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Near Escape

This is a brutal story. I wrote it last night, middle of the night, and then when I was posting it on my site (Really, I am going to start taking MUCH better care of my site, I promise!) I fell asleep in my cheap-ass fold up metal chair that is broken and half gone. When Rudy woke me up at 6 am this morn, I was in such pain- it was as if my iron was on 300 degrees and pressed against every inch of my left leg and my low back, from my sacrum to my joint between lumbar and thoracic vertebrae, was just flayed with knives. The suffering I put myself through for my art.

Anyways, back to the brutal story. As I say on my site, in a reference to my favorite fake death metal group Dethklock, this story is totally metal. I hope you enjoy and that it doesn’t just suck diseased monkey penis.


Mary stumbled down the path in the darkness, branches scratching at her arms and face. It was cold and windy, the occasional drop of rain falling into her hair. Trees filled the forest around her, but not so full that she couldn’t see the stars. That kept her from falling and breaking her neck- she could barely see which was better than total blindness.

When she finally did fall the blow knocked out her breath entirely and she lay there, gasping, a fish out of water. At last, terrified she was going to die right there, she was able to gasp a breath and then she was breathing again and the tears ran from her eyes. As she lay there crying out her fear and pain, she felt the tickle in the back of her head again. That bastard. He was still there, still following her, still tracking her.

Mary scrambled standing, then started stumbling away again. He’d been chasing her for hours now and she couldn’t shake him no matter what she did. It didn’t help that he was faster than she was- this was all a charade, she knew. He could stop her and take her at any time but he wasn’t doing that. She was running and he was following at a careful, slow pace. She knew there was no hope in running, but run she did, unable to stop herself.

How could she not? Although intellectually she knew there was no hope, emotionally she couldn’t stop herself. Her legs moved, her arms pushed tree branches and bushes out of the way and she ran. As long as she ran there was hope, even if she knew there was none. She was moving, she was fighting, she was escaping dammit! She was escaping, she was getting away, she was getting the fuck off this God bedamned island, away from that fucking- She fell again, unable to control herself as her thoughts ran rampant and her body pushed harder. Down she went, rocks tearing at her bare arms, dirt smeared into her face and then she was rolling down the path. Unable to control herself, she rolled. When she stopped, broken and bleeding in the dirt and rocks and dead tree branches, she was sobbing again.

She pulled herself to a tree trunk, her right leg too sore to bend. Was it broken? She couldn’t tell yet but the pain was terrible. She knew she was bleeding, she could feel liquid running down her face, her neck, down her sides, her legs… This fall was bad, very bad. And her leg? If not broken, it was badly, badly sprained. She couldn’t put any weight on her right leg. No weight at all? She let go of the tree then almost fell again, a sharp scream escaping. Sprains could hurt like a break, she knew this, but the pain was too sharp, too brutal. It had to be broken, down at the end of her leg, or in the ankle, or her foot. Something was broken and she was lucky it hadn’t tore open the skin the way she had fallen.

The itch in her brain was getting worse, which meant he was getting closer. Closer than he’d been since she had started running, so that meant he knew the game was over. But it couldn’t end here, in the dark, with her leg broken and body torn. Not this way. She still had too much ridiculous hope in her for it to end like this.

It wouldn’t end well. It wouldn’t end with her still alive, so she had to keep moving. There wasn’t a choice. No choice, no other way to do this. If she stopped moving and he caught her, she was going to die and that was… unendurable. Wrong. She couldn’t end like this, she couldn’t die like this, she couldn’t just fucking die here on this damned island, in the dark, with her fucking leg-

She screamed when she stupidly tried walking on her right foot and she fell again, arms flailing for a grasp. She slammed her face against a rock, invisible in the dark and felt her nose break. The burst of pain in her face almost blocked the itch in her head as he got closer and closer and closer to her. Blood sprayed from her nostrils, dripping into her mouth and off her chin into the dirt. “Fuck!” she screamed. She pushed herself up with her arms, her face throbbing with her heartbeat, the sharp pain of her broken nose also throbbing. It didn’t matter, it didn’t matter that she couldn’t see, couldn’t do anything but hurt and bleed, she had to keep moving somehow. The itch in her head was also throbbing with her heartbeat and she knew that meant he was too close, there was no hope in fighting any more but dammit, dammit dammit. She couldn’t just stop.

She reached one arm forward, bracing herself on her other elbow. She grabbing a handful of grass, braced herself, then pulled with her upper body. She dragged herself forward three inches and sobbed as she did. She braced herself on the right arm now and reached with her left. When she slammed her fingers against the upraised stone and shattered every fingernail on that hand she didn’t even scream. She didn’t even feel the extra pain, her hand just went numb as her fingernails broke and ripped into the quick.

Her breath was sloppy in the soft silence of the night, wind rippling at the bushes and raindrops softly falling around her. Her face throbbed brightly with every heartbeat, her leg was a white lance of pain from her ankle to her hip and her chest ached with the imperative to breathe and the itch in her brain, the grinding itch in her head… it felt like sandpaper rubbing on sunburn and then it stopped. She held her breath when she realized that the itch was gone. That meant he wasn’t chasing her any more. He wasn’t on her trail any more.

He was here. With her.

“Please,” she sobbed wetly. Her nose was blocked entirely with congealing blood. “Please, just let me go. I don’t want to die. Please.”

The itch came back in her head, the grinding pain running the word against the cells of her brain. It wasn’t a word in the actual sense- it was a word traced in pain, written in barbed wire.


His body slid over her legs, the weight dragging a scream from her as her right leg pulsed indignity.

“Please,” she sobbed quietly with every breath, not even knowing she did so. She felt his slide over her back, his weight pushing her back down on her arms. Pushing her face into the dirt but she kept her face sideways and her nose was not smashed, it just throbbed pain with every heartbeat. “Please,” she whispered, as he slid down her back, her legs, holding back a scream as he slid over her broken foot. His weight held her down from her shoulders to her feet and she still felt him sliding over her, his bulk pushing her feet together. “Oh God,” she whispered, blood dripping from her nose, her lips, her teeth. The cold wet earth held her face like a pillow and she prayed a single word as she breathed. “No, no, no.”

He held her body down with his and lifted her feet brusquely, driving a squeak of pain from her bleeding lips. Her feet were still wrapped in wet and muddy tennis shoes so she couldn’t feel anything but pressure at first, but when he jerked her feet downward and she felt his lips against her shins and the back of her legs, against the tendon, she screamed with every ounce of strength she had left. She pulled herself with her arms, but his weight was too much- she didn’t budge even an inch with his weight holding her down. She didn’t move at all with him holding her legs, didn’t move at all with her feet in his throat, his mouth moving up her legs.

With him swallowing her. Swallowing her alive. All her running, all her pain, for nothing. She sobbed harshly, his weight like a hundred pound bag of weight cement on her back, her eyes pinched painfully shut. “No, no, no,” she gasped, leg throbbing white hot pain as she roughly swallowed her.

She couldn’t feel his rough scaly lips against the skin of her legs, the blood sodden denim of her jeans kept her from feeling that. She wore a thick cotton blouse so she might not feel his lips on her upper body as he swallowed her alive but that would be no mercy at all. She had seen him before when he had swallowed other escapees. Swallowing air to keep them alive in his belly. Slithering back with his prisoner a bulge in his slick scaly reptilian body. He swallowed them alive, and he digested them alive. His mouth pulled her deeper into his throat, his lips against her upper thighs now.

Her rising panic should have given her the strength to pull him off her, to pull2w her legs from his throat. To stand, to toss him away and then run again, run and escape from his nightmare body! But she could only gasp as she breathed, pray as he swallowed her alive. It was worth nothing, nothing at all. All her panic did was drive away her ability to hold off the terror. His weight still held her down, his mouth still wrapped around her waist, his throat still held her legs.

His weight slid off her back as he swallowed her, his mouth wrapped around her mid body. She could feel his snout just below her shoulder blades, could feel his lower jaw just below her breasts. His lips ran around her body like the opening of a sack, taking her in. His tight throat held her legs and buttocks tightly.

Her falls for nothing. Her running for nothing. Her escape for nothing. Ultimately, her capture and kidnapping for nothing because now his jaws were inching up her chest, his snout against the back of her neck, his lower jaw against her chin and her arms were still free, out of his mouth and throat, one hand holding a clump of grass as if it were freedom, her other hand still numb and simply twitching. Her entire body from her rib cage down was now held deep in his throat and it wouldn’t take much swallowing before she entered the tight, wet sac of his stomach. And there she would be trapped, still alive as he swallowed air to keep her living, as his digestive acids reduced her slowly and agonizingly to nutrients.

“Please God,” she gasped nasally, her sinuses blocked with thick congealed blood. “Please, anything but this. Please, please God. Please!” This last she screamed as loudly as she could as he swallowed hard and took her head into the back of his throat. His slick muscles pressed her broken nose tightly, the pain a white hot explosion in her face. Her arms still jutted from his jaws, free from her elbows to her fingertips. The rest of her body was inside the body of the giant snake that was swallowing her whole and entire, soon to digest her slowly and painfully alive over a period of time from seven to twelve days. Only then would she die of pain, blood and muscle loss, and air deprivation. Her body would have been reduced to less than half of her original body weight, digested away in his stomach, before she finally perished.

When he swallowed again, he took her body deep into his throat, her hands at his lips. Her right hand clutched at his lower jaw, holding on to his lip as if this could save her life. Her left hand twitched spasmodically and uselessly. She felt his mind scratching in her brain again as she was tucked tight in his throat, the slick tunnel to the acid prison of his stomach. When he swallowed again she held tight to his lip and she didn’t move. She felt a burst of sudden hope as he swallowed again, her clutching hand seeming to hold her in place in his throat.

Maybe, maybe she could stay caught in his throat if she held on tight enough, long enough. Although her entire body from her elbows down was inside the throat of the giant snake, her body held in the wet embrace of his throat muscles, this brought her hope. Maybe, with her chest, belly, buttocks and legs deep inside the body of the giant snake but still not yet in his stomach, she could hold on. Choke him, maybe. Keep him from breathing. Maybe she could kill him, caught in his throat, the way he would kill her if she reached his stomach and was digested alive. She felt the hope flaring inside her, caught up in the itching in her brain. And then she felt the itching scratch harder, rhythmically, and she realized that the itching was, this time, laughter.

When he swallowed again she was dragged effortlessly down his throat, her grip on his lip broken as if her hold on him was the grasping of a baby. He had merely been torturing her and the horror of it, coupled with the horror of her being swallowed whole and alive by this giant snake, broke her mind as if it were a crystal glass dropped out of a tenth story apartment window. She screamed mindlessly as he swallowed her again and again. The tight stomach sphincter muscles eased and let her feet ease into the sac of his stomach. She felt the tight ring of muscle slide easily up her legs, pass over the width of her hips and buttocks easily. The ring of muscle let her chest and head slide into his stomach, followed quickly by her arms and hands. She felt the chuffing of air in her face as the beast swallowed great gulps of it.

Then she was caught tight in the slick wet sac of his stomach, gasping at the acid tinged rotten meat smell of his belly. She had no room to move, her feet and legs held together up to her hips. Her arms were held in a folded position, her hands at her chin, and she didn’t have enough room or strength to reach her hands down and rest her arms against her body, or push further and hold her arms above her head. The flexible bag of his stomach tapered above her but held her head firmly from her jaw to the crown of her head. The grip of his stomach wall lining was slick, wet, and her clothing was soon thoroughly drenched as was her hair. The beast would swallow a great chuff of air every couple of minutes so the panicked sobbing of her breathing never brought the air down to less than an air-thin mix of putrid gasses.

She couldn’t tell if the beast was resting for minutes or hours as she lay inside of the tight grip of his stomach sac, waiting for the digestive acids to reduce her painfully from a grown woman to a sluice of thick nutrient slime over a period of a week to a week and a half. Her thinking was that of a trapped animal. But when the stinking fluids that were bathing her started stinging, then burning like fire, the panic she had been feeling washed away, replaced by a sudden clarity that was almost soothing. But when some of the burning acids slipped into her eye, the resulting pain brought back panic of such a degree that her straining muscles snapped her arm and leg bones like old branches as she attempted the hopeless- to tear her way free of the stomach that held her. Her screaming in such a tight area was truly deafening.

But the pain only got worse over the remaining sixteen days before death mercifully claimed her.


I hope you enjoy. I hope it doesn’t suck. I hope you purchase my collection of stories I will make available on Smashwords 🙂 Your very own hard/paperback collection of Anne2snakie vore stories 🙂

But most of all, I hope you enjoy.

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  1. was good! That story was very good! Glad your gonna start posting on your site again 😀 I look forward to the stories there, and hopefully you’ll continue the some old ones….I know there was this one I was hoping you would of continued…I’ll let you know which one if you ever ask.

    And OUCH, that sounds like an uncomfortable thing to fall asleep in! Hopefully no permnant damage! This is my Computer is next to my bed, and my TV is a 26 inch on a wall mounted swivel so I can literally lay on my bed and be on teh computer at the same time!

    Glad your still with us! Look forward to them updates 🙂

    Comment by ssfsdelta911 | April 14, 2012 | Reply

    • Well, Gosh, Which story on my site would you like me to continue? I do have to continue writing my EPIC MINI-novel, and I have more SHAI and LIAN stories in mind… Just let me know, I will do what I can! Even if they involve male and female bear rapings!

      Comment by anne2snakie | April 15, 2012 | Reply

      • I wouldn’t mind seeing you continue the story of sally that you made on I was hoping to not only see him have his way with the little cunt, but for the snake to enjoy her too 😀

        Comment by ssfsdelta911 | April 15, 2012

  2. its wonderful to see you writing again Anne2snakie. I do have to say this story is a little more metal then what I like, but thats what you where going for. it really turned out good.

    Comment by blackrain | April 14, 2012 | Reply

  3. It definitely does not suck. It lacks the playfulness of much of your work, which I much enjoy, but the intensity and graphic description puts this story in a class by itself. Congratulations!

    Sorry about falling asleep in the chair, but it is wonderful to see you’re writing again. I so hope things get better for you. I’ll be looking for the book.


    Comment by Scharfrichter | April 15, 2012 | Reply

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