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Sally was swimming and now she was confused and frightened. The moon had been full and the sky was cloudless as she swam, then suddenly CLOP- A loud sound that hurt her eardrums and everything went dark. Most of the air went away too- trying to breathe was hit or miss in the darkness- either water or air and she was choking. The lake seemed to be gone as well- She could feel, all around her, a soft and squishy surface, like she’d been trapped inside a beachball. What on Earth…  It didn’t help that up and down seemed to keep moving, as well as left and right, like she was being randomly turned in all directions.

It was then Sally gasped and choked anew on a gasp of water. Oh shit, she knew what had happened. Darren had warned her. Told her not to go swimming. ‘Cause if she did-


“Tits, a fucking fish is gonna swallow you right up,” he said, sitting on a log on the other side of the campfire. “Tits like you got, babe, you’re primo fish food. And I didn’t bring my rod with me, I couldn’t catch you back if it did eat you.” He swigged his beer, seemed to think a moment. “Next month, I can bring my rod, maybe we can go fishing, try that out. Save me money on bait.”

“Darren,” she said, laughing. She’d been drinking too and was on her third beer by this time. Marcia was making out with her boyfriend, Ben, and Jennie was busy fucking her boyfriend, Tommy, in the tent. She kept howling like a wolf as Tommy nailed her hard. The night was warm, the breeze soft, and Sally’d taken off her bikini top. Darren was right about one thing, anyway, she did have very nice tits. They were large enough to rest on her lap as she sat, her hard nipples poking out past her kneecaps. She kept their over-inflated beach-ball size boobs from sliding off her legs to either side by holding her hands under each knee- her upper arms kept each soft globe of feminine flesh in beautiful place. When standing, they sagged of course, but surprisingly, not much. The sides of her breasts were clearly visible from behind her, soft and round, hanging down around her soft flat tummy.

Darren lifted his beer can, drained the contents in a series of long swallows. “Man,” he said. “With Ben snogging right here and Tommy fucking that cunt in the tent, and you with your tits out like that, I am getting so fucking horny.” He tossed his can into the bushes and stood, walking to the cooler. He grabbed a sixpack then walked back to his seat, stopping and dropping his swim trunks before sitting back in his chair, nude. He slapped a hand on his thigh, looking at Sally. “Come on, tits, gimme a blow job. You suck cock like you were born with a cock in your mouth.”

Sally blushed at the compliment. Darren was a sweet guy, and he did have a very nice cock. It certainly wasn’t the longest she’d ever had in her mouth, in fact was a little on the short side, only seven inches from his balls to the tip of the head when hard. But it was wonderfully thick. Two and a half inches thick from side to side, two inches thick from his balls to his belly. It filled her up so good during sex, and would just fit down her throat, if he pushed hard with his hips, when she lay on her back with her head back and mouth wide. During more vanilla blowjobs, like this one would likely be, she’d be lucky to swallow even five inches into her mouth and throat. That was good enough though. She could still perform magic with her tongue, lips, and back of her mouth. When Darren came, he would squirt half a cup of his thick hot cum into her mouth or throat- his balls were each the size of a large plum and were rich and ripe with delicious sperm and semen.

“Come on, tits,” he said, opening his legs, his hard penis standing tall and throbbing in time to his heartbeat. “On your knees over here. It’s not gonna suck itself.”

“I’m on my way,” said Sally with a smile. She stood, breasts pulling at her low back. Darren always knew what to say to make her feel good inside. She was a lucky woman to have such a good man. She finished her own beer and set the can down next to her chair.

“Take your bikini bottom off too. I wanna see your pussy,” said Darren, stroking his penis as he watched her naked breasts. “Fuck, you got a nice body. I’m a lucky guy you’re my cunt,” said Darren, stroking his cock harder as the nude Sally walked toward him, her breasts wobbling and jiggling. His cock was wet with his own sexual fluids now, the shaft glistening in the firelight. “God damn, your tits are amazing, and that soft pussy of yours, God, I love your ass, want to fuck that ass…” He let go of his penis then, the shaft jerking and throbbing, the head leaking lubrication and pre-cum liberally. The hard seven inch long penis was thoroughly soaked, his balls dripping with his own sexual lubrication, his thighs wet and his hand soaked in pre-cum. “Gotta watch it,” he gasped, hands clenching his thighs. “Want to cum down your throat and I’m gonna cum right now if I touch myself again.”

Sally felt a warm glow of pleasure as she knelt between his knees, resting her breasts on the cool sand as she lowered his face to his glistening, quivering cock. Other women she knew had boyfriends that never took them anywhere, or gave them gifts, or even talked to them much. Darren was a true sweetheart, letting her know how much he appreciated her. She rubbed her cheek against the hard shaft of Darren’s cock, the smell of his wet sex better than any perfume. The smell and taste of his semen never failed to get her wet, never failed to rev up her own sexual system. If all she had she was his cum on her tongue and her own hand on her pussy she could have orgasms for days it was that wonderful. She licked his balls, trying to get each one of them into her mouth and failing, they were so big and ripe and wonderful and filled with delicious cum. Darren’s hands ran through her long blonde hair on each side of her head, finally resting his palms on her temples, his fingers on the top and side of her head.

She licked the slit at the end of his cock, wiggling the tip of her tongue gently into the hole, savoring the flavor of the thick juices that ran out of his cock. Darren’s cock produced some of the most wonderful flavors and fluids she had ever known. She even liked it when he peed a little, losing control as he came, the taste of his urine as delicious as the taste of his cum.


I’ve been so frulking busy I haven’t had a lot of time to write. This is what I have though. Hope it’s okay. I know, I know- it’s all sex sex and not VORE sex. Bear with me 🙂

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  1. Thanks, anne! Looking eagerly to the conclusion of this story! 🙂

    Comment by thecountalucard666 | May 5, 2012 | Reply

  2. Porn or not, this looks great 😀 Good stuff.

    Comment by ssfsdelta911 | May 5, 2012 | Reply

  3. you should do more of these kinds i kinda like the fish stuff

    Comment by brandon | July 23, 2015 | Reply

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