back to bed but sadly decided that chores trumped sex at this point in the day. Maybe later, if a woman swallowing python had not swallowed his wife whole and then slithered off to find a hot rock to coil upon and digest his wife alive in peace.

Neither Robert nor Debra could remember when social standards had changed, dictating that not only was a woman being completely nude in public fashionable, but actually socially desirable. Robert could only remember that it was a long time ago, possibly when he was a child or a teen- he remembered only being humiliated by his mother when she too started being nude at all times, at home or in public. Parents were so uncool. He had a vague memory of taking a nude Debra to the prom when they were both sixteen, and the entire female student body had gone nude as well. Clothing was not frowned upon- in fact, most women, by choice, wore fully covering clothing most of the time or simply to show off the latest Parisian fashion.

Nor could either of them fully recall when woman swallowing pythons began to show in urban areas around the world. Rumor had always spoken of snakes that could swallow a person whole but few people believed in such tales. But when the rumor was proved to be true and in fact it was discovered that these snakes had evolved a rather rare and tight nutritional requirement- they could only survive by swallowing whole and digesting alive women. Some of the reptiles had slower metabolisms and could survive by swallowing whole and digesting alive only one woman every few weeks, whereas some of the snakes required the boggling requirement of having to swallow whole and digest alive at least one woman every 24 hours. Any less and they started starving to death.

People had been shocked and surprised to discover that these woman swallowing snakes were an actual creature and not just rumor, but there was never anything close to a panic. There had been worldwide surprise when it was discovered that the diet of these snakes was only women but nothing close to worry. And when it was also discovered that anywhere in the world that there were women there was also a sizable population of woman swallowing pythons, waiting to swallow whole and digest alive any woman they could swallow whole- that was the closest that there was anything approaching panic… but even at then, never had it been even thought of that these snakes should be eliminated. Rather, women worldwide just decided they would have to be a bit more on the lookout for woman swallowing pythons and make more of an effort to not be swallowed whole and digested alive.

And so Robert and Debra found themselves walking to town on this sunny day, enjoying the sunlight and fresh air and Robert at least keeping an eye out for any wandering woman swallowing pythons. There had, after all, been reports of greater numbers of them in the city that day. And, in fact, Robert had already seen three of the rather good looking beasts on their walk already. The first was coiled loosely on the lawn of their next door neighbor, Clara, and in the middle of this fifteen foot long animal, covered in jet black scales with a line of brilliant red and green scales running down it’s spine, was a woman shaped bulge. From the rather sizeable bulge around the chest area of the woman shaped bulge in the python’s stomach, Robert figured the woman shaped bulge would be Clara, waiting in the snake’s stomach to be digested alive. Clara was- had been?- extremely over busty and seemed to pay for this generous helping of breast with a generous loss of brain power. She wasn’t stupid, she just embodied the idea of “airhead”, “slow to figure”, and “eaten”.

The second woman swallowing python that Robert had already seen on this slow lazy trip into town had been a pleasantly green colored woman swallowing python swallowing some woman whole so the woman swallowing python could digest her alive by the side of the road. He had no idea who this woman was that was being swallowed whole so the woman swallowing python could digest her alive- she was just some woman that had the luck to run across a woman swallowing python as she walked down the road. When they came across the woman swallowing python that was swallowing her whole so it could digest her alive, it had swallowed her down to her elbows- it had started swallowing her whole at her head and had worked it’s way down 1/3 of her body.

It had been discovered very soon after the worldwide discovery of the woman swallowing pythons, that if a woman swallowing python was swallowing a woman whole so it could digest her alive, that a simple sharp ‘tap!’ between the eyes of the woman swallowing python, no harder than that required to press an elevator button, the woman swallowing python would stop swallowing whole the woman it was swallowing so it could digest her alive, and reverse the swallowing process, effectively spitting out the woman being swallowed. This woman swallowing python spit covered woman was then free- the snake would slither away and look for another woman to swallow whole so it could digest her alive. No one was sure why this was- least of all the scientists. It was theorized that this ‘tap!’ made the woman swallowing python forget what it was doing so it had to start over with another woman. It didn’t matter how far the woman swallowing python had swallowed a woman whole to digest her alive, as long as it’s jaws had not yet closed. A feet first swallowed woman fully down the woman swallowing python’s throat with only a few strands of her hair between the jaws of the woman swallowing python would be coughed back up if the woman swallowing python were ‘tap!’ed between the eyes. This ‘tap!’ was common knowledge- it was mentioned on the news periodically. Both Robert and Debra certainly knew about it.

While Robert and Debra watched the woman swallowing python swallow the woman from her elbows to down past her round, firm buttocks, a few other people had gathered about and watched with them. One of them, a young man, unzipped his own pants and began masturbating as he watched. Although Robert and Debra noticed him doing this, it didn’t raise any flags about strange behavior and it stayed an almost subconscious observation. Sexual acting out while watching a woman swallowing python swallow a woman whole so it could digest her alive was a very common activity- so much so that if, while a woman swallowing python was swallowing a woman whole so it could digest her alive, there was no discharge of semen or multiple female orgasms expressed from at least one observer then that was a sure sign of something wrong.

———————–2595 words——————————————

And this is part 1! Part 2 to follow later this week! Read this part now! 🙂


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  1. Great Start. I can’t wait untilI get to see part 2. I would love it if Debra gets eaten and Robert Screws anothe woman while they watch!

    Comment by Paul | July 11, 2012 | Reply


    Comment by ssfsdelta911 | July 12, 2012 | Reply

  3. lord in heaven I like where this is going!

    Comment by psycho | July 14, 2012 | Reply

  4. I am so turned on

    Comment by Jacob | July 25, 2012 | Reply

  5. You’ve gotten me into this whole vore thing after reading your stories about a year or two ago! now I think about woman being swallowed by snakes all the time lol. I had an idea for a story I was wondering if you could write it sometime if you take requests

    It’s a terrified girl being swallowed by a snake but the thing is it’s turning her on so much and she hates it but she can’t stop having orgasms while she is slowly eaten. There is a rock within reach she could use to bash the snake but her orgasms are two powerful and make it hard to keep focus. She’s crying and cumming and with each pull of the snake’s throat the rock is further and further out of reach. if only she could get control of her bodies reaction’s she could live but the orgasms just keep coming

    Comment by Matt | August 8, 2012 | Reply

  6. It’s amazing to pay a quick visit this website and reading the views of all mates concerning this paragraph, while I am also eager of getting knowledge.

    Comment by Celesta | November 5, 2012 | Reply

  7. I have had a fantasie about watching my wife being eaten alive crotch first by a snake woman. She seduces my wife and starts licking her privates. Soon her eyes turn very snakelike and her tongue starts flickering on her clit. She then buries her tongue deep within her vagina. Her tongue begins to swell inside my wife’s vagina to gigantic proportions. Then once she locked into her vagina,she starts to drag her into her mouth slowly. Her mouth widening to surround her entire ass,hips and legs. At first my wife becomes alarmed and begs me to help,but as i begin to help her she pushes me away and starts telling the woman/snake to eat her alive and to please swallow her whole. My wife starts to shake with orgasm after orgasm as she disappears from sight,sliding down the womans throat. After the deed is done,the woman’s distended stomach containing the still orgasming body of my wife,writhes and pulsates. She turns to me and says “next”.

    Comment by Steve | December 4, 2013 | Reply

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