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Why I Am So Happy And Why I Am Losing My Mind

Rudy is back from the hospital. YAY! Alive, though he can barely be awake for more than 2 hours without being exhausted and having to take a nap. At least he is home and alive! Last night I told him I was going to do something for him, too- I lay him down on the sofa and told him I would do all the work. And I just lay next to him and we were both naked and I touched him and he touched me and I told him to not move! I didn’t want him to get hurt! Anyway, long story short, it’s a good thing I like the taste of human body fluids- specifically, those fluids the human male body produces for lubrication during sex. Rudy’s penis leaks a LOT during sex- his body overproduces lubrication and I like that because I get to drink it all up! And I drank a lot from his cock last night- I worked his body into a high state of sexual excitation with him just laying there and doing nothing but being there. At last he came into my mouth and I lapped up every delicious thick white drop. All day I’d told him I was going to rub his cum into my breasts afterwards, but no way! I wasn’t going to waste it when I could drink it! I had my head on his lower belly, my cheek against his public hair and his cock in my mouth and, while humming and making “um HMM” noises I used my tongue to lap up his cum as his cock jumped and jerked and thrust between my lips until it was all gone. Sigh. His balls need to work harder- I need more cum to drink!

…Which leads me to the 2nd point, the thing that is going to kill me. I am not exaggerating when I say that I personally have saved Rudy’s life somewhere between 25 and 30 times. Times when if I hadn’t been as observant, I hadn’t been as fast to make a snap decision, he would have died. Sometimes within minutes of my having noticed the situation. Since 2004 there have been MORE than 25-30 times where Rudy’s life hung in the balance, one side death and the other… life. Times where I have spent DAYS wondering if this was the time when Rudy was finally going to die and leave me alone and broken forever. And then, after DAYS of being at the very bottom of the well of despair, he gets better and comes home.

This “getting better and coming home” has never been anything that can be counted on just because “he did it last time”, because each time this happens it’s bad enough that just the slightest push and he is gone- there is no way to just relax and say “He’ll get better, he always does” because each time THIS IS IT.

I hope you sort of understand why it was finally too much the last time when, just days after we got him out of the hospital from being near death, that suddenly HIS BRAIN STARTS TO BLEED IN HIS SKULL- and AGAIN I am within minutes of saving his life- that I was finally just stretched too far. It was too much, too many times- I’ve been stretched thin, way thinner than any person should be and with Rudy it’s ONLY GOING TO GET WORSE…

Sigh. How had I stayed sober this long?




Beat that, bitches!

I should frame this.

July 7, 2012 - Posted by | Bleakest Despair, Husband's Illness, Penis Sucking, Random Sex Talk, The Universe Hates Me, Whining


  1. You stayed soberbecause your one tough resilent woman. Hang in there.

    Comment by Paul | July 9, 2012 | Reply

  2. How does anyone manage to do something for however long that they do? Reasons are different for every situation and person. But they did it and you did too. Partly because of something inside you and partly because you’ve always had other people in your corner, still do. You still have to be the one to walk the walk but it DOES help knowing you have others willing to help when and where they can. You ain’t walking it alone.

    Comment by Falsdoon | July 21, 2012 | Reply

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