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Of Course, Sometimes Reality Isn’t Perfect Either

There is nothing wrong with this woman, at all.

Tits are nice, but oh my god.

Tits are nice, but oh my god.

After all, her tits are bigger than her head, by volume.  And lord knows, sometimes that the only physical information I give about my female characters. Well, that and how big a cock they can take 😉 Oohh baby.

But you know, sometimes real tits aren’t the entire  answer either. You can tell by looking at this cow woman that her tits are 100% real. The tremendous sag, the uneven size, the near-pancake flatness of the one tit while her other tit is slightly fuller, slightly rounder… This poor cunt woman has 100% ugly fucking real tits. I will not talk about this poor bitches this ugly cunt’s this poor cow poor woman’s body. Hell, I’m still short and fat, and my tits aren’t anywhere near this big or pretty. That FUCKING WHORE (let it out, Anne, let it out) woman has a natural body, but damn, I just have to say that while she has natural tits, I will never write a story about her tits. And I don’t mean her tits in particular- I mean sad tits like those.

I am a mean cunt.


June 22, 2012 - Posted by | Being A Miserable Cunt, Boobs, Generalized Rambling, The Universe Hates Me, Tongue In Cheek, Whining, Yo


  1. I agree, ain’t a damn thing wrong with her at all.

    It’s also great to have you back posting, and with your endearing way of speaking. 😉

    Comment by Falsdoon | June 23, 2012 | Reply

  2. Ha ha Anne is mean? maybe, but she sure knows how to make a bunch of vore loving fans happy, so I think we’ll accept the mean fact and live with it since we love you so much 😀

    Comment by ssfsdelta911 | June 23, 2012 | Reply

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