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This Album, By This Band, Makes Me Cry A River Every Time

The band is Ludo and the album name is Broken Bride and it came out in 2005. It’s an EP, 28 minutes, and it’s a concept album- tells a story from beginning to end. One reader on a website summarized it perfectly with the words:

Part 1, Broken Bride- The Traveler has been struggling for fifteen years to build a time machine, and finally comes to the night when he will attempt to use it to save his dead wife – who died in a car crash in 1989. It malfunctions, and he is sent to prehistoric times. He is attacked by dinosaurs and retreats safely inside a cave.
Save our City- Meanwhile, after the Travelers departure, humanity is assaulted by zombies, King Simius (a kind of anti-Christ) and the imminent end of the world.
Part 2, Tonight’s the Night- The Traveler has been trapped in his cave and basically chances the raptors and makes an attempt to get to his machine and try to save his wife once more.
Part 3, The Lamb and the Dragon- Barely escaping the predators, The Traveler starts the machine and once again it malfunctions, sending him all the way to the apocalypse – which had started in “Save our city”. King Simius summons (an assumption on my part) The Dragon, which unleashes destruction upon the last of humanity. The Traveler, witnessing the awful events around him, makes a decision to sacrifice his time machine to save the world, and uses “his own dragon” to zap the Beast to another time – destroying the machine in the process. The Traveler is then visited by some kind of celestial beings (angels or the like), who are confused at his broken heart. He tells them of his sorrow at not being able to prevent his wife’s death in the end. In payment of saving humanity, the celestials send him back to May, 1989, the last morning he spent with her…
Part 4, Morning in May- The Traveler finally sees his sleeping wife again after all of his effort and strife, and lies down with her. Soon though, she readies herself and leaves for her fateful car ride. Terrified that her fate will only repeat itself, he stops her from leaving at the last moment and gets in the car with her. Like before, the accident happens, and the Traveler dies with his wife.
Thus, concluding what is likely the best album written in the history of music.

It sounds simplistic and it is. It’s a little confusing when it gets to all the apocalyptic stuff. But part 1, part 2, and part 4 are clear and sad enough that I cannot stop crying when I listen to it (as I am crying now while typing this). I’m sure a lot of my feelings are tied in with my situation with Rudy and how he’s in a constant slow slide into death, and the constant crashes he has- like this last one where by rights he should have died AGAIN (25th time he should have died by rights since we got married? 29th? I’ve lost count).

I doubt it’s healthy for me to listen to this album.

June 5, 2012 - Posted by | Bloviation, Musica, Yo

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