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Huge Fucking Tits

To all you artists, and some of y’all writers as well 🙂 This woman has big boobs. And she has more natural boobs although with the size she may have some enhancement within, although many more women are having bigger boobs these days. Anyway, what I want to point out is that as a real woman, her boobs are NOT spherical, like basketballs, grapefruits, medicine balls, or small planetoids. Real boobs, on real women, are a more cylindrical shape, like tubes, sorta. The nipple isn’t found on the opposite end of a perfectly round sphere- nopes, that nipple is on the end of a hot-dog like tube of breast.

THAT is what a real, wonderful, beautiful, warm, soft, jiggling, fuckable, suckable, set of tits is like.

God, I wish my tits were like that anymore. Sigh.


June 21, 2012 - Posted by | Boobs, Generalized Rambling, Random Sex Talk, Yo


  1. Oh Im sure your still fuckable and suckable still Anne XD Those are some lovely tits…will look even nicer as shes half swallowed in a snake as she plays with them

    Comment by ssfsdelta911 | June 22, 2012 | Reply

    • Oh hells yeah 🙂 She’d be swallowed to just under her breasts, the snake’s jaws on her lower ribs. She’s holding herself up on her arms, like she’s doing pushups, but she also has help- she’s not holding herself up alone, no. Underneath her is a man on his back, and as she holds herself up, he is holding her breasts with his hands and making gentle love to them with his penis; holding them together and rubbing his penis between them as if he were sliding his penis into a well lubricated pussy. And as he does this, teasing her nipples with his fingers as he makes love to her soft breasts, standing over him is another man. This man is holding her head between his hands- not to hold her up by her head, no!- but to rub his fingers through her hair, to caress her cheeks, her forehead, as he makes love to her mouth. Sliding his long, thick, saliva lubricated penis through her mouth and down her throat in an increasing rhythm as the snake gently eases her down it’s throat, toward her final destination in it’s stomach.

      And first the man below her on his back arches as he fucks her breasts, his hot semen spurting from his cock to between her breasts- catching it all on her breasts and massaging it in with his hands. And then her semen slick breasts slide into the mouth of the snake as it continues swallowing her whole. As this man leaves, happy that he was able to help her on her journey from this world to the next but sad that soon she will be gone, the other man is still fucking her mouth hard.

      It’s only when her arms are starting to be pushed forward as the snake swallows her whole that at last he pushes his cock into her mouth as deep as it will go, gasping as he shoves her head hard against his groin- her head almost sideways, her chin on his left thigh and her forehead against the far right side of his belly, the angle allowing him to shove his cock an inch deeper down her throat. His entire cock, the entire nine inch length of it, two and a half inches thick from the left side of the shaft to the right, two inches from the bottom of the shaft to the top, in her mouth and down her throat, trembling, spurting hot cum into her.

      It’s only when her arms being pushed forward against him, the snake’s jaws shoving his body away from her mouth, that he pulls away and leaves her. Looking down at her smiling face, semen dripping from her lips, realizing he came a half cup of ball-hot cum into her throat. Looking into her eyes as her face and head vanish into the mouth of the snake as it swallows her whole, only her arms trailing from between it’s scaley lips.

      Until at last her hands vanish into it’s mouth as the snake swallows her whole, taking her now fully into it;s throat and taking her down to it;s stomach. A trip that will take a half hour until she passes through the stomach sphincter. Then the stomach acids will start to flow, and the snake will begin to digest her alive over a period of time of at least sixteen and up to 24 days before the pain and shock of being digested alive kills her.

      Comment by anne2snakie | June 22, 2012 | Reply

      • A good basic Anne story. Gotta love them! I think we need to get/make/buy you a snake prop so you can…well, that would all up to you. 😉

        Comment by Falsdoon | June 22, 2012

  2. I think about being swallowed whole and alive all the time. My standard daydream 🙂 I want so bad to be eaten alive by a snake. Fuck reality- I want a snake with no teeth to swallow me whole and alive, without constriction. Take me through it’s mouth, down it’s throat and into it’s stomach. Gods above I wish it could happen. I’m not really big on the whole dying part of it, that part I wish wouldn’t happen, but if I could be swallowed whole and that was the deal, I’d do it. I’d even go through with being digested alive.

    Comment by anne2snakie | June 22, 2012 | Reply

    • ha ha as I said anne, if I ever find out about a genitically modified snake that can swallow a woman whole without the reality of crushing her ribs on the way down its throat? Ill let you know

      Comment by ssfsdelta911 | June 23, 2012 | Reply

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