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Emmie Climbed Up The Paralyzed Fish Monster’s Tongue.

hungry fish monster

hungry fish monster – click pic for full size

Cassie was tied to the mast, but Emmie and the sixteen other nude women had been swallowed by the giant hungry fish monster as they tried protecting Cassie. They weren’t injured, down there in the fish stomach, as it had swallowed them all whole, and this was how Emmie had climbed up the fish throat and the tongue. All she had to do now was get to the tentacles and she could climb down safely. Cassie could get herself loose- the cuffs would pull off if she tugged hard enough, they’d peel skin from her hands and she’d be free.

Emmie felt bad momentarily for the other sixteen women still down inside the fish stomach- after all, if they didn’t get out before the paralysis wore off, the fish monster would sink beneath the waves and then digest them all alive at its leisure. All they had to do though was what she did- climb up the rough skin of the fish monster throat, climb the tongue like a tree, then make a jump for the tentacles. Home fucking free.

She hesitated at the opening of the fish’s mouth however, large breasts swaying in the cold wind, knees against the knobbly fish tongue. She rubbed one hand against her clean shaven vulva- the fish’s digestive acids, while weak, were still acids and the skin of her crotch was prickly and itchy.

“You bitches best get climbing,” she yelled down the fish’ throat, left hand still rubbing and scratching at her soft, fat outer labia. Her inner labia were also itchy and damned if even her clitoral hood wasn’t all irritated as well. She’d be damned lucky if she didn’t get fish digestive acids all up in her hole as well. “This fish is gonna start swimming again soon, the spell won’t last forever. Do you want to get all digested alive?” Cassie was still grunting and squealing and kicking and she wasn’t even fucking trying to get herself loose from the cuffs that held her in the air from the mast. What the fuck was that cunt’s problem?

There was a chorus of voices from down the fish throat, completely unable to distinguish one voice from another. Finally there was one voice that started yelling louder than the others, accompanied by the sound of meaty flesh on flesh impacts. “Shut up! Shut the fuck up!” SLAP. “Bitch, get your leg off my belly and shut up!” SLAP. “Get your tits off my face- I said get your tits- Bitch, get your fucking-” SLAP, SLAP, SLAP. Silence, then the voice spoke again, yelling up from the darkness of the fish’s stomach. “No, most of us don’t want to be digested alive down here.” Another voice, different from hers, then she spoke again. “Okay, slightly less than half of us don’t want to be digested alive down here. How did you get out?”

Emmie looked out of the fish’s mouth from her seat on the fish tongue. She wasn’t quite out yet, after all. All the fish had to do was close it’s mouth and swallow and she’d be back down there, tucked in amidst all that naked female skin, about to be digested alive as well. She needed to get out of the fish mouth, down the tentacles, then far away from the fish, the women in the fish belly, and that stupid bitch Cassie still fighting with the cuffs up there. She leaned against the fish tongue, rubbing her crotch and the increasingly pleasant feeling of her erect clitoris, and yelled down inside the fish throat.

“I’m not quite out, but all of you need to get moving, the ones that don’t want to be digested alive anyway. Can you see the light from where I am yelling?” She began to massage her left breast as she rubbed her crotch, playing with her tight nipple, as she spoke.

“Just a moment, going to take a vote,” yelled the woman back from inside the stomach of the fish. Emmie closed her eyes and continued masturbating as she lay on the tongue of the fish. It felt so good to rub the weak digestive acids of the fish stomach into her cunt, kneading her clit with her thumb and piercing her wet hole below with her pinky finger. She pulled and rubbed her tit with her other hand, eyes closed, imagining herself down in the darkness of the fish stomach with the other naked women. Quickly she felt it grow, then orgasm burst over her- she’d never come this fast before, less than a minute of play and she’d come. And it wasn’t just a weak, nasty orgasm either- it had felt goooooood.

“Did you hear me?” yelled the woman down in the fish stomach again.

“No,” said Emmie, honestly. “I was busy playing with my pussy. What did you say?”

“Well, I’d said that yes, we all see the light. But since you’ve been honest, I’ve had my hand between my legs this entire time too.”

“No,” yelled another woman. “You’ve had your hand between my legs. I’ve just had my hand between your legs to return the favor.”

There was a moment of silence before the first woman yelled again, “Well, yeah, anyway, we see it.”

Emmie felt the fish tongue tremble underneath her. That meant that the spell was starting to wear off- they’d have to hurry now. Less than a half hour remained before the fish gained complete control, swallowed Emmie and the others back down, then swam away to digest them alive.

Emmie leaned back against the fish tongue and held her breasts in both hands, twiddling her nipples with her thumbs as she spoke.

“What you need to do, is rub the digestive acids into your pussy when you masturbate down there. It feels fucking wonderful- it hurts just perfect,” she yelled down the fish throat. “Lean back against something so you can use both hands. When you’ve come, you should also think about climbing up the fish throat toward the light. That’s the open fish mouth. You get high enough, you climb the fish tongue easy. Then you can masturbate up here too.” It felt so good to massage her breasts like this- squeezing and pulling tight, almost painfully so. She normally had a lighter touch on her breasts when she masturbated if she touched them at all, but right now it was like they wanted to be handled roughly.

“Fuck, that feels good,” yelled a woman from side the stomach of the fish. “I’m rubbing the stomach acid up inside the hole where the dick goes, way up inside, and it hurts but it hurts so fucking good!” She made a noise like a startled buffalo. Some of the women down in the fish stomach laughed, but others were busy doing what she was doing and making their own startled buffalo noises.

The tongue under Emmie’s back moved six inches, and Emmie knew that in less than fifteen minutes now the fish would digest alive any women still down inside of it’s stomach. She pushed a breast up and sucked her own nipple, sucking hard. Gods, if felt so good. Knowing that she was on a fish tongue, that the fish could swallow her at any moment, could digest her alive with all the other nude women down in the stomach of the fish. MMmmm- she was going to come again, this time without even touching her cunt, just playing with her tits.

She was so close, and she could hear the other women in the fish stomach gasping as they all were nearing orgasm as well. She mashed her breasts tight against her chest and arched her back, legs wide, bucking her hips and damned if she didn’t come again and come hard. “Well, hell,” she whispered. She looked outside the fish mouth where that dumb bitch Cassie was still trying to figure out the loose cuffs that held her to the mast and sighed.

She smiled and said, “Well, screw it.” She scoonched her bare ass cheeks against the fish tongue, kept her legs spread and slid back down the fish tongue. Hell, with any luck, maybe she’d get someone’s head stuck inside her pussy when she fell in. Laughing, she slid into the darkness of the fish’ digestive system.

A quick tremble, the fish clapped it’s mouth shut and it sank beneath the waves, belly full.

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  1. ah HA! I remember this! Your welcome for the Page link ;D Faustie makes some good shit! Nice story too. Made me cum ;P

    Comment by ssfsdelta911 | June 1, 2012 | Reply

  2. are you into vore ??????????

    Comment by vorphil | June 1, 2012 | Reply

  3. VERY nice, and great use of Faustie.. šŸ™‚

    Comment by thecountalucard666 | June 1, 2012 | Reply

  4. Just like the good old days! šŸ™‚

    Comment by Falsdoon | June 3, 2012 | Reply

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